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The Jewel WHS Of Minas Gerais – Town Of Diamantina


Among all other heritage sites, few of them thrive on authenticity and integrity. One such place is the next on our UNSECO World Heritage travel list.
Diamantina is a small beautiful town located in the extreme region of Brazil. It looks like a jewel in a necklace and it is famous for the same. Also, the place was once very famous for diamond export focusing on the trade entirely.

About Diamantina

Minas Gerais
Minas Gerais: Image Credit/

Diamantina is a small town with some unique features. Situated amid the rocky mountains of Minas Gerais, the place has its agenda for alluring tourists. It is a world heritage site, with a significant amount of historical marks. The architecture of the place also imparts an important role in making the place. The architecture of the place is quite different from the rest of the Brazilian towns. The buildings were comparatively small and made of wooden. There were not more than one or two floors. However, they look attractive in their bright and unique color combination. Even though Diamantina is much small when it comes to other WHS, there are some bang-on spots for the tourist to explore.

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Let’s explore the city and get to know about the place and some beautiful tourist spots that made the place a World Heritage Site!

Biribiri State Park, Diamantina

Biribiri State Park
Biribiri State Park: Image Credit/

The Biribiri Park was established in 1998 in Diamantina. It was built to keep and preserve the place and the surroundings. If you are wondering what would probably be preserved in that little park? Well, there is an entire village that was once abandoned. It is said that the abandoned village was once home to textile factory workers. As soon as the park came into existence, the village became a tourist attraction. The park is located in the heart of the city and makes it one of the most surreal places to visit.
There are beautiful tiny waterfalls on the premises of the park. They are of utmost picturesque and ready for camera clicks!

Diamond Museum

Diamond Museum Diamantina
Diamond Museum Diamantina: Image Credit/

The Diamond Museum is located in the 14th Centro of the town of Diamantina. It is a museum dedicated to the art and culture of the place. The museum has some beautiful artifacts connecting back to the history of the place. Tourists love to visit this museum to learn about its historical significance.
There is an entry fee to explore the Diamond Museum. You can either book the tickets prior or get them on your arrival.

Cachoeira Sentinela

Cachoeira Sentinela Diamantina
Cachoeira Sentinela Diamantina: Image Credit/

Diamantina is more about nature. And people who explore the place feel the connection instantly. With parks, waterfalls and amazing landscapes Diamantina is full of natural habitats. Cachoeira Sentinela is a super attractive waterfall. The water is crystal clear as that of a mirror. Travelers come here and enjoy quality time in the laps of beautiful nature. The waterfall is not much larger. You can stand right in front of the waterfall without having to worry about anything. And that is exactly what makes it a favorite among the people.

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Sempre Vivas National Park

Sempre Vivas National Park
Sempre Vivas National Park: Image Credit/

The astounding Sempre Vivas National Park is located in Diamantina, Minas Gerais. It is quite vast covering almost 300,000 acres of land. Sempre Vivas National Park is a national park famous for its variety of vegetation. There are also lagoons, swamp forests and tiny streams running around the park. In a nutshell, this is a place right for nature lovers.
Tourists are allowed to visit the park during the daytime.

House of Glória

House of Glória
House of Glória: Image Credit/

The House of Gloria is home to the bishop and an orphanage run by the nuns residing there. The building is centuries old. The blue passageway connecting the two buildings looks adorable. Tourists love the blue stint building and often consider it a century-old marvel.
However, today the building is also a part of the geological museum that exhibits some wonderful geological artifacts and information. The place is now owned by the Institute of Geoscience.

St. Anthony Cathedral, Diamantina

St. Anthony Cathedral Diamantina
St. Anthony Cathedral Diamantina: Image Credit/

It is a fact that St. Anthony Cathedral is a major landmark of Diamantina. It is also an architectural exploration of that area. St Anthony Cathedral also known as Diamantina Cathedral was built in memory of Saint Anthony. The architecture and designer of the cathedral are Joseph Wasth.
This beautiful Catholic Church is a place for religious manifestation and tourism. People love the beautiful white and bluish structure and the marvelous interior of the church. Hence, when you visit Diamantina do not forget to explore the St. Anthony Cathedral and seek the blessings.

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Diamantina is a small town, but it is a rare amalgamation of nature, architecture, and culture. Surrounded by the necklace like the Rocky Mountains, Diamantina looks extraordinarily beautiful. And that makes the place one of the most sought places in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Diamantina entered into the list of WHS in 1999 and since then there is no looking back. This little town in Minas Gerais started attracting tourists and explorers alike. And hope you too list out this place for your future trip! Till you think about it – Bon Voyage!!

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