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Road Trip Through The Ancient Cities Of Greece


Amid the ongoing pandemic and the uncertainty, it has brought in our lives, we are constantly looking for a safe and secure prospect of everything. When planning travel and vacation you can assume the level of responsibility that we need to take in. However, you don’t have to stop your dreams to explore this year’s bucket list. No fear can stop a travel enthusiast. Well, a Road trip can be a safe option during these times and the majority of people are opting for a road trip.

Road trips are best for those who go for a solo journey, couple trip or trip with friends. And we have listed some fabulous roads across the globe. But this time it is not just fabulous but extraordinarily mesmerizing. Yes, it is, when it comes to the romantic and nostalgic streets of Greece. The streets have the best of the Greek mythology imprinted on the streets in form of archaeological. so, let us tour the other side of Greece and get to know the essence of living by following in the footsteps.

So, let us start from the Main City Athens and go across the roads to reach Delphi

Athens to the city of Sounio

Athens/Image Credit:

It will be one of the most amazing hours of your life while driving from Athens to Sounio by car or bike. This place is an abundance of archaeological structures and ruins that will force you to stop on the way to take a glance now and then. On the way lies the great temple of Poseidon for the Greek mythology lovers to explore and learn more. the trip allows the tourist to run the wildest of their imagination while exploring the best of the spots. It is will be long one hour that will remain in your heart forever.

Distance to cover: approximately 70 km.

Duration of the ride: One Hour

Ride through the roads of Athens to Nafplio

Nafplio/Image Credit:

If you are not heading to Sounio from Athens, no worries, we have yet another place to ride that would be amazingly attractive like the latter we discussed. It is the road to Nafplio that we are talking about. This is one of the oldest routes in Greece way back to centuries back. Between 1823 to 1834 the city used to be the capital city of Greece. And thus, a bliss of landmarks and ruins that narrates a thousand stories can be seen on the way. Also, for the couples, this road ride will be one of the most romantic road-ride that will be remembered forever in the future. Apart from that on the way to the city, giant fortress and castles are standing tall that has an immense historical significance.

Duration of the ride: 2 hours

Distance to cover: 140 km

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Athens to Thessaloniki in a stretch

Thessaloniki/Image Credit:

Yet another place that has some beautiful spots to check out while enjoying your road trip. That is Athens to the land of Thessaloniki. But let me tell you in the first place, that this ride will be on hell of a ride that would extend to more than five hours. This road trip will take you through the best of the mainland, seashores, and castles. On the way, tourist often stays awhile at the Museum of Royal Tombs and learn the great history of Greece rulers.

Distance to cover: 502 Kilometres

Duration of the ride: 5 and a half hour

Thessaloniki to Skiathos discovering self

Thessaloniki to Skiathos
Thessaloniki to Skiathos/Image Credit:

The wanderlusts often take extreme steps to enjoy the beauty of the streets and roads of Greece. For example, taking road trips even if there are other easy facilities to reach the destination. And as I said before, it is worth the risk. And now we will be looking into a long trip across Thessaloniki to the city of Skiathos. The Skiathos being an island will allow you to explore the seaside shores and ferries. Tourists are often awestruck by the beauty of lagoons and beaches. To end up your tiresome ride just go for the tasty barbeque on the beaches.

Distance to cover: 290 Kilometres

Duration of the ride: 5 Hours

Meteora to Thessaloniki on the quest of adventure

Meteora to Thessaloniki
Meteora to Thessaloniki/Image Credit:

Meteora is a fun-filled adventurous place with lots of activities for a travel enthusiast. There are hiking, trekking, biking and not to mention the best of local wine available. So, most people visit Meteora while visiting Greece. However, there is one more thing that you can do while in Meteora, just take a road trip to Thessaloniki from there. It will be a 2 and half hour journey. On the way, you can also stop by at Vergina and then again move on to see the most amazing road trip ever.

Distance to Cover: 225 Kilometres

duration of ride: 2 and half hours

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Athens to Delphi in search of ancient Greece

Athens to Delphi
Athens to Delphi/Image Credit:

Along with all the cities in Greece, Delphi is a much-loved place. it is one of the old cities of Greece with loads of old and ancient crux followed. Delphi is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has a majority of archaeological sites and ruins treasured under her. The most popular tourist destinations at Delphi are the Oracle of Delphi, the Archaeological Museum, the Sphinx of Naxos. There are many ways to reach Delphi from Athens, however, the most sought way by the bag packers is a road trip. And I bet you too will not miss that amazing chance.

Distance to cover: 204 Kilometres

Duration of the ride: 4 Hours

Road trips are always fascinating. They give us a chance to explore new things, experience the adventure and meet new people. Road trips are considered a bit risky on safety aspects but if you stick to the dos and don’ts and ensure a fun-filled journey, you will definite get that. so, where are you heading towards by road? Till you ponder over it…

Bon Voyage from me!

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