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New Zealand Towns – A Backpacker’s Dream


New Zealand is a dream come true for the backpackers like us. If you are looking for a place far away from the huge tourism names with exotic affairs, New Zealand is the place for you. Filled with beaches, picturesque landscapes, and an authentic unflinching Maori culture. This is a place that will definitely make you travel more as it is far away from most of the countries. New Zealand is a small island, we all know that, so there is no much point in looking at the activities rather let’s get into the best town in the vicinity that you can explore.

Auckland – The largest city

Couple strolling at Auckland Beach,
Couple strolling at Auckland Beach, Via:

Auckland is known to be the best for higher education. Students come here every year with new dreams and hope. The place is built on a volcanic landscape with two big harbours. This also paved ways for Auckland to get more popular than its capital city. Auckland is also known as the city of sails. Apart from this, the city is an amalgamation of nature’s beauty and modern urban life. People can enjoy both the busy metropolitan community that gives you a shopping spree and the Mountains and landscapes that are ever ready for hiking and trekking.

Wellington – The capital city

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Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. This place is where the major population resides. And for sure it is one of the best places to tour around. The place looks straight out of the Hollywood flick with beautiful colorful timber houses and a background view of mesmerizing hilltops and mountains. Tourists are attracted to the beautiful sandy beaches and botanical gardens in the city. Wellington in a nutshell is a city with rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes with a tiny of modernization sweeping over it.

Christchurch – The city with English heritage

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Christchurch is an English Gateway. It is known for its elegant English heritage. This city had vast historic buildings that were severely damaged by earthquakes. Still, the beauty of the city is preserved and protected. The lanes of Christchurch are filled with lush green cycling paths. And there is also a famous botanical garden in the heart of the city. Christchurch has some good shopping spots for errands and purchase if you are in a shopping mood.

Queenstown- The adventure capital

Every tourist visiting New Zealand aims for Queenstown. The place is bliss for the wanderlust in you. What’s there to explore? Everything! Alps, hills, lakes, beautiful vineyard, rivers that flow through the valleys and historic mining areas and towns of the city. Queenstown is also lovingly called the adventure capital of the world. There is quite an adventure sport in Queenstown such as luge, zipline riding, rafting and other activities that ride your adrenaline flow!

Kaikoura – The city for wildlife and nature

Kaikoura is all about witnessing abundant wildlife and enjoying nature closely. The Fyffe house that was built around the year 1800 on the bones of Whales is a specimen. This not only attracts tourists to other places but fascinates them with an everlasting past. The place is also home to the exotic fur seals which are a rare view. Also if you are lucky enough you will be able to see the abundant sperm whale. People come here for watching whales and dolphins. However, you can’t wind up your trip from Kaikoura until you are bowled out completely by the haute cuisine, particularly Seafood!

Nelson – The city of art and craft

Well, every place it city in New Zealand is best known for something or else. Nelson is known for its unflinching artistic materials. The place is ever ready to exhibit the local art, galleries and handicrafts. Many caving sites normalizes the mark of past life, also it is a hotspot for people interested in history. And when we talk about history how can we forget the Founder’s Heritage Park, which is a milestone in exhibiting the true history of the place. People come here to enjoy the sunny summer and winter equally. Nelson is an all-climate tourist destination and that’s the reason people love it when here.

Hamilton- The city for shopping and nightlife

Hamilton is a people’s city. The street bustling crowd, shopping center, parks and gardens, and buildings that are built in traditional Japanese and Maori style. Hamilton has some best art galleries and museums that solely focus on the beautiful art and artifacts of local significance. For the shopping enthusiasts in you, Victoria street is the place. Perfectly folded with cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars and shopping areas.

Napier – The wine city

Napier / Image credit:

Napier is where the wine flows, because of its region and coastal terrain. The city is situated in the most sought wine-producing region of the country with more than 100 wineries. The city is now a specimen of architectural landmarks such as art decorated buildings. The statue of Pania of the Reef statue is one such example as well as the symbol of Napier City. Napier is best to visit in summer.

Taupo –  City of lakes and blue cascades

Taupo Watersports with family
Taupo Watersports with family / Image credit:

Taupo is a beautiful town situated on the northern island of the country. Tourists often come down to Taupo to enjoy water sports and enjoy the scenic view. The lakes and blue crystal cascades form a mesmerizing view for the people. There is vibrant crowd biking and hiking through the valleys of Taupo.

Tauranga – A harbourside city

Tauranga Couples Image
Tauranga Couples Image / Image credit:

Tauranga is a beach town and people are always coming here to get a glimpse of sunrise and sunset. This beach town is a hot saltwater area with an age-old dead volcano hovering the paths. And if you are looking for a live volcano, then you should go to White Island, but remember you should probably hire a helicopter.

No matter how life goes we are always ready to back our bags and go to some places. Traveling is not just a chore or annual list of things, it is a learning curve, and visiting New Zealand Towns is the best thing you can offer yourself. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and off you go to the land of Kiwis. Till then Bon Voyage!!

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