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San Agustin Archaeological Park – The Ancient Park Of Colombia


India Imagine has already explored some wonderful sites that happen to be world Heritage and national symbols. With many places left behind, we are today looking into the most beautiful archaeological park situated in San Agustin. The San Agustin Archaeological Park is situated in the Huila Department that falls under the province of Colombia. Latin America is one of the most religious places in the world. And hence the park also emphasizes the religious part with a wide range of monuments and sculptures on the display. The San Agustin Archaeological Park was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. A reputation that is given to the places that are rare and gem!

Let’s look up to the monuments, sculptures of the mythical god and goddess and know more about the San Agustin Archaeological Park.

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About San Agustin Archaeological Park

San Agustin Park
San Agustin Park: Image Credit/

The San Agustin Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in San Agustin, Colombia. This park is one of the core and important parts of the culture and religious aspects of the city. The San Agustin Archaeological Park is not just a park but represents the religious part of the city. Most of the parts of the park are formed as ceremonial ground and burial grounds from centuries ago.

The date and the formation of the place and the monuments related to it are still not clear. Yet it is confirmed that the place existed between 5 to 400 AD according to most of the inscriptions. However, the San Agustin Archaeological Park was then rediscovered almost at the start of the 18th century and extended till the 19th century.

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History of the San Agustin Archaeological Park

Ancient Park
Ancient Park: Image Credit/

The San Agustin Archaeological Park has a history that starts from ancient mankind to the modern human era. It is believed that the archeological evidence is from 5 to 400 AD. However, It was also affirmed that the park and the surroundings were abandoned by 1350 AD. Which was later discovered in the 18th century? Then and there the land was categorized as a national treasure. Also, the San Agustin Archaeological Park was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are monuments and sculptures discovered, made of volcanic elements and stones. This also attracts the tourist to visit the place more often. And without any say the archeological park of San Agustin become one of the main tourist attractions of the 19th century. People love to explore the artistic skills of ancient times and also one of the best possible nature and human hand to hand.

Protection and management of Park

It is well-known fact that every World Heritage Site is protected and prevented under certain laws. And this means that certain amplified Law is enforced to protect San Agustin Park as well. To be precise the park is said to be created under Law 103. This happens when the place is declared to be a National Monument and National Archeological Park. It was declared with the aforesaid title in the year 1993.

To give much-earned support the General Law of Culture was also initiated to protect and preserve the place to the core. Few other prospects like excavation and other related interventions were taken care of by the ICANH. This act has allotted strict and strong measures to protect the site.

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Apart from all the aforesaid, a strong annual plan has been chalked out to preserve and protect the site from getting diminished. With this annual plan, the authorities track all the necessary actions to prevent the site from getting distorted. As per the UNESCO World Heritage Site, all the rules and regulations are implemented from the start.

The authenticity of the Park

Archaeological Park
Archaeological Park: Image Credit/

The authenticity of San Agustin Park is much distorted by looting and other Anti-social activities. This happened mainly due to the years the place went unknown from the rest of the world. It is believed that the place was founded between 5 to 400 AD and later abandoned completely by the 13th century. However, around the 18th century, the place was rediscovered and approved to be listed in the National Heritage Site. After years of isolation with much less attention, the place went through a lot of destruction including the looting of some famous sculptures.

Even though the integrity of the place was not at all compromised at any given point in time. Now the place has been inscribed in the golden petals of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and utmost importance is given to protecting the site.

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Colombia has some wonderful places for tourist to enrich their travel diary. Within a few write-ups, upon we now know that this place has some hidden gem to its credit. San Agustin Archaeological Park is ultimately one of them. So, if you are making an effort to visit Colombia in the future, let this beautiful ancient park be your first on the list!

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