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Classical Gardens of Suzhou – Centuries Old Heritage Site Of China


Gardens often attract tourists for various reasons. Some are mesmerized by the beauty while some look for the serenity that few gardens bring in. Tourism worldwide has included and evolved Gardens into their tourist attractions. So far there are hundreds of such beautiful, botanical and flowering gardens across the World. We will be looking at one such amazingly wonderful site situated in Jiangsu China. This garden has been inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best part is that the Classical Gardens of Suzhou is a group of gardens that emerged together to form this beautiful travel attraction. Apart from it being the World Heritage Site. The place has some significant cultural value to its credit as well. So, Let’s waste no time and explore the beauty of China and learn more about the gardens.

About the Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Suzhou Gardens
Suzhou Gardens: Image Credit/

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou was first created or designed in the 6th century. At that point in time or era, the city was an integral part of the Wu Kingdom. It is said that the Classical gardens were entirely inspired by the Royal Gardens of then King. And with no time in the early 4th century, small private gardens came into existence. And at the end of the 18th century, there were more than 60 gardens lining up in the city of Suzhou.

The entire gardens and the Canglang Pavilion are built in a freehand poetic structure of the ancient types. They are beautiful and emerged with an artistic approach and cultural signs. The gardens implicated the essence of ancient Chinese and tradition. Among the 60 gardens the nine gardens are beautifully built and now stand with immense importance in the heart of the city. Those gardens are examples of the wonderful architecture that allows getting through the heart f every traveler.

History of Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Suzhou Gardens China
Suzhou Gardens China: Image Credit/

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou was first built in the early 4th century. Which continued to the end of the 18th century. And by the time almost 60 gardens were built and expanded throughout the city. When we talk about the history behind the place, it is a must to write the inspiration behind the gardens. And it is said that the inspiration behind the beautiful garden patterns designs is from the 4th century King of Wu. It is said that he owned such gardens in his personal space that inspired the architecture to expand private’s gardens throughout the city.

Throughout the centuries with different dynasty ruling, the gardens have undergone a massivce4 cultural difference that is eminent in every design. The gardens also showcase artistic skills with their rock formation, calligraphy and other art forms. The painting at first was influenced by the free-hand brushwork. And to the surprise even after technology emerged in the centuries to come the use of freehand brushwork continued. And without any doubt, the technique is the most authentic form of art that anyone can assume so far.

Protection and Management of Classical Gardens of Suzhou

retreat and reflection garden
retreat and reflection garden: Image Credit/

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou comes under the UNESCO World Heritage list and that says it all. A place listed in WHS already has grabbed national and international significance. Protecting such sites becomes of utmost importance. It is authorized under the State Priority Sites and hence it is preserved as the first priority of the state. The management comes under the authority of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China. It is used to protect precious cultural sites across the state and the country. And that makes the place a well-protected one and the best one.

Of late the conservation plan for the World Heritage has been issues to make use of the protection and management law in a better way. Also, a high-end framework has been planned that includes the Master plan of the City. To be precise all this management is to take care of one core purpose. to lessen the impact of modernization in the name of urbanization. That included preventing the site from extra tourism, keeping a buffer zone and also keeping a tab on the living conditions of the people in those surroundings.

The Authenticity of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou

The classical garden of Suzhou
The classical garden of Suzhou: Image Credit/

The authenticity of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou is quite an inherited one. They are hundred percent authentic with time and dates confirming the same. The architecture and the style of the gardens have evolved from century to century. And the structural and cultural differences according to the era pull the authenticity of the place to a great extent. The material used and the te4nchiques practices also imparted the era with proper and authentic proof. And all this marginalized the fact that the Classical Gardens of Suzhou is one of the most authentic World Heritage Site in China.

China has several World Heritage Site to its credit. However, the Classical Gardens of Suzhou is the most attractive one. These gardens across the city are a manmade beauty that lasted for centuries fighting all odd. And now that it is listed as the World Heritage Site, it has been protected to preserve the old age tradition and culture of Suzhou.

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