World TravelEuropeMacedonia in a nutshell- Landscapes, Culture and Great Empires!

Macedonia in a nutshell- Landscapes, Culture and Great Empires!


Do you know a small country hidden away from the usual tourism hype yet attracts tourists from all over the world? Well, we are talking about Macedonia, a country in the Balkan Peninsula, Europe, that might be preferably called a hidden gem! Tourists are attracted to the culture of the place, lively people, best of flora and fauna and not to mention the food that tingles your tastebuds.

It will take all your time to chalk out “things to do” as the place holds vast tourist attractions and ventures that you could run an errand all day long. Also, no matter if you are a city dweller or a nightlife animal, everything is right in front of you when you are in Macedonia!

To make things better, India Imagine chalks out 8 best things you couldn’t miss while in Macedonia. Read on…

Cities and villages with Macedonian beauty.

The cities and villages of Macedonia are not ordinary ones. Skopje is the capital as well as the country’s major economical, educational and political hub. Skopje attracts tourists with its fabulous fortress and architectural monuments that go back to tell the 2000-year-old history of the place. The place is also well known as the birthplace of Mother Teresa. Ohrid is yet another place that gathers people all over the world. Also it is called “city of pearls”, Ohrid is an amalgamation of ruins and kingdoms that emerges way back in the past.

Macedonia cities
Macedonia cities / Image credit:

If you haven’t seen a miracle then visit the Lazaropole village in Macedonia. This little village is located on top of Mount Bistra nearly 1350 m altitude. The view of the place is near heaven. Tourists coming here are often mesmerized by lush forest and pure air to breathe. Surrounded by blue water is Elshani a village just 10 km from the city of Orchid. Elshani is known for famous national parks and wildlife, a perfect place for family errands.

Explore the beautiful lakes of Macedonia

Macedonia Lake
Macedonia Lake / Image credit:

Macedonia is known for beautiful and magnificent lakes spread across in tectonic forms. Out of which the Ohrid lake is almost 18 miles long and gives you a mesmerizing effect of scenic beauty with clear blue water. Dojran lake, Marvrovo, and snake island lake are some exotic destinations that tourists never miss in Macedonia.

Mountains for hiking and paragliding

An adventure that takes your breath away can be experienced only in Macedonia. Mountain regions are favorite among hikers and travelers who love paragliding. Several professional paragliding services are ensured for the tourists. Paragliding over the mountains and lakes is an experience worth a lifetime.

Discover the hidden waterfalls and caves

As we know Macedonia is all about majestic mountains, no wonder there are more than 150 waterfalls around the place. The view of the river carving its way to the mountains to make a magnificent waterfall is worth watching.

Kolešino Waterfall Macedonia
Kolešino Waterfall Macedonia / Image credit:

Tourists visit the Korab waterfall and the famous Duf waterfall. The beauty of Macedonian nature is so that there are several untouched and undiscovered natural caves that are breathtaking. Tourists who get a chance to mix with the locals always visit this deep undisturbed treasure.

Ski and snowboard for ever-lasting adventure and fun

In the Polong region of Macedonia skiing resorts and snowboard are available to the tourists who land up for adventure and fun. The largest skiing area covers up to 25 kilometers of Mavrovo slopes. Book before your slot.

Know Macedonian culture and history

Macedonia has some serious historical events that occurred in the past. Remember Alexandre the Great? The same can be seen reflected with pride in every architectural monument and the vast spread of historical sites. Some famous historical sites of Macedonia are

Macedonia culture
Macedonia culture / Image credit:
  • The city of Heraclea
  • The ruins of Stobi
  • Marko’s Tower or Castle
  • The stone bridge of Skopje
  • Scupi Archaeological Sites

Apart from these, several mixed powers and kingdoms ruled the land, such as Roman and Persian. Hence, historical sites inhibit every culture and historical significance. Tourists have a gala of time wandering to take a look at those magnificent sights.

Festival and events- A real crowd-pleaser

We all know, Macedonian are obsessed about the football game. They gather around and celebrate the game with Zeal and enthusiasm. However, football is not one occasion that pulls the crowd. Events and festivals are part and parcel of the Macedonian lifestyle. The Skopje jazz festival and the musical feast Taksirat are crowd-pleasers and events worth being part of. All you need is to be in Macedoia at the right time of the year.

Visit wineries even if you don’t drink!

Macedonia Vineyards
Macedonia Vineyards / Image credit:

Macedonia has a history of cultivating wines for more than 2000 years. With hectares of vineyards across the land of Macedonia, it is a sight worth seeing. And if you are a wine lover, nothing like sipping Macedonian wine, that has a reputation across the globe.

Macedonia is the birthplace of people who created history. The land has stories and  historical events buried under their ruin for ages. Yet people over there are simple and friendly. What would stop you from visiting the beautiful land of Macedonia?

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