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The Great Wall Of China – Man-Made Miracle On Earth


Is there anyone on the planet who does not know The Great Wall of China? It is listed in the Seven Wonders of the World for ages. Also, the UNESCO World Heritage has listed the Great wall with immense pride and also declared it to be the largest man-made structure. Today we will be looking closely at the man-made miracle and exploring the place like never before. So, without any further talk let’s get started!

About the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China
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The Great Wall of China is a fortification wall that went on to garb a position as Seven Wonders of the World from the start. This magnificent wall is situated in the Huairou District. Initially, this fortification wall was built for defense purposes. Then it protected the northern border of the Country. And the third purpose is but obvious-tourism.

The length of the wall is almost 21,000 kilometers starting from the Shanhaiguan and ending at Jiayuguan. The structure served as one of the main military defenses in the past. The construction of the Great Wall is a highly calculative and well-planned masterpiece. Now the wall is of great tourism significance. Every year more than 10 million tourists visit the great wall to enjoy the man-made marvel on earth.

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The history behind the Great Wall Of China

Great Wall China
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The story of constructing the Great Wall of China is still astounding. It took centuries and different dynasties to complete the structure. Various dynasties and several leadership emerged and went away building the wall. However, the Ming Dynasty enjoys the credit of major construction. Still, it took more than 2000 years and lots of sacrifices to complete the wall.

It is said that more than 400000 workers were killed and died during the process. Some of the workers were buried in the wall itself. Hope you got what sacrifice it might have taken to complete this wonder. The Great Wall of China stood against all odds till date. Climate change, tourism, and other things destroyed some parts of the wall. The wall thus was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. And since then till now this longest wall in the world is the most visited tourist attraction in China. If you are planning on walking all the way to cover the length, well that is not possible as only some portion of the wall is opened for tourism.

Protection and Management of this WHS Site

Great Wall Of China
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The Great Wall of China is listed in the Seven Wonders of the World. And also listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of China. The development of the great wall is looked after by the economic market of China. The protection of the place is solely the responsibility of the national and international authorities. The maintenance of the wall has been conducted on a regular basis. However, individuals are not allowed to do any maintained or structural changes as per wish.

The Great Wall of China is also a major tourist attraction with more than 10 million people visiting the place annually. And thus it becomes mandatory to repair and renovate the walls on a regular basis.

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Basic tips for first-time visitors

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The Great Wall of China is the longest structure or wall we have ever known. It is thus impossible to explore the entire wall sometimes. There are a few things that need to keep in mind when you visit the place. And if you are a first-time visitor then it is mandatory to get acquainted with the place and the easy way to explore major parts of the wall. The east part of the wall is well maintained and loved by the majority of the tourist.

The first-time visitor can start from Beijing and go towards the end of one part. The return visit can be done through the Simatai. The best and the most visited section is Badaling. It is quite popular among tourists. Sometimes this leads to overcrowding and you need to be cautious while getting to grab a look.
While exploring the Great Wall of China do make sure to wear breathable clothes. The weather would be hotter than we can anticipate. Hence carry your bottles, towels, and required items for the tour. Tourists love hiking on the great wall, hence a decent hiking crowd can be seen everywhere. If you are looking forward to hiking then make plans before your visit.

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The Great Wall of China is one of the most amazing man-made structures on the earth. It is a miracle in itself to see such a massive wall built across China. And the most intriguing fact is the years it took for the structure and the number of workers sacrificed while constructing this giant wall.
And if that is not enough! Do you know the only structure that can be seen from the moon is The great wall of China!

Bon Voyage!

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