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Visit Valley Of Isle And Explore Exotic Marine Life – Maui Islands


Are you in for a vacation far away from the hustle-bustle of city life? Looking a spot-on place, then you are probably on the right page. Here in India Imagine, we are today discussing one of the world’s prettiest island Maui or the Valley of the Isle.

So before jumping in, first thing first…

Where is Maui located?

In the central Pacific part of the Hawaiian archipelago is where the beauty located. So basically it is an island in Hawaii that accumulates 1884 km² with merely 1.44 lakhs population. It is the second-largest island in Hawaii.

Why Maui?

If ever this question crosses your mind, just imagine black sand beaches, lava rocks around the famous Kahanu Gardens, lush green nature is not a kind of view every place has to provide. Maui ensures travelers a beautiful vacation soaked with warmth and good food. What else do you need to tackle a hectic lifestyle?

Let’s check out the list of things that you could do in this island on your vacation to make it worth a visit.

Outdoor activities for stunning sightseeing and adventure

Moloki, Peahi, Haleakala National Park, West Maui mountains, Iao valley Waimoku Falls Honokohau Waterfalls are some places that tourists visit for outdoor activities. Snorkeling, hiking, swimming, and places for the canopy and scenic nature walk are what these places have to provide.

Maui Sightseeing
Maui Sightseeing / Image credit:

Tourists who visit these places often are seen soaking in the sunrise at Haleakala and taking a swim under the waterfalls. After which you can take a ride through the Hana highway to end the day blissfully.

Beaches to watch the sunrise and scenic stroll

Maui has to offer several beautiful beaches around the place. Choose your beach based on your activity. If you are looking for a beach for some fun and water sports then you should head to Honokahua Bay Beach and Kapalua Bay Beach which are a great spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, etc.

Maui Sunrise
Maui Sunrise / Image credit:

Maui has some beautiful white sand beaches and black sand beaches that are undoubtedly prettiest islands. They are picture-perfect, and the perfect place for small evening walks. Maluaka beach on the southern side of Maui is both beautiful and known for its calming and soothing surroundings. Maui islands have some wonderful species like Hawaii green turtles, Humpback whales, monk seal, and Dolphins for the animal-loving tourists.

Museums and Aquariums on the island

Maui museum
Maui museum / Image credit:

Maui is an island and hence it is quite obvious that the place has got several aquatic centers and larger than life aquariums for the tourists. Maui Ocean Centre is a must-visit art hub that is filled with different marine life exquisitely found in Hawaii waters. Tourists enjoy a spectacular view of some endangered species like humpback whales and sharks.

Visit the turtle town of Maui

Maui Maluaka Beach
Maui Maluaka Beach / Image credit:

Maluaka Beach is also called the turtle town of Maui by the locals. Tourists enjoy a rare view of Green sea turtles in the tranquil blue sea waters. The best part is that there are no specific timings to see green turtles in Maui, they have often seen swimming or strolling on the beach sands.

Shop like a Mauiian and make family and friends happy.

Maui shopping is a mix of everything. Macadamia nuts are famous among the tourists who purchase these sweet and salty nuts to bring back home. Maui is famous for children’s book if you have kids to gift.

Maui Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center / Image credit:

Coffee and tea also go good with tourists who love to purchase some fragrance brewing coffee seeds and tea leaves. Street markets in Maui are full of clothes and leather accessories that are too trendy for the beach. So, make sure you carry some souvenirs back home for family and friends.

Bon Appetite? Don’t miss Maui cuisine

Maui streets are filled with restaurants and cafes normally targeted to attract tourists. This is one best location for travelers with Bon appetite. There are a lot of varieties in a Maui cuisine. But to specific Kalua roast pork and poi are famous among the tourists and locals as well. Also, try to dig into the traditional authentic fares like grilled beef and Lomi salmon.

Maui cuisine
Maui cuisine / Image credit:

The Hawaii islands emerged with a chain of 137 islands together. Maui is the second-largest of the islands. Packed with wild and marine life Maui makes one hell of a place for tourism. Couples, families, solo trips are seen booming every year based on the growing popularity of the place. Rearrange your travel list and place the Maui islands on the top!

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