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Perusing The Exotic Streets of Peru


Peru has always symbolized a rich cultural heritage, making it a must-see destination for travelers worldwide. Each city has something to tell, and each story lives through its inhabitants. You will find where the great Incan empire began to colonial rule in other places. However, tradition and flavor have gotten instilled in people. They have made it their way of life. The modernity has set in over the years, yet locals still carry the tales and traditions close to their hearts. You can experience Peru when you visit –


The capital of Peru is a bustling metropolis and happens to be one of the largest cities in South America. As you travel, you cannot miss out on the fun that you will find in Lima. The Plaza de Armas is one of the remnants of Peru’s colonial past. Not many people get to check out where the President lives. Well, you are in luck; Palacio de Gobierno houses the President of Peru. You might as well get to see the changing of Palace guard.

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The city has a lot of heritage, but modernization has just about peaked. However, you cannot leave out places of historical significance like the first church of Lima, Catedral de Lima and move your sights to the City hall, adorned with ornately carved and well preserved wooden balconies. The baroque architecture and gilded alters of the finest religious buildings housed in the city belong to the San Francisco monastery. There is a lot more to see and explore, discerning sights and sampling of delicious local foods.


A city found at the foot of Andes mountain seemingly an apt capital for the Incan empire. Both rich in history and tradition, this place has a lot to offer for any traveler seeking adventure and learning about civilizations. As you enter the city on the beguiling cobblestoned streets, you will distinctly have different impressions of each place. The place offers for every type of traveler, from cool cafes and chocolate shops to churches and hipster neighborhoods.

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Cusco is dotted with Spanish colonial architecture, set among the Incan wall ruins. The Baroque Santo Domingo Covent has still got the remains of Inca stonework because it got built on the top of an Incan Sun temple. If you want to hang out in less crowded places because Cusco has a huge influx of tourists, it is the lesser-visited place San Blas you get to shop, have a cup of coffee, soak in the local vibes in this place and then move on in sojourn of the city.


The city is known for its rich traditions and grand festivals that are regular fare with separate annual festivities that tourists flock to see in the beautiful city Puno. The city proudly sits on a large lake, Lake Titicaca, a stunning body of water reminiscent of mystic and romance. It is one of the highest navigable water bodies in the world, flowing between Peru and Bolivia.

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You may check out the Andean-Baroque Cathedral of Puno. There are pre-Columbian funeral towers in the same vicinity that you couldn’t miss out on your sightseeing trip to Puno City. There is also a former 19th-century steamship that has gotten refurbished into a bed and breakfast thing. Once there, you can check out the Llamas and Alpacas native to this region, one of the main sources of livelihood for many, apart from tourism.

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When traveling through Peru, you need to take time out for Arequipa. It is an amazing city that you learn more about when visiting colonial, republican and religious architecture. Why you will see these structures so distinct is due to a specific reason, the edifices have gotten built with white or pink volcanic ashlar stone sourced from the local regions found in Arequipa.

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The Santa Catalina Monastery and the Plaza de Armas are some of the historically significant architectural marvels that happen to be the notable landmarks of the city. Now to check out some of nature’s marvels, the El Misiti is a volcano as well as the Colca canyon. Much deeper than your Grand Canyon because statistics say this one happens to be twice as deep and serves as an excellent viewpoint for most travelers.


This city is a great base for most travelers. Ica has great transportation networking to take you to other places in Peru. The sandy dunes are a must-visit wherein you catch up on some fun with buggy rides or sandboarding trips on Huacachina Oasis. This lagoon is lined with palm trees, giving a beautiful landscape to take some amazing images back home. You can get to the taste of some fine wine en route to the Pisco distilleries resting on the river valleys of the region.

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You can begin unearthing the past with a visit to the Ica museums, which are home to the infamous elongated skulls and ancient pottery. The Plaza de Arma cathedral, a common sight in most Latin American cities, is distinct, so much so that this one in Ica has a neoclassical façade. The Lord Luren Church housed the patron saint idol now converted into a Carmelite convent.

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There are plenty of attractions to look forward to in the city of Trujillo. You can go through the best places to visit and your pick will be the historic city center. Here you get to see great colonial architecture and check out numerous museums. These showcase galleries hold true to the tradition of local exhibits that date way back to civilizations that cost a fortune. These are well preserved and a great place for every generation to know how the deep-rooted traditions flow even today.

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The common routine of looking at every Plaza de Armas in Peru but checking out their uniqueness will be traveler’s norm when in Peru. This one, too, in Trujillo has a stunning yellow facade. The city has a palace named Iturregui, which seems adorned with Italian marble statues in the courtyard. Now you may not be successful in a treasure hunt, but you surely could spot the huge adobe complex of the Chan Chan that once belonged to the ancient Chimu kingdom.

Puerto Maldonado

This city lets you into the southern side of the Amazon jungle. Suppose you want to have a bird’s eye view of the entire city. You could do so when you are atop the Obeilsca tower. You will have a pretty good time checking out mother nature and the beautiful lush greenery touring the Tambopata national reserve. Whilst traversing through the reserve, which actually takes you through the savannah and the old-growth rainforest, keeps your eyes and ears open to hear all lovely sounds that city dwellers miss out on.

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It’s a delight for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts to come and get an opportunity to spot the rarest species of birds and animals in these beautiful untouched forests. The city itself is a treasure trove for those who love being with natural elements and various hues of mother earth.

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Visiting Peru is an experience and understanding of a country that has not shed its past but embraced it truly with grace and pride. You will find that many of the glorious structures and remains of every period, be it ancient to colonial, are still well preserved so that people learn and take away something precious each time they visit.

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