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Germany – The Land With Mystical Castles And Majestic Cars


Choosing a travel destination is not a child’s play. To get all things under a roof is likely to be a sheer disappointment. Where do we find a place that is rich in cultural diversity, filled with architectural epitomes, lush green countryside, and not to mention food that tingles your taste buds, music fest, book fairs and amazing sports? Well, mark Germany on your travel list, as it is exactly what you are looking for?

Germany is full of castles that are no less than a fairy-tale. But wait, Do you love cars? Do you know the giant makers like Porsche, Audi and Mercedes Benz are manufactured? Right here, in Germany. Thus, it won’t be an exaggeration to call the place a perfect blend of history and future mingled together.

So, let’s pack our bags to explore one of the beautiful, elegant country on the planet earth.

Places to visit without a miss-

Berlin – The city of freedom in Germany

Berlin is the capital of Germany since ages and is also the largest city over there. Many things make Berlin a hotspot among the tourist who visits Germany. The city is well known for techno music, architectural beauties and of course great food, particularly those who prefer non-veg. The city is also a budget-friendly when compared to any other western European capital. The Brandenburg Gate is one of the main attractions of Berlin that was built the year 1791.

Brandenburg Gate- Berlin, Germany
Brandenburg Gate Berlin, Via:

The Berlin television tower which stands out and can be seen from a considerable distance is also one of the tourist attractions. If you are looking for some serious shopping, then Kurfürstendamm is one place that suits you well. The place is also considered as the most expensive places in the city. The Berlin theatre will ensure you with best play and operas for the art lover in you.

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Munich – The city of museum

Century-old buildings, a museum full of artifacts that depicts the culture and tradition is Munich’s specialty. St.Peters Church and the majestic Frauenkirche cathedral stands high at the heart of the city and people can’t ignore the sanctum for sure.

Frauenkirche Church, Munich
Frauenkirche Church, Munich, Via:

The city also hosts the marvelous October fest. If you are a fan of live play theatres and music, the neoclassical theatre is what you are looking for.

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Cologne – The city of cathedrals and castles in Germany

Precisely speaking, Cologne marks its presence since the last 2000 years. The city is also culture hub of western Germany and lay close to River Rhine.

Cologne Cathedral-Germany
Cologne Cathedral-Germany, Via:

There are several museums located at this place including the Ludwig museum that has some amazing collections by Picasso and other great artists.

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Frankfurt – The financial hub

Many of us have heard the name of the city of Frankfurt, which lays near the river Main is the financial hub that plays a major role in the financial development of the city. The place is at its best in early Summer and mid-winter. Famous Museum Embankment Festival is the main attraction among the tourist.

Frankfurt Christmas Festival
Frankfurt Christmas Festival, Via:

The Frankfurt book fair held in mid-October is one major event among the others like arts and crafts and music festival. Don’t miss some wonderful folklore of the place that is famous among the locals and emerge in the beauty of the place.

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There are many more things that need to be done when you are done visiting places such as…


Germany is the manufacturer of most of the giant car brands like Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes. If you are in Germany, it is mandatory to visit the places and sink in the beauty if the brands that you are already, in love with.

Germany testing Drone Car,


Germany is known for beer; it can be said that beer is the part and parcel of German culture. Why is it different from other countries? The beer brewed here does not follow the conventional ingredients like barley malt but uses only water, hop, and malt.


If you are in Germany, the one thing that you should ever miss is the exquisite German cuisine. Germany is famous for its bread; they make it with love more than technique. The food here is non-vegetarian but it doesn’t mean that vegetarian dishes will be missed out. There is a variety of food that would make your taste buds tingle. Wurts is a kind of sausages that are very famous among the Germans and is an important part of German cuisine.

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Football ad Germany has an inseparable relationship since ages. The country has won have won four world cups till. The German national football team has well-known players like Miroslav Klose. We can imagine the gala time the native people must be having watching football, drinking beer and sausages!

German National Team, Via:

Germany is called the land of fairy tales because of the big, tall century-old castles filled with stories and mysteries. It is not at all surprising that people all over the globe love to visit the place. the place offers you one in all experience, you can blend into history while riding futuristic cars, you can enjoy football while sipping the best beer in the world. and yes, there are Zoo, national parks and water parks in case you are with your kids! so, get ready to pack your bags and experience one of the most beautiful travelogues!

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