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Explore The Beautiful Cities of Venezuela


Venezuela is one of the most astounding places to visit, with a diverse landscape that makes it one of the most visited places. The people and climes are a big draw for visitors. It has the largest lake in South America, lake Maracaibo, and the world’s highest waterfall; the Angel falls are part of this amazing country. As a traveler, you enjoy all the terrains, from towering mountains to tropical jungles, all this and more.


One of the most exciting places in Venezuela is its capital. Caracas has become a full-fledged city of a modernized outlook with crisscrossed streets and highways. An initially peaceful green valley has gotten urbanized over the years, with a lot of highrises adding to the skyline. The city has a lot more than you expect. You could check out a panoramic view of the city from El Calvario Park. The colonial past is reminiscent of the edifices present in the Plaza Bolivar. Begin with the Caracas Cathedral, the National Capitol, including the Municipal Council building.

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The must-see Miraflores Palace happens to be the official residence of the President of the Republic. Vistors stop to marvel at the tallest structures of the city, the twin towers of the Simon Bolivar center housing various ministers of the Government. A dedicated place for national heroes and the tomb of Bolivar is known as the National Pantheon is nearby.

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There are a great many things you could do when you land in Porlamar, like visiting the Margarita island, which comprises of the Waterland park wherein you could interact with dolphins. You could go in for fun water rides, water slides, swimming pool at the Parque El Agua Isla de Margarita to cool off and relax with your family or friends. Now that you loved the water so much you could have more fun in the water and sun, then the beaches of Playa La Caracola won’t disappoint at all.

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For those who want to take a cruise, you could find tourist boats with a delectable range of snacks and drinks on board to make the trip more enjoyable, culminating with a sumptuous buffet on the beach—finally finishing off the trip with some shopping for souvenirs from the Conejeros Market.

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Being the highest city in Venezuela, it enjoys the most pleasant climate compared to the other regions. A beautiful view of five snowcapped peaks adds to the attraction of the place. One of the most known peaks is the Pico Espejo, also known as the Mirror Peak, with the longest and highest cable car system. Those who love fishing have to go to the river down the valley and do some trout fishing.

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You could cook it the rustic way with local sauces relish it down in the company of nature. All the hiking in the mountains can tire, you might as well relax in thermal springs that offer the tourists sauna time, mudbaths, etc. at the top of Bolivar mountain. Now that you are in the land of Rumba, it’s great to match a few steps as you dance away the night.

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It is one of the oldest cities of Venezuela and has a long history of invasion, slavery, fights for independence and much more. Barquisimeto happens to be the musical capital of Venezuela as it has been a home for musical geniuses such as the operatic tenor Aquiles Machado as well as the orchestra conductor Gustavo Dudamel. A great place for a photo-op near the Monumento Manto de Maria Divina pastora.

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You could view the entire city and take in the landscape. You could make a detour and get into the world of animals by visiting the Parque Zoologico Botanico Bararida.  Check out the Rhinos, elephants, tigers, monkeys, zebras, camels, etc. Back to the city, you could walk into the Museo de Barquisimeto, which has some interesting exhibits that show ancient tools and traditional items of the region.


The region has rich folklore, and the mingling of various cultures makes the carnival of this place one of the liveliest in the country. The St. Rose of Lima Cathedral is a place of worship you cannot miss out on visiting when you are in Carupuno. Now something for all the beach bodies, Playa Medina is considered the perfect beach with all its natural beauty intact with golden sands, coconut trees, rustic reed huts for you to hang out. Now in Venezuela and not tried the local fare, then your trip isn’t complete.

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You need to step out and check for the authentic cuisine that satiates all your taste buds with tasty homemade treats found all over the place. After taking a break for a bite, you can continue to explore the rest of Carapuno and head to Rio Caribe, a vibrant fishing town wherein you still find the remains of Gothic architecture and head to have a look at the coffee plantations and cacao fields.

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It is the best place to grab a plate of paella, a delicious dish made from rice and seafood eaten in communities. Being near Coast Blanca makes Valencia a stopover for tourists, but this place isn’t completely unexplored, and in fact, there is a lot to see and enjoy. You can check out the Valencia cathedral, an impressive edifice locally known as El Miquelet or little Michael was once a mosque but became a cathedral.

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Those literary buffs can check out the Cervantes Memorial, the author of Don Quixote- Miguel Cervantes, who has gotten a dedication here. More on buildings such as the Palacio del Marqus de Dos Agus is a place where you will find opulence at its best with sculptures both inside and outside the building. After being in the chaos of the city for a long period, it’s time to head to the seaside. You can check out the harbors, which happen to be the largest in the Mediterranean region.

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You can never get tired of crisscrossing the country as the warmth and hospitality of the people gets you too pumped up to take on every route to explore the vast landscape of Venezuela. There is more to see and explore as you see that every place has a tale to tell, and the more you travel, the more intrigued you would be, such is the magnetism of the place and its people.

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