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Adventure Travel Top Desert Safari Destinations Across the World

Top Desert Safari Destinations Across the World


Desert places are known for its peaceful and time changing pattern and attract a lot of travelers from all over the world. Desert Safari is a unique introduction to the Safari list. Through this safari one can explore the sand dune adventure on the back of a camel or through desert Jeep. If you are looking for a peaceful place with wind whistling through your ears or for a perfect isolation from outside world, then these adventure trips are tailor made for you.

In a desert safari you would not only be enjoying the golden sands and camel ride, but also the colorful camps, sand dune bashing through Jeep and other adventure activities. So lets dig in to find more about the safari adventure that you are craving for.

Namib Desert, Namibia

Namib desert is a coastal desert in Southern Africa and is placed in Namibia. The name Namib means ‘Vast Place’. So this huge desert is a spectacle in itself and also the oldest desert in the world. Namib Desert is near to Atlantic Ocean so hence this desert gets the maximum rainfall as compared to other deserts around the world.

Namib Desert located in Namibia

The Flora and Fauna percentage found here is also quite huge is number. This desert also has a national park named Namib- Naufluft located in it. Usually SUV’s are required to visit this vast desert. You can also experience the sand dunes on foot. The accommodations here has all the modern amenities in them. Apart for desert safari other activities like Hot Air Ballooning, Quad Biking and Star Gazing is also an option.

Best time to visit: March – May & August – October

Thar Desert – Jaisalmer, India

Thar desert located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India / Image credits: Venna World

Thar is a beautiful golden sand desert in India and this is the only desert destination where one can visit for the sand dune dashing experiences. Thar desert is also famous for its Jaisalmer desert festival. Have you ever experienced the golden mirage? If no then visit Thar desert during evening time. For making your safari adventure colorful, the camel is also attired with bright colored mats. At night you also get to experience the Rajasthani style cuisine. The food is followed by local music and traditional Kalbelia dance.

Best time to visit: October – March

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Arabian Desert – Dubai, UAE

Aladdin is one of the famous cartoon characters that comes to the mind when you hear the word Arabian. The Arabian Nights adventure truly explains the beauty and lifestyles which is followed by the locals. The Arabian desert safari is an experience of a lifetime.

Arabian Desert located in Dubai, UAE / Image credits: trover

Always prefer the sunset desert safari because during this time the temperature is most preferable for adventurers and you can view the scenic sunset spreading the golden glory in the sky. Once here you can do dune bashing on a SUV and feel the adventure running through your veins. The nights are even more lovely with temperature falling pretty quickly. The campfire dinner with Arabian songs and a belly dancer is what you get to enjoy during the night camping.

Best time to visit: October – April

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Nubra valley desert located in Ladakh, India / Image Credits: Swikriti Blog

Have you ever heard of a desert which is in the sky? Not. Off course in the sky but quite near to it. The desert in Nubra Valley is actually located on a very high altitude in Ladakh. Usually Ladakh is famous for its natural beauty and hill station destination along with the trekking adventure that is available out here. But apart from all these it also holds a place for the desert safari lovers too. The desert found here is quite cold and you can even see the white silvery snow covering on the sand with every gush of the wind. The safari adventure could be done here on a Bactrian Camel, which is a winter camel. The accommodation found here has all the basic amenities. Bonfire are quite mesmerizing with cold winds and stargazing experiences.

Best time to visit: May – October

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Sahara Desert – Bahariya, Egypt

Egypt’s part of Sahara Desert is one the prime location for desert safari in the world. This desert has many historic treasures including the golden mummies. Also home to world’s largest dune ‘Ghurd al-Ghurabi’ and a mountain made up of quartz piece known as Crystal Mountain.

Sahara Desert parts located in Bahariya, Egypt / Image credits: Future Travels

The adventures here are endless but the scenic desert beauty with salt lakes, hot and cold water springs are something special you will find here. The Bahariya Desert safari can be done in a 4×4 jeep or Suv and camels. The resorts and local campsites are the best places for the tourists here for having a clear view of the sky during the night time.

Best time to visit: October – March

Wahiba Sands – Muscat, Oman

Wahiba Sands sunset view located in Muscat, Oman

Wahiba sands desert is known for its pieces of flora and fauna that is visible throughout the desert. It is amazing how such flora can be seen in deserts. Peoples live in this deserts from centuries and is a unique experience for a desert trekker.  So hence Wahiba desert is usually referred to as the unique desert present on earth. The guest here resides in luxurious camps with authentic carpets which is there specialty. Bonfire are a treat here, with delicious dinner and local music. You can enjoy the clear sky in nights

Best time to visit: October – March

Black Rock Desert – Nevada, United States of America

Black Rose Desert in Nevada is also one of the popular desert safari. It lies in between Jackson and Calico mountain ranges. This desert has different colors in different seasons as it is golden in summer and snow covered white in winters.

Black Rock Desert, Burning Man sculpture located in Nevada, USA

The fly geyser formed due to fail geothermal experiment test is the prime attraction here. The safari here could be done with an SUV. The places for camps has all the modern amenities. Different activities could be done during this desert safari like wildlife watching, hiking, hot springs bath, etc.

Best time to visit: March – May & August – October

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White Sands National Monument, USA

White Sands National Monument Desert located in New Mexico, USA / Image credit: Orangesmile

White Sands National Monument is a part of north Chihuahuan desert in USA. This picturesque white sand attracts a lot of tourist from all over the world. This desert’s sand appears to be while due to gypsum which is found in abundance here. The sand found here is cooler than other deserts due to the presence of moisture content inside it. Other than taking pictures other activities that could be done here are cycling, camping and horse riding.

Best time to visit: March – May & August – October.

Erg Chebbi, Morocco

This is an extension of Sahara desert which is mentioned above in Bahariya, Egypt. The beauty of this desert is quite spectacular and if you get to visit this desert you will witness the highest sand dune made on earth through the deposition of layers of sand onto one another.

Erg Chebbi desert located in Morocco.

Wind speed here is quite speedy, so it is recommended that you were the traditional wear here, which will protect your head, face and body.  Camel safari is considered the best options here.

Best time to visit: March – May & August – October.

The above mentioned are some of the unique and far more visited Desert Safari destination from all over the world. These destinations will surely make you wonder about the creators wonderful creations or you can also think this as an climatic change or natural occurrences. If you think that i have missed some of the destination here then you could write to me on my email id given in my bio thank you.

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