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Lushan National Park – A Perfect Holiday Spot And A Fabulous WHS


National parks have become one of the most visited places across the world when tourism with family and kids is considered. However, National parks are now not only just a means of attractive tourism but also a part of cultural and historical significance. And today we will be exploring one such park that had drawn the attraction of not only travelers across the world but also students and photographers alike. Lushan National Park is the beauty amidst the cloud. It is located in Jiujiang City, China.

This place has been an inspiration to many people across the world. Including the writer philosophers and painters. It is also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. And that is exactly what we are looking for – the reason why Lushan National Park is sought the most.

About Lushan National Park

Lushan Park
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Lushan National Park is located in Jiujiang City with a total of 30200 hectares of land. The park stands at the highest peak. The Lushan Park is surrounded by hills and rivers that make it looks surreal and beautiful. This attracts scholarly people, writers and archeologists across the place. This place is standing as a witness to Chinese culture and tradition for the last 2000 years. The Lushan National Park accommodates more than 150 historic buildings to its credit. Some extraordinary temples are more than simple and tranquil.

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With the start of the 19th century, the place has had extended itself to libraries and study halls. Apart from the architectural eminence, there are some wonderful archeological sites that will go perfectly with any traveler. The archeological finding includes inscriptions that are old aged. And there are more than 900 of them in a row. Tourists need not worry about the stay as there are more than 600 villas, particularly for travelers and pilgrims. With all these beautiful things on its lap, Lushan becomes one of the most loved Heritage sites in China.

History Lushan National Park

Travel To Lushan
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The history of Lushan National Park starts almost in 389 AD. And that makes the place a major historical significant one. During the Jin Dynasty, the Lushan was found as a pure and perfect place for religious purposes. With some important sites and temples and nature at it’s once this place becomes what it should be from a religious place.

The entire place is 30200 hectares of land covering the National Park as well. There are hills, rivers and landscapes that pull people looking for some spirituality. And the shops and another architectural eminence that are 200 of them altogether. And without a say the political and cultural regime of the Lushan is an important part of Chinese culture.

Protection and Management of Lushan National Park

Lushan Park China
Lushan Park China: Image Credit/

The Lushan National Park is a place in China that is worth visiting. But with tourism flowing in becomes mandatory to keep the WHS protected and preserved. Lushan National Park is protected under national and international governance. The place is well preserved under the National Scenic Areas. It is also considered a National Nature Reserve, along with all the property and surrounding protected.

The Lushan National Park is also a part of the Historic Interest Administration Bureau that works on the sustainable development of the place. And with that, the conservation of the place is almost taken care of. The architecture of the place is ancient and plays an important role in cultural development. And that makes it preserved for the real cause.

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The authenticity of the place and the integrity it possesses

The integrity of the place is intact with very necessary elements to support the fact. The entire place is preserved for retaining the authenticity of this ancient town. And it has been clear that the management is done quite effectively than one can imagine. The nature and the greenery are mind-blowingly beautiful and predictable. That complement the view from the huger hills is just scenic and mesmerizing. The lake by the hills and a tower in between is a view worth watching as well as preserving. And the authority has been tiring to preserve the place like never before. Along with preserving the physical enmity of the place, it is also quite important to preserve the authenticity of the place.

Lushan National Park is a hotspot when it comes to China’s World Heritage Sites. It is surreal and perfect to visit the place. The entire place or the National Park is taken care of for betterment and perseverance. And that makes Lushan National Park one of the best World Heritage Site and also the most visited travel spot in the land of Seven Wonder of the World!

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