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Visit These Top Destinations To Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Ride


Normal travelling modes are so overrated now, every traveller and tourist want to make their trip exciting and extraordinary. Some adventure freaks try bungee jumping, zipline adventure parasailing or opt for cable cars options. Few of them choose helicopter tours for voyaging while some want to fly high via taking hot air balloon rides.

Hot air balloon trips are a captivating and thrilling way of exploring a new destination, most often experienced at sunrise, though some ballooning companies also offer sunset tours. The view from above is so distinct and beautiful from the expedition on foot, and the cost is apparently worth your experience. When it comes to hot air balloon everyone recalls Cappadocia. But there are specific locations where you can enjoy this fun activity. Do you know which destinations offer hot air balloon rides? If not then surely this blog is for you!!!

All adventure seekers and indiaimagine readers, we are mentioning the best destinations where you can enjoy a hot air balloon ride. Check out now!!! 

Cappadocia – Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey is the name which every traveller know and the reason behind its global fame is its hot air balloon rides. It is the most famous hot air balloon rides in the world which offers fascinating views of fairy chimney rock formations at Cappadocia. The twisted rock formations of the region, the workmanship of about 2,000 years of erosion, also known as Fairy Chimneys have given Cappadocia an ethereal look that can be best admired upwards.

Cappadocia Turkey / Image Credit:

The chimneys are abstract, cone-like rock formations and caves just outside the town of Goreme in south-central Turkey that look particularly impressive when viewed at sunrise from the basket of a hot air balloon. The views from the ground are also pretty cool, watching the balloons ascend over the humorous landscape. Hot air balloon rides through this area are operated by several ballooning companies.

Serengeti – Tanzania

I am sure during your trip to Tanzania, you had enjoyed the classic Jeep safari of Serengeti National Park. But what will you do if you want to get a full view of the park and hidden wildlife? In a true sense, you can enjoy the whole majestic scene of the wilderness by taking a hot air balloon ride.

Serengeti Tanzania
Serengeti Tanzania / Image Credit:

For real-life experience book a hot air balloon company at Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park with and enjoy the flying safaris. You’ll see, from above, the magnificent scenery of lions, elephants, hippos, and giraffes moving through their lives. And they won’t notice you from so far, so you’ll see the incredible wild animals of Africa in all their untouched nature. This is a once in a lifetime experience, really.

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Yarra Valley – Australia

Yarra Valley is an Australian wine region located east of Melbourne, Victoria. You have to drive from Melbourne to reach the Yarra Valley. For amazing experiences of this valley in terms of wilderness, sunshine greenery, and delightful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, ride through this valley via sitting in the container of a hot air balloon.

Yarra Valley Balloon Ride
Yarra Valley Balloon Ride / Image Credit:

This amazing journey will give you an unparalleled view of the shimmering outline of Melbourne as well as the valley landscape and vineyards.

Luxor – Egypt

Two of the most historically wealthy areas in the world are Luxor and the surrounding Valley of the Kings. When you’re in Luxor, the site of the ancient city of Thebes and the famous temples and tombs along with the West Bank Necropolis of the Nile are completely worth watching. This is also captivating from the basket of a hot air balloon, as the sun rises and transforms the desert and the lush green of the golden landscape of the Nile River is a sight you won’t ever forget.

Luxor Hot Balloon Ride
Luxor Hot Balloon Ride / Image Credit:

The chance to see the ancient tombs and temples from above is provided by a hot air balloon. Established more than 3,000 years ago and dedicated to the Royal Ka cult, the Luxor Temple is one of the most spectacular monuments in the area.

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Napa Valley – U.S.A

In any season, year-round good weather makes the Napa Valley a perfect place for hot air balloon trips. California’s Napa Valley is renowned all over the world for its lovely vineyards. It’s a better way to discover its green countryside and large family vineyards than its age-old hot air balloon journey.

Napa Valley / Image Credit:

If you set out from Yountville, you’ll have a view of Mount St. Helena and the Mayacamas Mountains, with sweeping vineyards in the foreground, you’ll also be able to see the San Francisco skyline in the background. While many of Napa’s delights are better enjoyed with a glass in hand on the deck, a view from above provides another great way of experiencing the landscape of California.

Bagan – Myanmar

Bagan, the most popular tourist destination in Myanmar, is known for its ancient temples and their spectacular scenery, and early morning hot air balloon trips. This aerial journey over Bagan is awe-inspiring, particularly when the golden rays of the sun illuminate the white surfaces of thousands of stupas, pagodas and temples.

Hot Ballon Bagan
Image credit:

It is the best ballooning spot in the world, where thousands of ancient temples, monasteries, and pagodas constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries spread across the plains. You can just get a glimpse of how huge this civilization was, from the basket of a balloon, and as the sun is coming up, the ruins appear to glow orange and gold with the first rays.

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Park City – Utah

In the summer, a hot air balloon ride is one of the top outdoor experiences you can have in Park City, Utah’s popular ski destination. Park City Balloon Adventures runs sunrise trips providing breathtaking views of the Kamas Valley and Park City’s historic streets, which as you climb get smaller and smaller.

The Park City of Utah
The Park City of Utah / Image Credit:

To the west, with the rising sun, the rugged Wasatch Mountains are set aglow and it is difficult not to be moved by all of this natural beauty.

See the sprawl of one of the most exciting Rajasthan cities from above with a balloon ride over Jaipur. Expedition offers the chance to look down at the magnificent forts and palaces of the Pink City, named for its pink-hued sandstone houses, from the peaceful perspective of a hot air balloon on their Northern India Highlights tour.

Enjoy Hot Balloon Trip at Jaipur India / Image Credit:

Starting from outside the area, before reaching the impressive Amer Fort, a 16th-century structure still holding up to the test of time, you will drift over rural villages and traditional homesteads. The thrill of flight is not just for those in the basket, just prepare for the crowds of locals who will greet you upon landing.

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Gstaad – Switzerland

Make an adventures ride of Gstaad’s world-famous hills, you’ll find the mountains are just as spectacular from the air. As well as a bird’s-eye view of the mountain towns scattered around the hillsides, a balloon ride from Gstaad provide 360-degree views of the surrounding Berner Oberland.

Hot air Balloon Ride Gstaad
Hot air Balloon Ride Gstaad / Image Credit:

During both the winter and summer seasons, Alpine Ballooning provides rides, and tourists looking for the ultimate ballooning experience can head to Gstaad to watch the show during the Festival International de Ballons, Chateau-d’Oex in January.

Bottom Line

In the end, I just want to say that you must once in your life shall experience this adventure travel activity especially with your loved ones. It a great option to propose your bae in the sky between the clouds and birds watching the panoramic sunset and the whole city from the above. There is nothing like gliding across the sky while watching the sunrise in a huge floating container and maybe a bottle of champagne. The act of sightseeing brings hot air balloon rides to whole new achievements.

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