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Experience Most Delightful Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia


The breeze of Croatia is filled with romance and a peaceful ambience. This magical country draws the attention of many tourists especially honeymooners with its medieval architecture, stunning beaches, breathtaking views and pleasant climate. Croatia belongs to one of those destinations where couples will appreciate every moment and behold the beautiful sumptuous landscape. A honeymoon vacation at Croatia will give tourists a romantic atmosphere and fascinating natural places, with rich history, ancient monuments and towns. There are some really good places in the country such as Dubrovnik, where honeymooners can spend unforgettable moments together.

It is a dream of many couples to explore the most admired cities and islands of Croatia during their honeymoon itinerary. If you are a fan of popular American Fantasy Drama, Game Of Thrones then visiting Dubrovnik, Split, Lokrum Island and Trsteno are must for you as many scenes are filmed at these locations.

Today in our blog, we are listing some destinations which couples shouldn’t miss during there romantic trip. 

Dubrovnik, Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia

The ancient city of Dubrovnik is considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is a destination that newlyweds must not miss out during their trip. This exquisite city is guarded by elegantly-built city walls across its shores, while the mainland of this ancient town is characterised by well-constructed monuments and red-roofed buildings. Dubrovnik offers ample opportunities for shopping and dining.

Dubrovnik, Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia
Couples at Dubrovnik, Via:

It truly justifies it “Pearl of the Adriatic” tag as it jaw-dropping beauty, red roof houses surrounded by eccentric blue water, gates enclosing streets, churches and palaces packed with art treasures make Dubrovnik a top sight of Croatia. Stroll on the gleaming marble streets of Dubrovnik which are lined with baroque buildings and beautifully sculpted Renaissance fountains and facades.

Hvar, Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia

Hvar is the perfect place for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is one of the best Croatian island city which offers beautiful coastal views, stylish Hvar Town with 13th-century ancient walls and lush mountain villages. Couples can enjoy mesmerising sunset evening at exotic beaches and get comfortable with your loved ones at luxurious summer resorts.

Hvar, Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia
Girl Enjoying at Hvar Island, Image credit:

At Hvar, you can experience a blend of ancient sites and modern extravagant lifestyle. This tiny island is filled with many fun and adventure activities. St. Stephen’s Square, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Spanjola Fortress are popular destinations in Hvar Town. If you love beach life then pay a visit to Pakleni and Dubovica Beach. Savour yummy traditional Croatian Seafood. Hvar will surely leave you speechless with its charming landscape, Olive groves and Vineyards.

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Split, Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia

Split is one of the largest city of Croatia and it welcome couples with a plethora of attractions. When you will reach Split, you will realise that modern architecture is superbly blended with a rich heritage, explore the ancient architecture the middle-aged Romanesque Church and Gothic Palace, Revived houses of noblemen and Baroque facades. If you like historical places than you visit these places.

Split, Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia
Love birds enjoying at Split, Croatia, Via:

Otherwise, you are on your honeymoon tour to visit iconic landmarks such as the strikingly beautiful Roman Place constructed by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century known as the Diocletian Place. It is a major spot for couples visiting Croatia. Other eye-catching sites which you can cover are the Golden Gate, the Silver Gate, and the Peristyle Square.

Krka National Park, Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia

From Split, you can head to Krka National Park it is enclosed by steep canyons and rock. It will surprise and enchants couples with the turquoise shade of waters, the noise of waterfalls and the fragrance of wet soil coming from fountains. Krka National Park is located near Sibenik, Dalmatia.

Krka National Park, Honeymoon Vacation at Croatia
Tourists enjoying under Waterfall of Krka National Park, Via:

Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap waterfall that is one of the most sightseeing points of Croatia due to its incredible landscape across the mountain region. The best way to explore this park is through the boat excursion. You can also swim under the pools of the waterfall and Krka river but be careful as at few regions the deepness of the river is too much.


Enjoy Zagreb nightlife just like a party animal as this city is known for its lively nightlife, bustling cafes, Disco Bars and Clubs. This place has a kind of aura that will definitely force your feet to dance and will boost your spirit on your honeymoon in Croatia. People often tend to miss out on this destination majorly because of the fact it’s a less-known marvel.

Couple enjoying at Zagreb Christmas Market, Via: DianoMaya.Com

The Croatian capital Zagreb is young and playful at heart, despite the almost thousand-year-old history of its old town. Couples must visit Zagreb which is known as the political, commercial and cultural heart of Croatia! Zagreb’s old town is a true treat for couples who love luxury and tranquillity. Visit most renowned restaurants and coffee shops amid classic façades, lush gardens and striking Neo-Gothic buildings.

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Plitvice Lake National Park

Discover the beautiful Landscape of Plitvice Lake National Park as it one of the most fascinating natural destinations for couples. Nature lovers, hikers, couples and those who love waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery, Plitvice Lake National Park is calling you! It is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 and perched on the top of Croatia.

Plitvice Lake National Park
Couple beneath the waterfall at Plitvice Lake National Park, Via:

This popular tourist attraction is known for its 16 terraced lakes which are interconnected by a series of waterfalls, all of which can be seen and visited by walking paths and wooden bridges. This stunning place can be visited any time of the year in any season it will lure its visitors with lush greenery in summer, by its rich shades in autumn, and majestic snowfall and ice in winters.

Lokrum Island

You can visit Lokrum Island by a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik Old Town. Trip to this island is very popular among couples the reason behind its popularity is Game of Throne! Yes many scenes from GOT are shot here on this island. Couples will be drip over its refreshing environment, get amazed by pine and olive trees, and natural ambience provides serenity to every tourist. Besides this, wander around the botanical gardens established in the 19th century, discover the Roman ruins at Benedictine Monastery which belongs to the medieval period. Love birds, the best thing which can do at Lokrum Island is enjoying the boat ride and behold the charming view of the Old Town.

Couple at famous GOT location at Lokrum Island,

Here we are concluding up but couples remember, planning a honeymoon vacation at Croatia will be filled with endless natural beauty everywhere you look. The vibrant colours, mild climate and dramatic coastal setting make this entire country a honeymoon paradise for couples. So without wasting time visit Croties with your loved ones and share your experiences with us!!

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