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Munich – A Perfect Blend Of Culture, Custom And Oktoberfest


Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany. The place has gone through much turmoil and restlessness, yet stands with pride. This city is a blend of old and modern charm, with charming architecture from medieval and towers with stunning designs go hand in hand.

The Cathedrals and church at Munich are stunning affairs, a feast to the eyes of the people who love architecture and designs. However, Munich is not all about medieval buildings and Cathedrals, it also has the best of wildlife. And not to mention how can you miss the beautiful lakes that Munich is well known for? Last but not the least, here comes the star of Munich experience- Oktoberfest

Have you heard of Oktoberfest? If you haven’t you must give it a try to experience and taste the world’s best beer.

Well, read on to know the best possible things you can do while you are in Munich

Visit the architectural explorations from medieval Munich

Nymphenburg/Image Credit:

Neo-Gothic architecture and Neoclassical structure occupy most of Munich Street. Travelers often click stunning photos of this eminence to take home the memories. One such among is Neues Rathaus, the concert hall as well as a prominent landmark, a great example of Neo-Gothic architecture. Other prominent places are Nymphenburg Palace and Justizpalast. So, when you are in Munich you are inevitably bound to tour a cultural trip in the streets of Germany’s best city.

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Cathedrals and Church like never before

Cathedral and Church, Munich
Cathedral and Church, Munich/Image Credit:

As we already are aware that Munich is home to quite stunning architecture. However, the Cathedrals and Church in Munich have some level of beauty and brilliance combined. The Herz- Jesa- Kirche or the Church of Sacred Heart is one such church that every tourist visits. The twin onion-domed church, Frauenkirche, is one of the major attractions. It is said that this magnificent structure was built in 1463, but destroyed particularly in World War 2. But now it has been built back and stands high of the Munich skyline witbh pride.

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Museums to know more about Munich

Museum In Munich
Museum In Munich/Image Credit:

There are more museums in Munich than you could imagine. And here visiting a museum is nothing of the sort like any other. Munich is a hub for the most brilliant and beautiful buildings that have been converted to Museums. A few of the best-known ones are Munich Residence, with 130 rooms and more than 10 courtyards. There are quite a few artifacts and antique collections restored here. So, a walk through the Munich Residence is just like visiting the culture and art of the place.

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Lakes of Munich

Lakes of Munich
Lakes of Munich/Image Credit:

Lakes, mountains, rivers are also a part of Munich tourism. People come here to swim and enjoy the sightseeing. Though some of the beautiful lakes are out of the city, there are quite a few inside the reach of people who come to Munich. Fasanerie see is a perfect spot for those who love to swim or just bike or hike at nearby trails. Starnberger See is also a nearby lake that offers the best view of the Alps and mountains to the tourists. Yet another stunning lake is the Kochelsee that looks picturesque perfect.

Tour the Old Town

Old Town, Munich
Old Town, Munich/Image Credit:

Munich’s Old Town gives you the best experience in your entire stay. All you need is a day and you can walk through the streets of Old Town. This is the best activity among the tourists as well as the locals. A walkable tour in Europe’s best town. The old towns of Munich were surrounded by Medieval walls and still the walls and the giant entry gate stand intact. This place has a rich history and a past that written in golden words. From Karl’s Square to Citizen’s Hall Church everything is within the walls of Old Town. Also if you are shopping this place is just for you.

Markets for the best shopping

Viktualienmarkt/Image Credit:

Munich is the best place for shopping and picking up souvenirs to take back home. One of the favorite spots among locals and tourists alike is Viktualienmarkt. This market has exotic fruits, flowers, fish and the best cheese install. The more you errand the market the more you will be confused about what to buy and avoid. After an exhaust shopping, if you are looking for a place to chill then don’t forget we are in Munich! World’s best beer is at your service. There are several beer halls and corners where you can taste the best beer.

Oktoberfest – You can’t miss

Oktoberfest/Image Credit:

Oktoberfest is an annual fest celebrated with great enthusiasm. It lasts for two weeks and till then keeps everyone at their feet. And for those who don’t know the significance, it is the World’s largest and the most popular beer festival. The festival is a must-visit for every wanderlust looking for a different experience. Not only you can sip the world’s best beer but also witness the tradition of the place and be a part of them. So, got a chance don’t miss the Oktoberfest!

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Munich had a turbulent past but nothing hampered the beauty and sanity of the city. Till now this place attracts tourist form all over the globe. People return home satisfied and content after visiting Munich. And that makes us wonder there is some magic in the air of Munich city.

Till you ponder over it..

Bon Voyage from me!

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