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Top 8 Tourists Attraction Around Hungary For You To Visit


A tourist bliss, a dream of every solo traveller and an exceptional landlocked country among the other central European Countries. Yes, we are talking about Hungary. Hungary has a powerful past with a powerful rulers regime which makes it one of the notable countries with immense historical significance to its credit. The famous landmarks are the living example of the history of Hungary. The capital city Budapest is a famous tourist destination with thousands coming in around the year to get a glimpse of the beauty. Apart from the rich heritage and scenic natural beauty to boast about, each place in Budapest holds a unique gem of past and present for the traveler in you.

Today at India Imagine let’s look into the top 8 places and tourists attractions of Hungary

Buda castle

Buda Castle is located in the Capital city Budapest. It was once a palace of the great King of Hungarian which has been converted into the National Gallery and History Museum. The complex was first built in the year 1265, later which it grew into the massive monument that it is now. The Buda Castle was once called Royal Palace as the rulers of the various era made this Castle their residing place.

Buda castle
Buda castle / Image credit:

This complex is vast and adorned with sculptures and neolithic houses with equal historical significance. Every nook and corner has some or other story to say. Buda Castle is with no doubt one of the landmarks that need no particular description or details to go with it. Tourists in large numbers come here around the year to visit this massive architectural epitome.

Hungarian Parliament Building

Also known as Parliament of Budapest is located in Budapest on the sides of the river Danube. This famous landmark of Hungary was built by architect Imre Steindl in his most famous firm of architectural design, neo-Gothic. The building is significantly important that it features in most of the postage stamps, almost 50 to count on.

Hungary Parliament
Hungary Parliament / Image credit:

Tourists gather at the place around the daytime and night as well to catch the various looks and beauty the building goes. In the daytime, the look of the Parliament building looks awesomely beautiful. At the night with lights on, the building looks nothing less than magic. Bring in your best camera to click the few best views of the building. The building was first inaugurated in 1902 and remains beautiful and intact without an ounce of beauty diminishing.

Fisherman Bastion

Budapest has many monuments and architectural heritage to its credit. Two of which we had already gone through. The Fisherman Bastion is another main attraction that the city has to provide us. Fisherman Bastion is a monument located in the 1st district of Budapest.

Fisherman Bastion
Fisherman Bastion / Image credit:

The monument is famous among the tourists for its beautiful Neo-Romanesque style terrace. People love the architectural design that reflects the neo-gothic style of making. The monument was designed by famous architect Frigyes Schulek who is responsible for many other monuments across Hungary. The building is now a part of World Heritage Sites.

Heroes Square

Heroes Square
Heroes Square / Image credit:

Heroes’ Square is undeniably one of the major Squares with prominent reasons. The Square is built as the memorial stone of Heroes, particularly those who are unknown. The square is close to the hearts of the Hungarian people. Apart from that, the square is the main place where political events are conducted. Tourists come here to pay tribute and click some wonderful pictures of this architectural beauty.

Matthias Church

A grand Romanesque style structure at the heart of the city that lures tourists from all over the world, that’s what Matthias Church is about. It is also the second-largest church in Budapest. It is historically significant as two well-known Kings of Hungary were crowned in this beautiful Church.

Margaret Island

Margaret Island is a beautiful island that covers an area of almost 2.5 kilometers. This place is best for those who are thriving for some fresh nature’s view and fresh air. The island was known as the Insula leporum before the 14th century. People come gown to Margaret island to stroll through the wilderness and enjoy the scenic views.

Margaret Island
Margaret Island / Image credit:

There are few sculptures and monuments inside the park that represent the city’s past. One of the most beautiful spots on the island is the Rose Garden. You will be mesmerized by the variety of beautiful flowers they provide. And then comes the musical fountain, perfect to wind up your evening times.

Hungarian State Opera

Hungary State opera
Hungary State opera / Image credit:

Hungarians are known for their love of art music and theatres. The Hungarian State Opera standing tall is an example of one such eminent. It is one of the largest Opera houses in Hungary. Several renowned groups are touring every year to perform here. People gather to watch the performances of several famous artists. Visit the Hungarian Opera House when you are in Budapest.

House of terror

Budapest House Of Terror
Budapest House Of Terror / Image credit:

House of terror, as the name suggests has a terrific past. In the past, people being killed in the pretext of fascism and communism across the country during WW2 inhibits the horror inside the building. People were tortured to death in here. Now the building has been converted to a museum to pay tribute to the people who were killed. The museum was opened for tourists in the year 2002.

Hungary is one of the safest countries for tourists. Cities with giant buildings and monuments, villages with the raw essence of nature, vast landscapes and islands. There is something or everything for everyone. We have just quoted 8 top destinations. But soon there will be writing an elaborate write-up on every place in Hungary. However, Hungary is an experienced affair, so plan your budget before you move!

Bon Voyage

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