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The Amazing Port, Fortress And Group of Monuments Of Cartagena


Of late we are exploring the hidden gem from the land of Colombia. And that consists of UNESCO World Heritage sites and some best of vacation spots for travelers. Today, it is a bit different topic that we will be looking into. The Port Fortress and group of Monuments of Cartagena is a perfect place for those who are looking for some site for a wonderful mooring. Why the place gathers such a precious reputation is all that we will be getting to know here.
So, stay there while I take you through the beautiful land of Cartagena with ports, fortresses and some amazing monuments.

About the Port Fortress and group of Monuments Cartagena

Cartagena site
Cartagena site: Image Credit/

Cartagena is a place situated on Caribbean Sea Coast in Colombia. The place is all about beautiful ports, fortresses and monuments with architectural epitomes. The entire place is divided into three main categories basis on class and service. San Pedro is a place filled with beautiful cathedrals and churches. San Diego is where the middle-class society of Cartagena resides. However, the one that is popular with locals and tourists. It is also regarded as the “popular quarter” of the place.
Tourists love to explore the fortification city to learn about the economic history of Colombia. Also, the city is one of the major military architecture. Cartagena is considered as the arrival of the new world with its majestic approach.

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History of Port Fortress and group of Monuments Cartagena

Cartagena WHS
Cartagena WHS: Image Credit/

The Cartagena is about welcoming New World from the European confrontation that latest for many centuries. These become one of the main changes in the history of Cartagena for an instant. Yet another fascinating aspect of the place is the beautiful medieval architecture of the place. The cathedrals and the church built centuries ago are beautiful as well as worth a visit. Tourist loves the architecture and spends quality time around the city. The fort and the ports are also a part of the world heritage site.
There are few places within the World Heritage Site of Cartagena that every tourist swears upon. Let’s get to know why and which places they fell in love!

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Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

Well to be precise, this is the best time architectural piece of Cartagena. It is a fortification around the city built in the 16th century. This fabulous heritage site looks more like a stone fort. The design and the technique were far beyond that era and hence started gaining immense popularity when tourism started. There are some astounding underground passages to explore. They look mysterious and travelers take a look at them.
The tourists are also welcomed with brave stories from the past. Along with amazing light and musical shows.

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Club de Pesca

The Club de Pesca is founded in the year 1956. And that makes it one of the oldest and the traditional restaurants of Cartagena. It is also one of the famous tourist landmarks of the city. And what makes it that special? The exquisite menu and the variety of tasty wines allure people from all over the world. And do you know? The restaurant is just beside the sea. This makes the place more beautiful in the evening.

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Arsenal Hotel

And there we come to Cartagena’s most ravishing hotel to stay! It is located very near to the beautiful coastal bay. Not only the hotel looks absolute delight from the outside but also renders the same amount of luxurious stay. The interior of the rooms is impeccable with rich and affluent touch to it. All you need is to book your room prior to the visit! That makes most of the things hustle-free.

Protecting the Port Fortress and group of Monuments Cartagena

Cartagene Fort
Cartagena Fort: Image Credit/

The Cartagena and the ports, forts are inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site. With fact that the place listed in the UNESCO World heritage sites allows it to enjoy its highest reputation. This historic center has also gained the title of National Monument according to the law of the place. The other organization that works for the management and protection of the historic place includes the Ministry of Culture, Protection of Culture and property. And when it comes to prevention of certain things for further issues the local committee looks into the issues.

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The Port Fortress and the group of Monuments of Cartagena are some of the best places to visit in Colombia. It is an exemplary example of the arising of the New World! Apart from being a world heritage site, the place is also popular for tourism attractions. Tourists visiting Colombia often explore this economic center to gain more information about the entire nation in a nutshell.

So, till you think about the place and place it on your bucket list, It’s a Bye from me!

Bon Voyage…

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