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Guna Yala Island – A Place That Thrived On Culture And Tradition


Have you heard of Guna Yala Island? Probably not! But most of us have been enthralled after watching this Island on Netflix most sought-after series. The mesmerizing beach and the beautiful landscape would have definitely pulled your attention. However, when it comes to tourism, the Guna Yala Island is not that recognized and touched. And that makes it more special, exquisite and beautiful. However, the rate of tourism in these islands shows that the place is quite a favorite among couples particularly honeymooners.

This island once was known as San Blas, and the island is the archipelago of Panama. The island is commonly referred to as home to indigenous people or crowds. The capital city of Guna Yala is El Porvenir. The island is spread across 400 kilometers and mostly the mainland has to be connected through the small islands. The locals spread across the making houses in the sandbanks alongside riversides.

Today at India Imagine I will take you through the beaches, acquittance the custom and culture and explore the best seafood while you are eager to know more about this wonderful island.

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Popular cities to visit in Guna Yala Island

El Porvenir

Guna Yala Island
Guna Yala Island: Image Credit/

El Porvenir is the capital of the Guna Yala Islands, which is basically a paradise that meets necessity. You can go sightseeing as well as rent a place to stay. Food, shopping, errands come in handy. The place blends into making a beautiful island with a unique tradition and culture. There is a long strip for landing, a traditional and cultural museum, a government office and small hotels that are pretty and cool.

Puerto Obaldia

Puerto Obaldia is mainly a place for water activities. This island is best when it comes to boat trips that could go more than 4 days. Just feel free to stay calm and enjoy the serenity of the place. Other main activities that people love here are biking, sailboat and ferry rides. The seafood is another attraction of the place.

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Playon Chico

Playon Chico
Playon Chico: Image Credit/

Playon Chico is a tiny place with not more than 3000 people. It is connected to the mainland through a wooden bridge. You can walk on the wooden bridge and enjoy the serenity of the place. The water, wilderness and water activities pull people to enjoy some time here on this island. You can stay here in a thatched house, go around the mango grooves, taste citrus fruits and learn the history of the 1925 revolution from the locals.

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The name means Dog island. This place is an abundance of nature and culture blended. The tourist comes here to enjoy the handicrafts that are made and sold here for the tourist. It is a perfect weekend place to explore. For those who are looking for an isolated place to stay and enjoy this one. Stay connected to the locals here to enjoy the famous traditional lobster and prawns coconut curry that will leave you awestruck.

Know the history of the place

Guna Yala People
Guna Yala People: Image Credit/

The origin of the island and the occurrence of the local inhabitants are highly debated. However, we can’t trace back any history of the Guna Yala Islands to centuries back. Hence we can conclude the islands with wrecked shops must have been visited mostly by explorers or pirates of that age.
But today the situation is different altogether. There are more than 44,000 people are part of this island. The locals thrive and flourish on the local business that mainly depends on seafood, handicrafts and crops.

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Culture and tradition of Guna Yala

Culture and tradition
Culture and tradition: Image Credit/

The culture and tradition of Guna Yala tradition are unique and fascinating. Guna Yala people are believers. They predominantly believe in the existence of God and nature.
Traditional speaking the Guna followed matrilocal. The husband shifted with his wife to stay with his father-in-law. The woman of the house has an upper hand in business as well as decision-making. The women mainly depend on handicrafts as a source of income.
The locals have a peculiar way of dressing traditionally. They stick to their ancestor’s ideas and idolize their practices. They have survived both the modernization and foreigner who arrive here on the pretext of import and export.

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Tingle your tastebuds with Native food

Guna Yala Food
Guna Yala Food: Image Credit/

The local cuisine is normally a blend of seafood and rice. But nothing like the normal rice and curry. The rice is blended and infused with coconut flavor and the seafood, that too coconut curry with lobster and Red Snapper fish that are common. The locals are completely in love with their beer and take it with their dinner. Hence for a tourist, it will be a fabulous experience on the food that would tingle the tastebuds.

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The show on Netflix did gain attention and thus the places, but Guna Yala was quite familiar and popular among the neighboring countries as per tourism. this island earns its daily bread through tourism too, as that makes it a tourist place far away from the reach of modernization.
Till you ponder over which Netflix series I am talking about? It’s a bye from me!
Bon Voyage…

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