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Visit Hvar Island in Croatia Where The Lavender Blooms


Looking for a perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved one? How about Hvar Island in Croatia at the Adriatic Sea which is best known as a summer resort? The Hvar gifts the traveler in you with marvelous port towns with 13th-century walls, a hilltop fortress and a main square anchored by the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral.

Apart from historical sites and monuments the island also features some exotic beaches which are favorite among the couples who come down here very often. There are loads of fun and adventure for you to indulge in. A tiny island abundant with all that can tickle a tourist enthusiast, isn’t it fun?

So, here we go and chalk out some interesting places and activities that you shouldn’t miss out at Hvar!

Historical sites, forts and more

St. Stephen’s Square and St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Square is located at the center of the Hvar Town’s central plaza. It is the largest square in Dalmatia, almost conquering 4,500 square meters. The square is full of people attracted to the beautiful shops and cafes all over the place. It is a perfect place to chill and hang out with friends and family. The square di have an age-old history of nearly 18th century.

St Stephen Cathedral
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The St. Stephen’s Cathedral is located exactly on the eastern side of the square. A 6th-century church turned cathedral is believed to be constructed in 6th century is an architectural beauty. People who visit never miss to get a glimpse of this beauty.

Spanjola Fortress, Hvar Island in Croatia

A few miles from the Hvar Town’s main square, passing through the Porta di Datallo, you can witness one of the major tourist attractions of the place. The fortress from the 1500s stands high above the sky and is in It’s in considerably good state assuring for its age.

Spanjola Fortress, Hvar Island in Croatia
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Stand on the top of the battlement and look through the canon and one can see the entire Hvar town looking at you. The view is extremely breath-taking. There are sine artifacts with historical significance displayed in the fort to add nuance to the place among which are ancient amphorae from an earlier Bronze Age stronghold on this spot.

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Franciscan Monastery, Hvar Island in Croatia

Though Franciscan Monastery is not a part of Har, but definitely a part of its vicinity. However, the place is something unique and profound that people who come to Hvar drive 4 hrs to reach Franciscan Monastery.

Franciscan Monastery, Hvar Island in Croatia
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The Monastery is an undeniably large complex with a church, a library and pharmacy in there. The library occupies more than 20000 books and other manuscripts. The interior of the building is worth a watch, all built with royalty.

Wander along the beaches and fell in love all over again.

Dubovica Beach, Hvar Island in Croatia

One of the most picturesque perfect and popular beaches on Hvar Island is Dubovica. It is located 8 kms away from Hvar Town. The beach is magical, surreal surrounded by pine

Dubovica Beach, Hvar Island in Croatia
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trees and olive groves and a perfect place for couples to spend some time together. The beach water always seems to be perfect for inviting visitors to take a dip and swim through.

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Pakleni Islands

Just a short 25-minute walk from Hvar town, it’s also probably the best and most accessible beach to the town. Here, the water is a mesmerizing shade of turquoise,

Pakleni Islands
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surrounded by green hills and the odd orange beach umbrella. The beach is mostly layered with pebbles that completely looks perfectly smooth and shiny.

Malo Zarace Beach

Another beach that is just a 30-minute drive from the town. The Malo Zarace beach is one of the most loved beaches thanks to its magical ambiance which is often referred to as a “slice of heaven”. Located in a secluded bay, with cliffs on one side and unique rock formation on the other, Malo Zarace is indeed a little slice of heaven!

Indulge into Croatian cuisine

It’s time to pamper the Bon appetite in you. Listing here is some famous places to dine and know the Croatian cuisine before you leave the place.

Macondo for yummy gregada

Macondo is located in an alley down from the main square. It is well known for it’s a warm fireplace with outdoor tables for a charming open-air dinner, perfect for people watching and immersing yourself in the Hvar atmosphere.

Macondo Food
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However, people come here to taste one of the traditional dishes of Hvar, for which the restaurant is famous for ie. gregada dish, a local fishermen’s stew made with sea bass, onions, garlic, potatoes, and wine. Apart from this the menu contains some yummy seafood for you to dig in.

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Passarola for authentic Croatian taste

Passarola is a fine restaurant located in the old part of Hvar town. The atmosphere is intimate, relaxing and sophisticated, and there’s often live music performances. Hence favorite among the honeymooners looking for some romantic place to eat.

Passarola Croatia
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The restaurant is also possibly the best for tourists looking for various flavors and tastes to experience. They have international cuisines and traditional Croatian dishes. Don’t forget to pick their masterpiece lobster pasta. Well, if you looking for some excellent wine, you are at the right place!

Fig Cafe Bar to relax and go vegetarian

The place is perfect for those who are trying to relax, with perfect lounge and creativity going hand in hand. Taste the famous grilled fruit with honey and watermelon gazpacho that has already won millions of hearts.

Dalmatino for steak and stews

Dalmatino is a must-visit restaurant for every tourist to enjoy the yummy seafood and steak ever. The best part is the whole idea of receiving complimentary tasters and brandy as you are deciding on your menu.

The masterpiece is, however, pasticada dish, which is a traditional Dalmation meat stew dish, cooked in a special sauce.

Shop like a pro at Hvar Island in Croatia

Leaving Hvar without shopping will be a crime! The land produces one of the finest lavender on the earth. Perhaps, the island is one of the largest suppliers of lavender not only in Croatia but all over the world. You can buy some for their wonderful uses. When placed near your bed they improve sleep and lavender oil is best for the skin.

Shop like a pro at Hvar Island in Croatia
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So why not try it? Among other things, one can shop for some beautiful Croatian attire as a souvenir. Walkthrough the streets of Hvar island and you will be amazed by the shops and things that would tempt you to empty your pocket. Just a piece of advice – don’t shy away from bargaining!

Well, we have almost explored every aspect of Hvar Island. Looked through its beautiful monuments and artifacts, walked through the beautiful beaches, ate at the best dine and halted to shop. What more? Just pack your bags this summer to visit the land where lavender blooms!

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