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Top 10 Camping Spots Across India


When the word “Camping” comes on your way what is the first scene that hit your brain, so-called tenting, living far away from the busy traffics lives of metro cities. The backpacking with your crazy friends and pitching towards the tents in the heart of nature’s valleys, lakes, and mountains. For a nature lover this is one of the most seductive feelings when it comes to night camping, enjoying bonfires with your loved ones in a blanket, and sensing the breath of night breezes blowing and mixing with the hot fiery smoke and what else you imagine right now.

You should explore these places with your friends, family or opt as a solo tripper as well.

1. Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh

The Wild Camp Tso Moriri of Jammu and Kashmir situated on the bank of Tso Moriri Lake is known for its fantastic view and offers free parking facilities to tourists.

Ladakh Trekking near Tso Kar Lake
Ladakh Trekking near Tso Kar Lake / Image credit:

Tso Moriri holds subsequently outdoors on the banks of the lake is limited by law. If you are wanting to camp all alone, you also should set up your shelter away from the lake, close to other campgrounds.

Activities in Tso Moriri Lake Camp

Appreciate the all-encompassing perspective on the magnificent Tso Moriri from the review point close to the lake. Witness the changing shades of the lake waters as light emissions fall on the lake, making a brilliant material of nature in the immaculate lake waters.

Situated on the northwestern bank of Tso Moriri, the Tibetan-Buddhist Korzok Monastery is a necessary visit vacation destination on your visit to the lake.

Best Time to Visit

While summers to be the best an ideal opportunity to visit the spot when the environment is generally invigorating and obliging when the snow has mellowed and there is a buzzy development with the splendid and dynamic Hemis Festival.

2. Nameri Eco Camp, Assam

The Eco camp lays on the lap of natural lush green surroundings.  Comfortable covered cottages that add to the greenery view. Nameri Eco Camp is arranged around 45 kilometers from Tezpur and around 1 kilometer from the banks of the Jia Bhoroli waterway.

Nameri Eco Camp Assam
Camping Nameri National Park / Image credit:

Activities in Nameri Eco Camp

Appreciate birding while boating through the Jia Bhoroli stream or journeying across the backwoods joined by experienced woodland guides. The wilderness treasures like boating, traveling, and burning through the town or wilderness trail and investigate the flawless open region.

Best Time to Visit Nameri Eco Camp

The best time for camping in Nameri National Park is October to early April. In the long periods of lovely weather, nature lovers can have a delightful time.

3. Kipling Camp, Madhya Pradesh

Settled close to the Kisli entrance door of Kanha National Park Kipling Camp is the ideal spot for the voyagers who wish to unwind in tranquil encompassing and wish to investigate the far-off backwoods and towns of the heart of India.

Kipling Camp, Madhya Pradesh
Kipling Camp, Kanha National Park / Image credit:

Activities in Kipling Camp

Safari drives in the daytime, so you can unwind on a lounger can have a massage on the back rub, hear the chirping of birds at the campsite. At night you can appreciate bonfire, film shows, and tribal dance performances.

Best Time to Visit Kipling Camp

The best ideal opportunity for Tiger and Wildlife spotting is in March and April, the dry season when parched creatures boil down to the waterholes.

4. Mehar Camping, Jaisalmer

Mehar Adventure Safari Camps, Jaisalmer gives an open to living alternative to those anticipating go through a day over sand’s lap. The camps provide the space of free stoppage to all guests, annihilating the concern of those going by their vehicle.

Desert Camp Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer
Desert Camp Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer / Image credit:

Activities in Mehar Camping

Take a camel safari at Sam sand rises. Appreciate a customary welcome, folk music, and dance. Enjoy the night in the desert while watching the heavenly nightfall. You will be excited to see the roaring campfire night and dance performed by Kalbeliyas and Langa parties. Enjoy the fine dine with a Dj shows.

Best Time to Visit Mehar

The best time to visit Jaisalmer is from November to March when winter goes to the desert city offers a satisfying climate. So you can opt for camping during these months.

5. Anaerangal Camp, Munnar

Anaerangal Camp is without a doubt an ideal spot to loosen up, investigate the slopes and appreciate the customized administration of the nearby local area individuals who deal with the camp. Feel extraordinary joy and fun when you select this wondrous outdoor movement in Munnar alongside your companions, friends, and family.

Adventure Anaerangal Camp, Munnar
Adventure Anaerangal Camp, Munnar / Image credit:

Activities in Anaerangal Camp

An intriguing and wild way that you would appreciate extraordinarily at the night huge fire camping. The  Anaerangal camp accompanies a traveling movement that makes a difference to extinguish your desires for adventure. The high point will consistently be the dusk trip to ‘Apparition’s Head’ top to see the awesome nightfall over the Sahyadri mountains!

Best Time to Visit Anaerangal Camp

December to February: The winter months are a wide margin the best and ideal opportunity to visit Munnar since the weather is lovely.

6. Anjuna Beach, Goa

India’s West Coast heaven, Goa, is home to some beautiful seashores of India. One of them is known as Anjuna Beach. Situated over the brilliant coastline, the southern and northern finish of the Anjuna seashore offers plenty of mesmerizing activities.

Anjuna Beach, Goa
Anjuna beach view / Image credit:

Activities in Anjuna Beach

On top of your pleasant escape for certain exciting undertakings at Anjuna beach. Activities like boat rides, Jet ski rides, Bumpy banana rides, and Para cruising. The gathering focal point of Anjuna seashore, Bistros, and clubs welcome local people and travelers from wherever with elite DJs and sweet music with a breezy night out.

Best Time to Visit Anjuna Beach

The ideal chance to visit Anjuna Beach is in winters which start from November to March. Goa’s climate is very blustery and charming during this time.

7. Shaam – e – Sarhad, Hodka, Gujrat

“Shaam E Sarhad – the name signifies “Sunset on the Border”. the town resort that has been hand-created by the neighborhood local area to recreate the vernacular customs of architecture. Most living spaces are intended to feature findability and are beautified handicrafts.  In the extraordinary joy of remaining in Bhungas, tents, and Family Cottages crafted with native assets.

Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort Gujrat
Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort Gujrat / Image credit:

Activities in Shaam – e – Sarhad

The experience comes to in the nights when the sentiment of the rustic zone unfurls alongside the Kutchi society music rendered in reedy voices and the fragrances of a tasty food light the senses.  Other things to explore the visit to create a town, desert safari, camel ride, Wildlife watching.

Best Time to Visit Shaam – e – Sarhad

It is claimed and overseen by the Hodka town local area and is open just from October to March.

8. Camp Exotica, Kullu

Camp Exotica is a paradise situated on Kullu-Manali bypass.  Camp Exotica is a long way from the group and encompassed by green deodar trees and cold mountains in an extremely tranquil climate. Camp Exotica offers an exceptional encounter of the comfortable camp where the customary and hued tents are extravagantly outfitted with each solace.

Camp Exotica Kullu Manali
Exotica Camp Kullu / Image credit:

Activities in Camp Exotica

Camp Exotica offers interesting things of comfortable camp with adventurous treasures like Cycling, Trekking, Zorbing, Paragliding, Snow Scooters, Skiing, Fishing, Rock climbing, and Rafting.

Best Time to Visit Camp Exotica

Summers from March to June are the most prominent time to visit Kullu. Winters are likewise a great time to visit Kullu for its merriments around Raghunath sanctuary. For a more adventurous trip and to observe snowfall, winters are the best.

9. Camp Desert, Pushkar

Pushkar Desert Camp is situated approximately eight kilometers from the city of Pushkar in a peaceful land parcel encompassed by the grand Aravalli mountain ranges. The camping area is flawlessly roosted amid nurseries of rose and marigold plants that are sprouted dynamically in shadings of various colors. The travelers can observe surprising perspectives on dawn and dusk from this camp.

Pushkar Adventure Desert Camp / Image credit:

Activities in Camp Desert

Pushkar Adventure Desert Camp orchestrates conventional desert outdoors activities like pony riding, camel riding, jeep safari, or even a heavenly gala dinner.

Best Time to Visit Camp Desert

While the climate and merriments in Pushkar stay alive throughout the year, the best time to visit the heavenly town is between November and March. During this time, the climate is charming, and the desert is a ton more amicable for those day-long safaris.

10. Camp Temgargh, Pune

Camp Temgarh is a desert garden – a desert garden of green, of rest, and unwinding. Being an eco-resort, it’s being put up forth a valiant effort to mix in with the components of nature that encompass visitors can feel the harmony and serenity of this interesting, agreeable hideaway.

Camp Temgarh Rooms
Camp Temgarh Rooms / Image credit:

Activities in Camp Temgargh, Pune

There’s a ton of vast area inside the retreat where one can appreciate a nature walk or take a short trip around the zone or simply appreciate the tranquility of the encompassing slopes and valley locale. Different activities like fishing or kite flying can be done at Camp Temgarh.

Best Time to Visit Camp Temgargh

Indeed, the months of October to February are the ideal time to visit Pune as the environment is lovely with cool and moist air and makes it ideal for touring.

Take a break to feel the delicacy of nature’s loaded with greenery and the aroma of the land, feel the morning dew, take long strolls, read a decent book or simply look at the infinite number of stars on a wonderful twilight evening while getting a charge out of a grill and bonfire.

Life seldom gets any easier or better than this when camping with your best company. Hopefully, you will like all these destinations and must visit once in a lifetime.





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