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Tsodilo Hills – UNESCO World Heritage Site Of Botswana


Tsodilo is one of the world’s largest art-rock concentrations in the entire globe. It is nicknamed the “Louvre of the Desert”. This massive rock formation consists of rock art, shelters and caves. Also, the place has its own religious and spiritual significance. And thus it inscribed its name into the list of World Heritage Site 2021. The place has also gained immense significance in terms of human settlement. So, you must have got the idea. Our next UNSECO World Heritage Topic of the month is none other than the beautiful Tsodilo

When we talk about World Heritage Site, we often end up thinking about the massive architectural structures and beautiful breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. However, we have broken that myth here and explored some unbelievable World Heritage Site in our recent post. We explored Convict Sites, Volcanic landscapes and the old bridge of Mostar. How would have we imagined the versatility of such a vast Heritage Site throughout the globe? And it is such a pleasure to write about such places and put it across for you readers to get an idea of the same.

So, let’s explore the Heritage Site of Tsodilo and get to know more about the place!

About Tsodilo

Tsodilo Hills Botswana
Tsodilo Hills Botswana: Image Credit/

Tsodilo is a small hill that is made up of rock art and rock shelters. The hills stand 1375 tall with an elevation of 4511 feet. It was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. And the reason also states that it is a unique and important place for religion. This is because of the small settlement that becomes a part of the land soon. There are several other hills and rock caves in the surroundings. Some of which are known as Female, Child and the Male hill. Another fact that makes the place listed in the WHS list is the rock painting that estimates the number 4500.

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The Tsodilo is located in North-East Botswana. It may be a small Quartzite hill but has a massive fan base among the tourist all over the world. These hills formed from the age-old sand dunes are very impressive and ancient. Also to the other side of the place lays the Kalahari Desert. It is said that the place has been home to more than thousands of people forming a settlement. There are several archeological sites supporting the aforesaid facts. All these facts paved the way to Tsodilo becoming a World Heritage Site today.

History of the place

Paintings on the Rock walls
Paintings on the Rock walls: Image Credit/

Even though Tsodilo entered the UNESCO world heritage list in 2001, the history of the placemarks centuries ago. The Tsodilo Hills are formed by sand dunes that accumulated for centuries. Also, there is a rock formation that is uniquely known to be the Tsodilo Hills. On the other side of the hills is what we call a mesmerizing site of Kalahari Desert lies.

The small settlement that started near the hills and caves started using the rock walls for paintings and drawings. Also, the hills were used for religious rituals. Thus slowly the place gained popularity for its religious significance too. All this gives the tourist an avid idea of the early settlement and development and evolution of the human race in that particular area.

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In the 19th century, the place was discovered due to the amazing rock hills and paintings on the walls of the rock. It is said that there are more than 4500 rock paintings in the vicinity. It is an amazing sight for travel enthusiasts to learn about the place. Also, this place is a favorite among archeologists.

Protection and Management of Tsodilo

caves and snake rocks of Tsodilo
caves and snake rocks of Tsodilo: Image Credit/

The entire place and the Tsodilo Hills are protected under some important Acts and protection plans. One of which is the Monuments and Relics Act 2001 considering protecting the monuments. The Anthropological Research Act 1967 is also implemented in protecting this World Heritage Site. Also, the national parks act and the tribal act are also part and parcel in protecting the place.

The place was declared a National Monument in 1927. And to protect the paintings and the drawings on the rock walls, the Department of National Museum came forward. Many NGOs and local governments also raise awareness and funds to preserve the Site. Also, new plans and regulations are observed to conserve and protect the aforesaid places.

Things to do in Tsodilo

Sunset Of Tsodilo
Sunset Of Tsodilo: Image Credit/

People come here to explore the old age World Heritage Site and to learn about the ancient human settlement. They also love to watch the fabulous paintings and drawings carved on the walls of the rocky hills. Apart from this people love to trek or walk through the famous trekking trails. There are several trails in that vicinity. For Example, the Lion trail and the Rhino trail are vests to watch the sunrise and the Cliff trail is best for a mesmerizing sunset. The first-timers and solo travelers hire guides to explore the place and way through the trails safely.

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The hills of Tsodilo will make the best travel destination for the adventurer in you. It is indeed the best place for exploring the unknown facets of our human life and their religious status. There are several reasons why the place was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage site. But the utmost reason should be to preserve and acknowledge the place. And Till you ponder over it, it’s a bye from me!
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