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Bhangarh : The Haunted Fort in India


If you are going to visit Rajasthan, you must visit the place Bhangarh. The fort was built in the 17th century for Madho Singh, the son of Bhagwant Das. Bhagwant Das, who was the creator of this fort, was a ruler of Amber(Rajasthan). The fort shares a border with Sariska tiger reserve, which is in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Bhangarh is listed as one of the most haunted forts in India. Villagers who reside near the fort have shifted from there places to a new location because of the ghostly encounter they had. The level of fear can be measured through this that, even the ASI(Archaeological Survey Of India) team had to put a warning that, entering the fort at night is prohibited. The atmosphere of the fort is very horrific. Many visitors have indicated that there is some negative feeling around the place.

History of Bhangarh Fort

History or past has always complexed of any place. The history of the fort is ancient; everything starts back at the age of the 17th century. The fort is in the range of the Alwar hills. The fort is slightly situated at the bottom of the mountains on slanted terrain. The geographical situation of the fort is very different. Many villages surround the fort in that century, but as of now, only some communities have left.

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There are numerous trees and pond areas and a natural waterfall whose water directly falls into the boundaries of the fort. The King Bhagwant Das built the fort near Delhi so that he can efficiently operate and work from the fort. The fort is approximately 265 kilometers from Delhi. What kind of export and operations were going from the fort is still unclear in records managed by the Indian government that is still unclear about the proper history of the fort.

Haunted Stories

Story 1: Game of Shadows

The first story behind the Bhangarh Fort is that there was an ascetic named Bala Nath, who perform several rituals and ceremonies near the fort. The king was a great devotee of the Bala Nath. When the king decided to make this fort, he asked for Bala Nath’s permission. He granted permission but on one condition that there will be no shadow of the fort on his worship place.

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The king agreed to the condition, and according to promise, the king built the fort in a manner that the shadow of the fort never falls upon the home of Bala Nath. But as time passes away, Madho Singh, who was the son of Bhagwant das, re-designed the fort again vertically. Through this development, the shadow directly falls upon the house of Bala Nath. Legend says that after this incident, the fort became haunted.

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Story 2: Princess & Blackmagic

If you think that the first story was creepy and terrifying, then you must read the second story also. This second story takes place inside the Bhangarh Fort. It believes that there was a princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh and a resident who used to live there, fell in love with the princess. The resident took the help of black magic to win her. One day he sent a cosmetic object which has to been used by the princess.

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But somehow, the princess smelled the suspicious item and unfolded the entire conspiracy behind it. As soon as the princess understood the whole scenario, she throws out the cosmetic thing outside, and the product falls over a stone that shares a boundary with the fort. People from the fort reported that the resident has died as the item thrown out of the window, and crushed. As his last breath, he gave a cruse to the Bhangarh Fort. Everyone says that from that day, the fort had a haunted scenario.

Fort at Night

At Bhangarh Fort, no one can enter after sunset and before sunrise and the government signs and boards are installed so that no one can visit the site after the sunset. Many local tales tell us about the abnormal activities which tend to happen after the sunset.

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Many stories say that several spirits roam at Bhangarh Fort, and many people also heard various creepy noises. Even it believes that whoever enters into the fort at night never got to return. Numerous stories tell us the missing case and other stories. Everyone says seeing is thinking, but in this aspect seeing and observing is not possible. No one has ever cracked the genuine motive behind all this missing case and haunted stories.

Positive Side

Despite all these negative sides and news also there are some positive aspects to the Bhangarh Fort. As mentioned that, the fort is near Delhi, and the greenery scenic wonders are breathtaking. The fort is a classic example of medieval period architecture. Also the forts have four types of massive gates in every direction.

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The fort has always been a tourist spot from all around the globe. It is a vacation spot, and it attracts crowds of tourists during the day, yet for all inappropriate reasons. Nearby, people would have accepted that nobody sets out to construct a house with a rooftop in the region of the fort. The roof of this fort always falls very soon after rebuilding.

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How to reach Bhangarh Fort

From Delhi

From Delhi, one should consider the NH8 course and head straight and proceed even after Neemrana and take the NH11A. Drive on NH11A for around 50 km and afterward take the Rajasthan State Highway SH 55 for another 20 km to arrive at the destination. Overall it takes 4 to 5 hours of driving from Delhi.

From Jaipur

Bhangarh Fort is only 83 km from Jaipur, and it is a fantastic spot to go for a day trip with companions. Take the NH11 and proceed onto Agra Road. From Dausa, take the NH11A and continue for about 15km. From that point, take the SH 55, and you will reach your target address. Generally speaking, it won’t take you over 2 hours from Jaipur to reach Bhangarh Fort.

Fort Timing

The timing as per the ASI(Archaeological Survey Of India) is 6 am to 6 pm. After evening no one can enter in this fort.

Best Time to visit

The perfect condition to attend is in Winters from the month of October to February.

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Bhangarh Fort Entry Fees

Entry fees for the fort are free, and the video camera charges are INR 25. The entry of vehicles is strictly prohibited. You need to park your vehicle outside the premises of the fort.

Local guides and tourists who have been to Bhangarh have lots of stories to share. Many visitors said that they sensed some negative energy. Some heard creepy noises etc. So after hearing many stories and some theories, this suggests that it is a haunted fort, but still, the spot is very famous. You can also visit the place, but keep in mind that the entire visiting scenario should be completed before the evening so that you can safely get back to our destination.

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