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Caribbean Destinations That Are Breathtakingly Beautiful


Vacations are considered a stress buster. People go on vacation looking for the best of places to remain calm and enjoy the serenity of the place. And what could be more beautiful and surreal than island places and the vicinity? And imagine if it a chain of islands that we are talking about? Beaches, tropical forests, mountains, waterfalls and tasty food. Sounds best right?

So, we are going to choose the 7 best Caribbean destinations for an amazing family vacation.

Cuba – The Pearl of the Antilles

Cuba is a perfect holiday destination, particularly for the family. The amalgamation of history tradition and amazingly beautiful and joyful people are responsible for the birth of such a fascinating place. The Malecon Viñales Valley, the National Capitol building, Museum of the Revolution are a few of the landmarks that make the place the best one. The major attraction is the white sand beaches that lure tourists to a serene ambiance.

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There are few castles and cathedrals erected on this land that symbolizes the historical significance of the place. Cuba ensures what you thrive for most as a tourist, lively people, tasty food and amazing places to go errand. And if you are in the place at a right time you better not miss the celebrations and festivities like carnivals. Cubans are food lovers, the taste of busting roasted pork, Tamales and the best of Mojito are the examples to confirm that. If you haven’t tasted the coffee there, then you missed something authentic and traditional! Cuba can be reached through waters as well as flight. And if you consider Cuba to be a small island, you have mistaken! There are 19 international airports for your travel.

Jamaica – Birth Place Of Reggae

Jamaica is a traveler’s treasure. A perfect summer vacation spot. This beautiful island is conspired for travelers to visit with its golden beaches, forests, mountains that are lush green, coral reefs and excellent flora and fauna. It will give you serious nature goals to take home. So, in a nutshell, we can say that Jamaica is for nature lovers, and there are quite a lot of outdoor activities to go with.

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Hiking, trekking and bird watching are the most common activities that tourists usually follow. And when we are talking about forests we are bound to taste few tropical fruits. Montego Bay, Ochos Rios, Negril are few places that are popular towns and ports among tourists. And do you know why Jamaica is known as the birthplace of Raggea? Well, it is here in Jamaica’s Kingston the world-famous Bob Marley was born!

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Havana – Art and Culture

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Havana is for art lovers. Giant architectural epitome, fortress and historical landmark ensures a feast for eyes. This Cuban island is incorporated mainly by music and culture. It is said that modernization has not touched this particular part of Jamaican Island and thus keeping it untouched.

Geographically, it is a small place, but the most populated Cuban place with more than 2,000,000 people residing there. Also, the enthralling landmarks and monuments make this places a World UNSECO Heritage place.

Barbados – Birthplace of Rum

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This Caribbean island is all about the past!
The place is surrounded by British colonial buildings, heritage and culture. Due to its colonial background, Barbados has the best rum distillery. And that has gained it the name of the birthplace of rum. It is said that rum here tastes nothing like other countries. And tourist tries their hand in tasting it no matter what. Apart from that, this Caribbean island is a British Commonwealth nation and hub of historical significance monuments, gardens and natural cave formations.

Saint Lucia – Hot springs and scenic views

Saint Lucia
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Saint Lucia is a place that no tourist can ignore. With blue tranquil water and resorts surrounding the beaches. This Jamaican island is a perfect hiking spot for adventure lovers. A perfect spot for swimmers and snorkeling. Waterfalls to click Insta perfect pictures. It is a fishing village and historic Morne Coubaril Estate standing from the 18th century. Even though this place is isolated, the crime rate is low than in any other isolated place. Hence it is the best recommendation to be on a honeymoon too.

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Santo Domingo – Gateway to the Caribbean

Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo/Image

Santo Domingo is one of the oldest cities that has an eminent contribution to medieval architecture and Renaissance art. This is also a World UNSECO Heritage site filled with art and culture. This place has the best of cruise facilities as it contains five cruise destinations across this place. This is absolutely a bigger island with more than eight airports, international and as well as for private planes. This island is also considered the best for honeymooners owing to its tranquility and gorgeous places to spend quality time in solace.

Dominica – Bubbling lake and volcanoes


This Caribbean country is unique and attractive. What attracts most here is the Bubbling Lake, kept warm due to the active lava. This makes the viewer an extraordinary one. There are a lot more hot springs too where tourists naturally getting attracted and involved. This place also has the best of the places that have some medieval architectural buildings.

The Caribbean destination is always sought most by the bag packers all around the world. it is perfect for all- families, friend groups, honeymooners and pack your bag for solo travel. so it is up to you to decide how you are on the vacation. Till you ponder over it, it’s a Bon Voyage from me.

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