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Honeymoon On The Lap Of Cradle Mountain, Australia


Planning a romantic trip never seems to be easy. And if it is a honeymoon, need not mention. Straight from wedding preparations to the big day, stress and excitement play an equal role. However, you can get over the stress by choosing the best place for a honeymoon. There are many places across the globe that are perfect honeymoon destination, most of which we have already covered here at India Imagine. We have yet again have brought one if the best place for your couple goals and to make your honeymoon memorable for a lifetime.

Let’s get lost into the Cradle Mountain of Australia and list out some fantastic plans for you.

An overview of Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain is a mountain in the Central Highlands region of the Australian state of Tasmania. The beauty of the place is that the mountain is situated in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park almost 1,545 metres above sea level.

Cradel Mountain Couple
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It is the sixth-highest mountain in Tasmania. The mountain is a hub of the world’s most endangered species. The beauty of flora and fauna of this place cannot be described in a word.

Cradle Mountain is all about walking and more walking, hence be prepared.

Things to do while you visit Cradle Mountain of Tasmania.

Welcome to Tasmania Devil Sanctuary and meet the cutest devil at Cradle Mountain

Visit the Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary for a remarkable face-to-face encounter with Tasmania’s famous endangered and cutest animal Devil. There are lots of efforts going on to save this unique species and explore the spacious park, which is specially designed for conservation.

Tasmania Devil Sanctuary Couples, Cradle Mountain
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You can go around the sanctuary and observe and interact with the animals. Maybe you are lucky enough to see baby devils in naturally landscaped enclosures and learn about them from experts. And the lush green scenery will clue you to the place like never before.

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World Heritage Tour in the lap of Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain is a bestowed World Heritage Place. The National Park is filled with iconic scenery with a wide variety of walking trails to choose. Explore the Cradle Mountain National Park within a span of 5 hours.

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During which you can take a glimpse of the spectacular setting of Dove Lake and visit the Town of Murals. After hours of the long walk don’t forget to taste yummy local ice-creams.

Canyoneering through the mountainside, Cradle Mountain

The best part of the visit probably is to explore canyons at Cradle Mountain by embarking on a thrilling canyoneering adventure through Dove Canyon. Be geared with wetsuit and protection like helmet and knee supports.

Canyoneering through the mountainside, Cradle Mountain
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Without any doubt, this is not for faint-hearted. It will be a wonderful experience to go canyoneering in a stunning natural environment. Try to jump down into beautiful Freestyle Falls. They are not very deep or steep. The tour will be accompanied by a local guide for your safety.

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River and Raft – Indulge in outdoor fun.

Ditch the conventional mode of transport and pick up rafting instead and admire the King River Gorge and majestic rainforest from more depth.

River Raft adventures in Tasmania
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After a fabulous rafting experience, enjoy your lunch along the banks of the majestic King River. So, book your ticket as soon as you reach here. A professional guide will accompany throughout the whole process.

Horse riding along the shores

Hire horse ride for couple and enjoy a ride through the shores of King River. The payment is made on an hourly basis. There will be a professional to guide you through and check the safety aspects.

A night out in the forest to spot wildlife.

After dinner how about a night out into the dark woods to spot wildlife. It sounds interesting, right? Trust me it will be one kind of experience that will make your honeymoon a memorable one. Keep a few things in mind to avoid unnecessary problems.

Night Safari Cradle Mountain
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Like, gear up in your comfy clothes and shoes. Put on some jackets to keep yourself warm the entire night. Don’t forget to take your camera for some perfect night pics! And a mosquito repellent will save you from nasty bites.

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Take a helicopter ride and explore the place from the sky.

If you are ready to spend on a higher side without worrying about your pocket, try helicopter ride and enjoy the mesmerising view of Cradle Mountain from top of the sky.

Helicopter ride Cradle Mountain
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It will be a unique experience to watch the beauty of this World Heritage wonder from up above the sky with your better half.

Food and choice of restaurants

There are a couple of restaurants where you, not only order your favourite food but also enjoy a romantic atmosphere to go on with. Some topmost restaurants in Cradle Mountain are listed below.

Tavern Bar & Bistro – A perfect place to sip your favourite drinks and bite a perfect blend of burgers and sandwiches.

Highland Restaurant – This place is classy and elegant to take your sweetheart with you for a romantic dinner. You will enjoy best ever authentic Australian cuisine in a perfect classy space.

Hellyers Restaurant – A blend of authentic Australian food and international cuisine that will enrich your taste and tingle your tastebuds further and give you satisfaction for a lifetime.

Though Cradle Mountain wouldn’t be a glimmering place or glamorous as any tinsel town, it is exactly the place every honeymooner will yearn for. Picture perfect landscapes, lush green forest, waterfalls, wildlife, classy restaurants to dine. Just book your ticket to the one and only Cradle Mountain of Australia.

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