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A Perfect Tourist Destination – The Manuabhan Tekri


Have you ever considered visiting a place which is full of picturesque beauty, if not then you must visit The Manuabhan Tekri or the Hanuman Tekri. This is a Hindi work in English it literally means the hummock or the hilltop of Manuabhan. The Manuabhan Tekri is situated in Bhopal, it is the capital city of the state Madhya Pradesh. Now you may be thinking why this location is a perfect tourist destination? It is because of its amusing location, as the name suggests it is a hilltop and most of the hummock locations are always incredible. You will get lots of moments and beautiful scenic beauty to enjoy.

A tourist destination is always an interesting place to go, as a tourist, you will find a number of spots where you can enjoy with your friends and family. Similarly, the Manuabhan Tekri has also loaded with lots of spots and another important character to this place is the religious aspect. On top of the hill, you will see a Jain temple which is built very beautifully. If you are an architect then you would definitely love the temple. It is a Jain temple and dedicated to Shri Gautam Swami Ji, Shri Adinath Swami Ji, Shri Mahavir Swami Ji. Even a Hanuman Temple is also located here which is also a big tourist spot.

Visiting The Jain Temple

On top of the hill, you will find its main attraction which is the Jain temple. The built-up area of the temple is really huge and even the temple itself. Inside the temple, there are three idols of Jain saints, but tourist and devotees from all religion visit this place. Well, photography and videography are not allowed inside the temple, so you have to click all your images outside the primary temple. The design of this temple is very unique and it reflects the fineness of Jain architecture. If you closely watch the temple you will see, very small shaped tombs all over the upper portion of the temple.

View of the Jain temple / Image credit:

This reflects how beautifully the construction was done. Well, to reach the temple you need to take some steps, these steps are just adjacent to the parking area, which means that you don’t need to walk a long distance to reach the temple. Once you entered the temple you will the idol of three Jain saints who are followed and worshipped by all Jain followers. Inside the temple, the idols are made up of white marbles and it looks that the entire statute is made up of a single stone. The three statues are in a seated position and placed next to each other. This Manuabhan Tekri is also known as the Mahaveer Giri Swetamber Jain Temple.

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See The Stone Art

The Manuabhan Tekri is not all about the scenic beauty, here one can also see the stone art, it is basically an old manuscript that is been carved on the stone. Till this date the manuscript is not decoded, the research has been done but no positive result was achieved. So the government declared it as a protected property of the government. After some research, it is founded that this manuscript is related to the Oswal dynasty. The Oswal dynasty also had some connection with this Manuabhan Tekri.

Rock Images Manuabhan Tekri
Rock Images Manuabhan Tekri / Image credit:

The entire stone art is made on these giant walls which are covered by other giant walls. basically, its like a cave, where the stone age people wrote and draw their language. Even this stone art is also somewhat similar to the stone age art. You can find this stone art on the Simha gate, this Simha gate is another gate to the temple. Even here you can also see the footwears of some famous Jain saints. These saints are highly reputed and worshipped in the Jain community. These saints are Acharya Manutungare, Maharaj Shri Vijay Suri, Shri Jindutta Sureshwar.

The Panoramic View

If you are in the town and want a great panoramic view then the best option is to visit a hilltop. Therefore, the best hilltop from where you can see the entire city is the Manuabhan Tekri. From this hilltop, you can see the city airport, a proper view of the towns biggest lake, etc. Well, this hilltop is open all season in morning and evening but the best time to visit is evening so you can enjoy the view of the sunset and after the sunset, you will see the night view of the city. At this hilltop, you will experience the power of the wind. Currently, this Manuabhan Tekri sits at a height of 1000 feet above the sea level, so the power of wind you will experience here would be massive.

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Almost every tourist encounters a surreal experience here. From the top, everything looks small and tiny and when you sit here alone with your conscience you begin to feel great and may start to find the solutions to your problem. Especially, for kids, there is a huge playground which consists of different games to play and relax. Ample amount of space is available around the temple which can be utilized as a free space to hangout. Some small shops are also present here which carries all the food product. So if you are on a trip to Manuabhan Tekri and forgot the food then don’t worry, the facility of food is also available here.

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How To Reach

This Manuabhan Tekri is well connected to the city. You will not find any sort of difficulty to reach this point. One good thing about the place is that it is present inside the border of the town which means you don’t have to travel to a long distance. The place is situated near Lalghati, a place in the Bhopal city. And to reach the top you can take the ropeway or other path which is for the vehicles. So reaching the top would not be a problem.


Visiting an adventurous place is always full of fun and excitement and Manuabhan Tekri is the place which defines it. A place which is full of peace and packed with breathtaking views. Also, enjoy the wonderful Jain temple here and take with you some memories which will be there with you forever.

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