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Everything You Need To Know About New Orleans – A Complete Travel Guide


New Orleans is a city loaded with lots of energy, the real reason for this energy apart from the friendly citizen or the local people. It’s the essence of the city which enhances the entire experience of a visitor. New Orleans has so much to offer for their visitors. Some street museums, unique architecture, swamp areas and different artworks are the primary attractions that draw the attention of the tourist and even to local people also. The city is a mix-match of beautiful streets and amazing art-work that are visible across the entire city. Well, it is not wrong to say that it is listed in one of the most unique cities in the world.

The city New Orleans is present near the Mississippi River of the southern region of the state of Louisiana. New Orleans is also quite famous for its exclusive dialects, as you interact with different peoples you will get to know the variations of the language. The city is also well-known for its cuisine and music. It is said that music and live concerts are the life-line of the city because of its cross-culture the variation and uniqueness in music is something unbelievable. Even those visitors who are sort of familiar with the city every time have something more to explore.  If you are new to the city then be with us and see everything you need to know about the tourist places in New Orleans:

Louis Cathedral

It is always a good thought to start the journey by taking God’s name. Similarly, the St. Louis Cathedral is the famous Church of New Orleans. Tourist from the entire globe does visit this Church as it is a holy place and has many religious aspects to it. It is also one of the most recognizable holy spot as well as a tourist spot for the city. According to the records and documents, it is the oldest cathedral of North America.  In the year 1700’s it was first designed and constructed. Later, it was destroyed two times but finally, it was again rebuilt and continued till now.

Louis Cathedral
The Louis Cathedral / Image credit:

Many religious services and holy functions are organised here and followers of Christianity attend these functions. However, the Church management welcomes everybody to attend these functions and holy prayers. A person from any religion is free to attend religious services. That’s why visitor’s first preference is to attend the services in St. Louis Cathedral. Even till this date some concerts and cultural event are also organised by the Cathedral management.

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Museum of Arts

The second most visited place in New Orleans is the Museum of Arts. There are many museums in the world and most of them are made purely to showcase some different products. But here the Museum of Arts in New Orleans is entirely different in its class. It showcases some very unique piece of arts from new as well as old timeline. Tourist visits this museum to see some very unique and different piece of art. It is said that all the items showcases here are not available in any other museums or galleries.

Museum of Arts
A fine art museum / Image credit:

The museum first started with very less amount of artwork. The officials of the museums tell that they have nearly eight to nine piece of artworks in early days but now these numbers are increased to 40,000 items. As the numbers got increased the structure of this museum also got bigger in size. Finding out this museum is not a tough task; one of the biggest landmarks is the park which is adjacent to it. The park consists of 64 sculptures that look amazing and is also an attraction to see with this museum.

Audubon Park

It is always necessary to take out some time from your busy life schedule and take some rest by going close to nature. Therefore, the best possible way to do this is by visiting the Audubon Park. To watch this park is a treat in itself, a lot of free space filled with a bunch of oak trees is a mesmerizing experience. There are huge oak trees planted in this park which creates an aura and environment similar to dense tropical forest. In winters the atmosphere is very pleasant and the rate of visibility is also very less.

Audubon Park
The entrance of Audubon Park / Image credit:

One of the great things about Audubon Park is that it is open for all seasons. Even the local people also come and spend their entire day in this park just to take some fresh air and rejuvenation. The park is also home to a zoo, aquarium, nature centre, golf playing field, etc. Even the facility to organise an event like marriage, birthday events, etc can also be organised here. If you are on a family trip then do consider visiting Audubon Park to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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A Walk with River Mississippi

As you know that the city New Orleans lies near the River Mississippi and a track is made parallel to the river where you can walk, sit and enjoy the cool breeze. It’s like a jogging track where one side is full of water and another side is the mirror of city life. The best time to spend quality time is morning and evening.

River Mississippi
Viewing the sunset / Image credit:

Small performances and concerts are the prime attraction of this place. In morning visitors performs some acrobats and do some exercise performance which includes a bunch of people. So it’s a good way to take a walk beside the river from your hectic schedule.

Bourbon Street

One of the best ways to end your journey is by visiting the Bourbon Street of this city. This street is the prime example of how the city is and what all types of attractions you will be seeing next. Many tourists start their journey by the Bourbon Street and some tourist plans to visit here, in the end, it’s entirely up to you.

Bourbon Street
Visitors on Bourbon Street / Image credit:

However, Bourbon Street is one of the oldest street and structure from the year 1718. This city was established in the year 1718 and this street portrays the look and feels of its establishment. Even late night the shops and atmosphere are active, you will not see the street sleeping. Restaurants and other places are covered in neon light that looks attractive. So if you plan a trip to New Orleans then these were some classic places that you can consider visiting on your trip.

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