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Adventure Travel Tadoba National Park - Tiger Safari In Maharashtra

Tadoba National Park – Tiger Safari In Maharashtra


Tadoba National Park is the largest national park of the state Maharashtra. This park is well known for spotting tigers while travelling in a safari gypsy. Safari begins from both of the two entryways, specifically the Mohurli Gate and the Kolara Gate. Aside from tigers, the park is celebrated for Wilderness Felines, Crocodiles, Yapping Deer, Sambar, Indian Panther, Nilgai, Sloth Bear, Little Indian Civet, Indian Python, Wolf Insects and others.


Tadoba National Park is a very famous Tiger reserve which is referred to as ‘The Land of Tigers‘ because it has a huge number of tigers (approx.43). Aside from the types of Bengal Tiger, this park is home to different warm-blooded animals like Sloth Bear, Leopard, Indian Mouse Deer, Ratel, Sambar, Wild Pig, Spotted Deer, Flying Squirrel, Four Horned Antelope, to give some examples. As soon as the sunsets, the Small Indian Civet, the Palm Civet, the Ratel, and the Flying squirrel make their quality felt.

Other wildlife species found here are Hyenas, Spotted Deer, Wild Boars, Yelping deer, Gaurs, Four-horned Antelopes, Blue bulls, Indian Pangolins, Normal Langoors and  Porcupines.

Most importantly, there are approx 195 different species of birds that includes honey buzzard, peaked snakebird, the bashful wilderness fowl, dark-headed angling hawk, heaven flycatcher, and so forth. Types of reptiles are likewise found in this park-like imperilled Indian python, reptiles, star tortoise, cobra, and so on. Aside from this, monster wood creepy-crawly, the mark insect, and redwood arachnids are additionally found during rainstorm season.

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Zones In The Tadoba

The park is divided into three districts to be specific, north region, Morhurli region and the Kolsa south region. There are three water sources in the park in particular Tadoba waterway, Tadobalake and the Kolsa lake. Safari is permitted in each of the three regions.

Moharli or Mahurli zone: This is the best spot in the park to spot creatures. It is an acclaimed spot in the safari. The entryway to this zone is through the other two zones. This is the central area of the park.

North zone: This zone is well known for picturesque areas and creature spotting. There are four doorways to this zone.

Kolsa South zone: This zone is loaded up with woods area. Spotting wild creatures is not easier here. Safari here spotlights on the verdure of the park. Geologically, these three areas of the park are renowned for Tiger wildlife safari.

Safari Timings

Gypsy and Jeep Safaris are the only means available in Tadoba National Park that helps in exploring the wildlife of the forest.

Tadoba National Park Safari
Tadoba National Park Safari

Safari Timings are:
Morning Jeep and Gypsy: 6.00 AM to 10.00 AM
Afternoon Jeep and Gypsy: 3.00 PM until 6.00 PM

Reaching Tadoba

By Air– Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur (140 Km) is the nearest airport from where it usually takes about 3-hour ride to reach Tadoba.

By Rail-Chandrapur (49 km) and Nagpur (151kms) are the nearest railway stations.

By Road-Nearest bus stop available are Chandrapur and Chimur (32 km).


Convenience in Tadoba offers extravagance stay in the midst of the forest. A portion of the major lodge and hotels for stay are:

      • Svasara Jungle Lodge
      • Serai Tiger Camp
      • Irai Safari Retreat
      • Tiger Trails Jungle Eco Lodge

For a low budget stay, Maharastra Tourism Development Corporation Hotel in Mohrali and the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra guesthouse and residence room are likewise ideal for comfortable convenience. Aside from this, Eco cottages given by the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra are additionally useful for the individuals who are searching for spending lodging in Tadoba National Park.

Best Time To Visit

This park gives a huge visual treat of wildlife nature, in terms of spotting tigers. The best time to visit here is from the month of February to May. During this time, Gaurs, tigers, the herd of deer and other animals are easily seen in large numbers. Exploring these animals give a thrilling experience and treat to a trip.

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