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Honeymoon Destination on The Sun Kissed Amalfi Coast of Italy


Italy is a dream destination for newlywed couples. Glimmering city life to mesmerizing coastal lines, you ask it and you get it. The Amalfi Coast of Italy is one such place. It covers 50 kilometer of the coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region. Hilltop cliffs, lemon groves, mesmerizing beaches and vineyards make the place irresistible.

What to know more about the Amalfi Coast of Italy? Read on..

Visit the amazing town of Positano, Amalfi Coast of Italy

If you are pondering why a small town in the mountainside stands first in the list. The view of the coloured house along the mountainside is one view that you won’t want to miss. It’s a picturesque town on the Amalfi Coast.

Couples at Amalfi Coast of Italy
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People all over the globe come here and feel aww od the entire view of the town. You can have a boat ride here at the waters making it one memorable day. The tourists also enjoy the beaches, shopping and eat traditional cuisine.

Climb up Ravello and get a glimpse of the entire Amalfi

Ravello stands above 365 meters above from the Amalfi Coast and it is known for its breathtakingly beautiful sights. The famous Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufulo are major tourist attractions. The history of this town states back to the 13th century which is evident in its centuries-old buildings.

Couple at Ravello Italy
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The place is also known as the city of music as there are concerts going on around the year and the famous Ravello Summertime Festival. Ravello thus makes a perfect place for sightseeing, music and rejuvenating with your better half.

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Take a boat ride and visit the caves of Grotta Dello Smeraldo

Another fabulous thing you can do while visiting the Amalfi Coast is to visit the Grotta Dello Smeraldo caves that are situated in the waters that emanate emerald color underneath. With Stalactites that hang down and Stalagmites that grow up 10m tall, makes it a wonderful place to take a tour.

Grotta Dello Smeraldo Caves
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The best part of the visit is the boat trip through the caves. Basically it’s a paid trip that would almost cover up one and half hours of to and from.

Relax on the Maiori Beach at Amalfi Coast of Italy

Maiori and Minori are two neighboring towns only a short distance from the town of Amalfi and famous for its beautiful beaches. The beach in Maiori is the best place in Amalfi to visit.

Relax on the Maiori Beach at Amalfi Coast of Italy
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The beach is split into two sections of beautifully arranged white sands and waters. Those who wish to spend some quality time can also enjoy a myriad of shops, stalls and cafes where you can stock up for your day of relaxation.

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Through the waterfalls of Valle Delle Ferriere

There is no place in Amalfi Coast as serene as Valle Delle Ferriere with beautiful streams and waterfalls surrounding the area. It is one of the best places for tourists who are looking for some outdoor adventures like hiking and cycling.

Valle Delle Ferriere
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Through the luscious forests, tourists can find an abundance of a myriad of hiking and cycling trails. The place has some protected making it less touched and far away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Cetara to know about ancient fishing styles

Across the territory of the Amalfi coast lies a small yet extraordinary place called Cetara which means tuna fishing net. It is one of the untouched villages of Italy which is particularly known for fishing. The fishing technique here is an age-old tradition and people still follow the ancient fishing techniques. It is definitely quite a sight to watch fishermen going into the waters in the evening with their nets and big lanterns.

Amalfi Train and boat ride for fun and easy explore

Most of the parts of the Amalfi Coast can be reached through the train. However, the beauty of nature, tranquillity and lush green surroundings makes train rides through the place more than just arriving at destinations. The northern part of the Amalfi coast has its own train-line known as La Circumvesuviana Line. Try to pick up the window seat on the left-hand side to ensure you can look out towards the Mediterranean Sea. What a wonderful ride it must be!!

Amalfi Coast Boat Ride, Amalfi Coast of Italy
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Another source of travel is by boat, and it’s no less fun compare to any other ride. Just relax while you travel through the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean and enjoy the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. The tickets to the boat ride are quite reasonable and affordable. One of the most relaxing ways to view the Amalfi coast is to take an organized boat tour. A boat tour is a photographer’s dream and I bet you won’t miss clicking too!

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Shop like a shopaholic at the Amalfi Coast of Italy

Amalfi has some best things to shop and take home with you. Purchase some souvenirs from your honeymoon to keep the memories for years to come. The place is a manufacturer of beautiful ceramic you can ever ask for. Shop some authentic ceramics teacups and other things for your lovely home. Also, go for a pair of handmade leather sandals that are famous in this region. Beautiful handicrafts made of expensive woods like mahogany, elm, chestnut, ebony, rosewood, olive, walnut are quite an attraction. If you could go for it, nothing like it!!

Amalfi Coast attracts tourists and honeymooners alike throughout the year. The cliffs, waterfalls and luscious forests green looking towards the vast Mediterranean sea is a view for a lifetime. Go get your part of the stay and let your dreams travel come true!

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