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Things to do in Isle of Skye: The Crown Jewel Of Scotland


The Isle of Skye is the most magical and hottest destination in Scotland. It is the second-largest of Scotland’s Island with the most iconic landscapes. Mysterious uplands, rugged mountain peaks, beautiful coastline deep lakes towering sea cliffs and captivating history attract many tourists towards Scotland and made Isle of Sky a top tourist destination. The scenic beauty of Skye with definitely take your breath away!!!

Our Skye Guide has an expanding collection of Activities and Attractions. If you would like a walking guide, boat trip or an arts or craft gallery you will find it here.

The Island of Skye is 50 miles long and the largest of the Inner Hebrides and its capital is Portree. It has a very vast history which includes Dinosaur Fossils, Clan Warfare, Highland Clearances and the infamous Bonnie Prince Charlie. This world-class destination is also popular for walkers and climbers. For travellers, this place is paradise and offers many attractions…

Go through the ultimate guide of the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland

1. Hike Through the Fairy Pools of Glenbritte, Isle of Skye

Your trip to the Isle of Skye would never complete without visiting this prominent destination which includes multiple waterfalls of vibrant blue water looking majestic and crystal clear swimmable pools. Fairy Pools of Glenbritte is the cutest destination to visit in the Isle of Skye. You have to walk around 2.4km to reach the pools. You can also hike to reach the Fairy Pools of Glenbrittle in between you can witness striking landscape out across the swamps.

Hike Through the Fairy Pools of Glenbritte, Isle of Skye
Fairy Pools of Glenbrittle, Via:

Along your hiking way, you will observe many astounding creatures and birds such as red deer, rabbits, and sheep. Take selfies and photos of blue advise travellers to reach either very early or slightly late in peak season to experience enchanting pools of Glenbrittle. The blue water in fairy pools is so luminous and clear that it seems like fairies have bathed in it and with the Black Cuillins in the background.

2. Visit the Adorable Town of Portree, Isle of Skye

Portree is the largest town of Isle of Skye located on the eastern side of Skye now became a major attraction for travellers. Portree town is surrounded by beautiful hills and colourful buildings and fishing boats, you can stroll along the seaside. Being the capital of Skye, it offers many attractive and affordable cafes, shopping malls, luxurious hotels, design stores, and much more.

Town of Portree, Isle of Skye
Colourful City of Portree, Via:

Every year numerous fun and social events are organised here such as Portree Show and Skye Highland Games, which are a sight to behold for tourists visiting Portree. Tourists can observe the splendid views beyond the bay to the Isle of Raasay.

3. Admire Beautiful Sligachan Old Bridge, Isle of Skye

The Sligachan Bridge is a popular camping destination of the Isle of Skye which is located on the Sligachan River. As the Black Cuillin mountains are situated nearby, the Sligachan bridge provides a majestic view and has some historical importance.

Sligachan Old Bridge, Isle of Skye
Sligachan Old Bridge, Via: Pinterest

The bridge crosses the Sligachan River and is part of the only road leading to the western end of the Isle. It is constructed in the 1820s with a three-arch design which gives every tourist a truly photogenic scene.

4. Wander Around Elgol Beach

If you love watching the mountain views while wandering around a beach then Elgol Beach is the best option for you at Skye. Elgol Beach is a dazzling blend of peaceful serenity and natural panorama located at the majestic Fjords of Bergen. As I already mentioned, tourists can wander along the shoreline of Elgol beach and behold the sight of the Cuillin Mountain range.

Lady at Elgol Beach
Lady at Elgol Beach, Via:

On the other hand, you can explore the famous Boonie Prince Charlies cave which he used in the last days for hiding. Travellers consider this beach a perfect place for refreshing themselves. However, the last 15 miles of your journey from Broadford to Elgol beach will take your breath away. This route is one of the ever-changing sights ranging from fjord-like sea lochs, the splendour of Blaven and the adjoining Cuillin range.

5. Explore the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye

The Old Man of Storr is one of the most renowned and picturesque destinations of Skye. It is an incredible rock formation visible for several miles which is famous for hiking and the most shot highlight of the Isle of Skye as well. As it is located near the lake and weather favours small bursts of rain as it is covered in clouds, but it’s not too far from Portree.

Explore the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye
Tourists at the Old Man of Storr, Via:

A combination of ancient lava flows and landslides, the Old Man of Storr is part of the Trotternish Ridge, which continues behind it. Your visit to the Isle of Sky is incomplete without hiking the Old Man of Storr but remember to take waterproof jackets with you due to unpredictable climate.

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6. Behold Gorgeous Views Atop the Quiraing Trail

After hiking the Old Man of story, if you are looking for another difficult hike the go hike the Quiraing trail. But after hiking Quiaraing your eyes will glow after watching the gorgeous view from the top of the trail. You’ll feel like a star after looking down on your wild while sitting on the top of the mountain.

Couple at Quiraing Trail,
Couple at Quiraing Trail, Via:

This is the dream destination of many photographers to click amazing views of Quiraing depicting icon of Wild Scotland. During your trail, you will find rising cliffs, majestic plateaus, and irregular rock pinnacles. Don’t forget to keep your camera with you that too fully charged for this impressive landscapes in Scotland.

7. Discover the Iconic Castle of Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan castle is incredibly sumptuous and globally popular and it is the most photographed fortress of Scotland. You have seen the glimpses of Eilean Donan Castle in many Hollywood movies such as James Bond. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists gush across the bridge to explore this beautiful and iconic castle.

Couple at Eilean Donan Castle
Couple at Eilean Donan Castle, Via:

This beautiful castle rests on an island, with a bridge for visitors to cross over. It’s completely rebuilt, during the night it is lightened red for tourists. Eilean Donan is a small tidal island where three sea lochs meet, Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh, in the western Highlands of Scotland.

There are many other attractive destinations which you can visit at the Isle of Skye, Scotland such as Dunvegan Castle, Kilt Rock & Mealt Falls, magical place – the Fairy Glen, Neist Point Lighthouse, Brother’s Point and Talisker Distillery.

Highland Cow
Highland Cow, Via:

Apart from this, if you are a wildlife enthusiast then you must visit the Isle of Skye is also a great destination for Wildlife watching with the White Tailed Sea Eagle at the top of bird watchers lists. You can also spot Highland Cow, Otters, Seals, Whales, Dolphins and Red Deer that can be seen on and around the Isle of Skye.

Tip: The best time for going on a trip to the Isle of Skye is in summer 

I am summing up here, but remember that every portion of Isle of Skye is immensely beautiful, so if you don’t get to see all the items on this list don’t stress. Skye is full of magical tales and landscapes that call to all ages and travellers differently. Whether you decide to go with a tour group or just your friends, you’ll have an amazing time in Scotland’s highlands, and plenty of pictures which you can keep as memories.

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