Travel DestinationsPlaces That Stand Top Among Sustainable Tourism 2021

Places That Stand Top Among Sustainable Tourism 2021


For those who are wondering what sustainable travel means “it simply means to travel across the globe taking utter care not to disturb the nature and the cultural environment that the place possess”. This would not only ensure a long-term tourism possibility but also ensures a better travel experience and opportunity.
Bhutan is one of the best examples of sustainable tourism with no colonialism touching the lives of the people. And no wonder Bhutan is known as the happiest country in the world!
However, we will not be discussing what we already know, rather it is time to get a taste of sustainable tourism places that we can visit in 2021. We will be mostly looking into cities places that sustained the ongoing pandemic and evolved in maintaining better tourism.
Today at India Imagine, we will be looking exclusively at six places around the globe that marked their place on Sustainable tourism.

The categories they serve differs- Islands, city, wildlife, food, emerging destination, walks and climbs. We will look into all the above mention and pick up the best for you!

Le vi di Dante in Italy for walks

Le vi di Dante
Le vi di Dante/Image Credit:

Italy is no less than a storybook. Each and every corner of the places and streets have some story in there. The Le vi di Dante is a historic 245-mile walking trail. Tourists are allowed only to walk or bike through the trails. In between, there are stay back options for those who want to get some rest. The routes emerge through the forest trials of Ravenna to Florence. And do you know the best part of the trail? These walking trails are inspired by Dante’s life and work journey!

Rwanda for sustainable wildlife

Rwanda / Image Credit:

Tourism and wildlife are interconnected. There are several tourist places that are considered giant in the name of wildlife. However, in 2021, Rwanda emerges as one if the perfectly preserved wildlife and conservational drive. They recently participated in the well-known Gorilla Conservation program which won Rwanda’s best wildlife program.

Barbuda emerging as a new destination

Barbuda/Image Credit:

Tourist destination across the globe is uncountable. Most of them are known, some undiscovered, some emerging as new destinations. And when we are talking about emerging new destinations Barbuda is one among them that stands on the top. Why is it along with its twin island Antigua came on the top of the list? Well, it is because these islands have completely banned the use of single-use plastics and gained the title of “Green Corridor”.

Greece producing organic food

Greece / Image Credit:

Greece stands on top when it comes to sustainable food for tourism. For centuries Greece has been providing organic vegetables and producing the best of olives. In the recent survey, it has been noted that the producing organic food has boomed to 51 percent in the last decade. Which is worth an appreciation. Thus, Greece stands alone as a sustainable food provider remaining close to the old age tradition.

Palau for sustainable toxic-free island

Palau / Image Credit:

Palau marked the top position in sustainability among the islands. How they maintained and preserved the ecology, cultural environment, heritage, and biodiversity is immensely impressive. Also, they became the one and only country that banned reef toxic sunscreen completely. And the best part is that they are totally utilizing their UNSECO World Heritage fund to maintain and preserve the ecosystem that consists of both marine lives as well as wildlife. Thus, becoming the best sustainable place among islands.

Gothenburg for best city stay

Gothenburg / Image Credit:

Gothenburg marked the top in terms of the Global Destination Sustainability Index. This city from Sweden has planned a project that would make them carbon-neutral by 2030. Such is their measures chalked out. The majority of the resorts stay ins; hotels have moved towards eco-friendly and a majority of transportation is completely relying on renewable energy. That is why Gothenburg stands top on the best city to stay category!!

Sustainability is one of the major issues that world tourism is facing for decades. And to emerge as a success during the pandemic is nothing but a well-planned, well organized hard work by the people. While writing this piece, I feel an impulse of pride in me to know that it is not that hard to get back what we destroyed!

Till you ponder over this…
It is a Bon Voyage from me for time being!

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