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Top Countries Offering Best Cycling Tours For Adventure Seekers


Whenever you plan a trip, you want to voyage locations via mopeds, bikes, cabs, metros or use locals means of transportation. This kind of trips have gone out of the league, now travellers want to make their trip memorable, eco-friendly, adventurous and full of fun activities. To make your enthusiastic soul feel good either go for a hot air balloon ride or take a helicopter ride but this is not an eco-friendly trip. Then the best possible things left is to voyage to any destination via a cycling tour.

Cycling tours are available in many countries around the world for those who prefer eco-friendly travelling. Bicycle touring will change the way you see your destination because they encourage you to notice small information and it allows you to interact more closely with your surroundings.

Top Countries Providing Cycle Tourism

For you, we are listing top countries where you can enjoy your cycling tour. Let’s have look-

Himalayas – Nepal

Nepal is known as one of the best mountain biking destinations in the world. Adventurers will begin their bike tour in Pokhara, where they will spend a couple of days biking the area’s classic routes, such as the Kali Horseshoe, which offers spectacular views of the Annapurna Massif, before riding eastwards, through the Marshyangdi River, to Gorkha, a ridge-top town.

Himalayas - Nepal Cycling Tour
Himalayas – Nepal Cycling Tour / Image Credit:

A mile-high climb to the Kathmandu Valley rim awaits you after that, followed by an exciting downhill blast back to bustling Kathmandu. The combination of beautiful scenery and excellent cycling over a range of terrain, as well as the politeness of the locals, make this an unforgettable experience.

Burma – Myanmar

This cycling tour from Yangon to Mandalay and Inle Lake takes you across Myanmar on two wheels. Myanmar is the ideal place to explore by bike, thanks to its gently rolling terrain, peaceful paths, the abundance of outdoor attractions and verdant rural countryside. After spending a few days exploring Yangon’s attractions, travel north to Bagan, an ancient city characterised by thousands of ornate ochre-coloured temples.

Burma – Myanmar / Image Credit:

Cycling through toddy tree forests to Mount Popa, watching fishermen at work on Inle Lake, and moving through limestone caves stocked with Buddha effigies are all choices.

Best Time for Cycling Tour – Aug to Mar
How long it takes – 13 days

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New Zealand

This cycling trip through New Zealand’s stunning South Island takes travellers to another zone of dreams. Although New Zealand is known for its natural scenery, friendly people, delicious wine but this cycling trip takes in the best of it. Travellers you can start your cycle trip in Queenstown, the country’s adventure hub and then ride through small gold-mining towns like Alexandra, Omakau, Wedderburn and Hyde on the popular Central Otago Rail Trail.

Cycling Tour New Zealand
Cycling Tour New Zealand / Image Credit: Marek Piwnicki on

Ride across open plains with pristine rivers, stop in at local taverns for some authentic Southern hospitality and rediscover the joy of pedalling in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Best Time for Cycling Tour – Nov to Apr
How long it takes – 16 days


Peru may be the best-kept cycling secret in the world. Every trip will be an adventure, with some of the world’s most diverse landscapes and famous historical sites. On your bicycle, explore the Peruvian landscape and history. On this cycling adventure along the Inca Trail, you’ll ride through classic Peru, hike South America’s breathtaking ancient Inca sites. Start on the streets of Lima, pedalling past fishermen’s huts and artist hangouts while taking in breathtaking views of the Pacific coast.

Cycling in Peru
Cycling in Peru / Image Credit:

Ride a mountain bike through the Sacred Valley’s green countryside, a world of lively Andean cultures and spectacular landscapes created by lost civilisations. Finally, hit the magnificent Inca Trail and conclude your Peru tour by visiting the magnificent Machu Picchu, one of the world’s seven wonders.

Best Time for Cycling Tour – Jun, Sep & Oct
How long it takes – 12 days

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Silk Road – Kazakhstan

On this mountain biking trip through Kazakhstan’s south-eastern corner, you’ll cycle the dreaded Silk Road and explore the magic of Central Asia. You must begin your tour in the Tian Shan foothills, then proceed to the open grassland of several majestic valleys. On your ride, you can pass through several isolated farming villages.

Silk Road Kazakhstan Cycling Tour
Silk Road Kazakhstan Cycling Tour / Image Credit:

Following the spectacular Charyn Canyon, you’ll fly to the Kegen Plateau and Lake Tuzkol through a path that dates back to the Silk Road. Your journey is almost over in the desert landscapes of Altyn-Emel National Park, where you’ll ride between bizarre sandstone formations and hike to the top of the 120m high Singing Sand Dune.

Best Time for Cycling Tour – Jun, Aug & Sep
How long it takes – 11 days


Cycle through the karst limestone landscapes that have inspired Chinese painters and poets for centuries on this hiking and biking adventure through China with World Expeditions. After exploring the country’s most famous attractions, including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta soldier of Xian.

China Cycling Tour / Image Credit:

You’ll hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge and visit the ancient World Heritage town of Lijang. Then cycle through the picture book landscape of Yangshuo, zigzagging your way through towers of limestone, as you ride from Guilin to the ancient town of Xingping.

Best Time for Cycling Tour – Mar to Nov
How long it takes: 9 days

Vietnam & Laos

Vietnam gives travellers some amazing cycling opportunities and is a budget-friendly destination for backpackers and adventure travellers. Ride the path from Hanoi to Laos, Vietnam’s two largest cities, to get a taste of the local culture and beaches. Although, this is a route for professional cyclists. On the way, you’ll pass through the Hai Van Pass, which separates North and South Vietnam.

Cycling Vietnam Loas
Cycling Vietnam Laos / Image Credit:

Bike among hill tribes in Sapa, along steeply-terraced valleys and on trails seldom visited by visitors, while staying in traditional villages along the way. Wrap up your cycle trek in Luang Prabang, which has a French colonial charm.

Best Time for Cycling Tour – Oct to Mar
How long it takes – 13 days

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A cycling holiday in Cambodia will take you to a different zone at this time it will be a cultural tour. It will start from Angkor Wat and take you to the Cardamom Mountains. This trip is a chance to visit sandy southern beaches, bustling Phnom Penh and spectacular Angkor Wat, after that you can turn your bicycle between rice paddies, ancient temple ruins, and later towards the lush national parks and ornate palaces.

Cambodia Cycle Tour
Cambodia Cycle Tour / Image Credit:

But the major highlight is travelling towards the Angkor complex as it’s the best way to explore the spread-out ruins and get away from the hustle of life.

Best Time for Cycling Tour – Feb to Mar & Oct to Dec
How long it takes – 14 days

Cape Town – South Africa

Cape Town and Winelands at South Africa offers brilliant cycle tours for starts in the Stellenbosch vineyards with wine tasting in some of South Africa’s best wineries. You’ll traverse the semi-arid Karoo desert and the orchards of the Koo Valley and explore the Dutch village of Barrydale.

Cape town South Africa Cycle Tour
Cape town South Africa Cycle Tour / Image Credit:

Then head towards the sea where you can watch whales from Hermanus then follow the coast to the Cape of Good Hope, dropping by to visit the famous Boulders penguin colony and following a part of the annual Cape Argus race route.

Best Time for Cycling Tour – Sept to Jan & Apr
How long it takes – 12 days

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Concluding here, but we have mentioned top countries where you can get the best cycling experience for cycle tours. I can only say that touring any destination cycle will give peace to your mind and makes your lifestyle healthy. So pick any one of these destinations mentioned above and get the best cycling experience for your lifetime.

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