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Aruba – Travel The Happy Island of Caribbean


Aruba is a tiny Dutch Caribbean island located off the coast at Northern of Venezuela. This charming is known widely for its all-inclusive resorts, family-friendly spots, romantic beach for couples, mesmerising desert landscapes, beautiful wedding venues, glorious European-influenced colonial buildings and house roofs influenced from Dutch. Apart from this, it’s capital Oranjestad is also a fascinating destination. This island is also popular with some of the Caribbean’s best scuba diving sites.

This tropical Aruba island is part of the area in the Atlantic Ocean which made it especially prevalent choice for those travellers who want to spend their holiday trip in the Caribbean.

An overview of the best places to visit in Aruba

Oranjestad – Cruise port of Aruba

Oranjestad is a bustling harbour, the oldest city and the capital of Aruba. It’s also a popular port for cruises. Magnificently refurbished landmarks, colourful buildings stand alongside worldwide luxury retailers and high-end boutiques, restaurants, pubs and shops can be found when you start touring Oranjestad and provide a buzzing nightlife for visitors of the town.

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The oldest building in Oranjestad is Fort Zoutman, built-in 1798. Today, the fort is the venue for the Bon Bini Festival, a piece of local music and dance show that is held every Tuesday. Oranjestad is also home to the Caribbean’s longest linear park. The main feature of this park is a paved trail, ideal for walking, running and cycling.

Palm Beach – Pack With High Rise Resorts

Palm Beach is where you can find the majority of Aruba’s high-rise resorts, boasts many restaurants, casinos, bars and shops. If you are the one who loves strolling with their beloved ones on the beachfront hand in hand then Palm beach won’t disappoint you at Aruba. You can enjoy surfing on this beach is as the water is quite calm here which is perfect for swimming too. Travellers can also rent a paddleboard or a wave runner from various watersports organisers in that area. Palm Beach also offers some of the best nightlife in Aruba.

Wander at Arikok National Park

If you are a nature lover then visiting Arikok National park. It comprises the wave-thrashed shores of the north coast of Aruba Island enclosed with beautiful natural landscapes filled with indigenous fauna. This park features cacti-covered panoramas, caves, sand dunes, and bizarre rock formations. Witness tiny natural bridges here making it a great spot for a picnic.

Arikok National Park / Image Credit:

These huge rock formations at the national park are adorned with Indian paintings. You can walk the trails rising through the rocks for great views of the surrounding region. Besides this, you can spot numerous wild animals such as the Aruban Parakeet and the Aruban burrowing owl. The park is also home to three beautiful beaches Dos Playa, Boca Prins and Daimari Beach. The park can be easily explored by enjoying a horseback ride.

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

The ruins of the Bushiribana Gold Mill are the remains of a long-abandoned gold mould mill that used to process gold ears in the Aruba gold rust in the 19th century, located between Wairiruri beach and Andycuri beach on Aruba. A year later the gold mining company Aruba Island constructed the Bushiribana tank in order to extract gold from the Ceru Plat Hills.

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins – Aruba / Image Credit:

The mine was in operation for 10 years and throughout the decade, the industry produced over three million pounds of gold. Today the ruins of the Bushiribana Gold Mill are a favourite stopover for visitors on their way to Aruba Natural Bridge.

Enjoy Sunset at California Lighthouse

The California Lighthouse is the postcard-worthy destination for tourists, located at the northern tip of the Aruba Island. It was named for the S.S. California, which sunk off the coast here. The 100-foot-tall California Lighthouse is still a big draw for tourists, especially since it offers some of the best views of Aruba’s jagged coastline.

Travellers at California Lighthouse – Aruba / Image Credit:

The surrounding area is rugged and beautiful, with sand dunes called the California Dunes, plants, and even some grazing goats. The lighthouse is closed to the public, it’s a great spot to adore the calm waters of the western shore with the rough waves of the east. Sunset is a beautiful time to visit the lighthouse and enjoy panoramic island views.

De Palm Island Aruba

For all-inclusive private island adventure, you must head towards De Palm Island Aruba. You can experience zipline rides, salsa lessons and banana boat rides on this private island. It also includes breakfast and lunch buffets and your drinks. There is also a private waterpark on De Palm Island.

Watch Flamingos at De Palm Island – Aruba / Image Credit:

And since this is a coral island, the seas are covered by clouds of colourful tropical fish, so snorkel. Additional services, including massages, are available at an additional cost. De Palm Island Aruba also provides a diving harness that allows swimmers to experience a scuba diversion. Major attraction here are the Flamingo’s which you can witness of its beach.

Sailing and Snorkeling in Aruba

Relax and live it up while you cruise the ocean. Enjoy various types of cruises ride combined with snorkeling, sunset, dinner, dance & moonlight experience. With ride witness the a great view of coral formations and marine life, as well as Antilla  ShipWrecks. Aruba is also recognised for its excellent diving sites and snorkelling spots.

Snorkeling at Baby Beach -Aruba/ Image Credit:

Some of the best reef dive sites of Aruba include Skalahein Reef, Plonco Reef, and Mas Bango Reef, which are excellent for snorkelling. Beaches which are best for snorklling are Baby Beach, Eagle Beach, Malmok Beach, Arashi beach and Palm Beach.

Weather Conditions at Aruba

Aruba is a slightly warmer island with sunny weather, frequently. It is located in the extreme south of the Caribbean and is not vulnerable to most hurricanes so that beach enthusiasts can enjoy all the outdoor and water sports on the island at any time of year.

What to Savour at Aruba?

Aruban getaway is one of the most unique foodie vacations in the Caribbean as it offers delicious and diverse food options. There are almost 250 restaurants for you to delight your taste buds. Its traditional dishes are inspired by Dutch, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Keshi Yena -Aruba/ Image Credit:

You can relish fresh Mahi-mahi, Keshi Yena, Red Snapper, and barracuda, stew pots bubble with rice, meats, and rich Latin and African flavours. Also, fill your bellies once with traditional Dutch pancakes, sip ice-cold Aruba Aribas by the sea, and pile your plate high with pastiche.

Concluding here, but Aruba is a diverse island with many natural attractions found nowhere else, and nature vacations you’ll never forget. From hiking in Aruba to exploring the life thriving within our natural reefs, our island beckons you to discover every surprise.

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