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Take a Visit To The Wish Fulfilling Ganesh Temple in Sehore


Sehore is just not only a district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, but it is also a spiritual place where every true wish of devotees is fulfilled by Lord Ganesh. Here lies the temple of Lord Ganesha named as “SHREE CHINTAMAN SIDDHA GANESH MANDIR”. Lord Ganesh is a Hindu God in Indian mythology. He is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesh is known for success, wisdom and for a new beginning. However, Lord Ganesh is also very well known as the remover of the obstacles. It is said that Lord Ganesh listen to every devotee and fulfils only those wishes that comes from a true heart. Ganesh is worshipped all over the country and even abroad.

This Ganesh Temple is quite unique in its own terms. Well, it is correct that Lord Ganesh always fulfils the wishes but there is a recognition of this temple. Here the followers come before the god and express there wish and make a reverse Swastik sign. And when there wish is fulfilled they come back to the temple and make a new Swastik sign in the correct format. The Swastik sign is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. That’s why followers of Hindu religion draw the symbol of Swastik before purchasing new products or before starting anything new. Thus, every worship is not complete without a symbol of Swastik.

Historical Importance of The Temple

In India, there are many temples which have there own significance and importance because of there history. The same thing applies over here also. There is historical importance behind the origin of this temple. The history of this temple is around 2,000 years old. It starts in the era of King Vikramaditya when this district Sehore was known as Siddhpur. The King was a follower of Lord Ganesh. On a random day, Lord Ganesh appeared in the dream of the King and said to him that he will appear in the form of a lotus flower in the river. The river was 15 km away from the temple.

Devotees approaching towards the temple

The King exactly followed the instruction as he was guided. He took the lotus flower from the river and headed back towards the kingdom. But on the way, he heard an eternal voice saying that you have a single night left to take the flower anywhere you can. As soon as the sun rises the flower will turn into an idol. Once the flower is placed on earth the flower will be transformed into an idol and will be stuck on the earth on the same place forever. Thus by listening to this eternal voice he started to move forward on his chariot. But later the wheel of his chariot got stuck in a pond section which was full of mud.

He tried to pull the wheel of his chariot but the king was not able to succeed. After some time the sunrises and the flower turned into the idol of Lord Ganesh. Then the king put some effort to move the idol of Lord Ganesh but the idol was stuck permanently. The idol was halfway down stuck inside the earth surface. Later, the king left the idol there and made a beautiful temple of Lord Ganesh.

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This is How Wish Are Fulfilled

There is a huge debate sometime back that how is this even possible by drawing a reverse Swastik on the walls of the temple, makes your wish fulfil. However, many research and tactics were examined but there was no scientific evidence that how such a miracle is possible. Later it was proved that everything in this temple works on belief, spirituality and true worship. It is said that since ages, there is this ritual to draw a reverse Swastik. In Indian and Hindu culture drawing Swastik is the beginning of new hope. Before every new work this Swastik symbol is drawn, so that prosperity may come.

But here in this Shree Chintaman Siddha Ganesh Temple, there is the belief that by drawing a reverse Swatik on the walls of the temple can fulfil your wish. However, one should be completely devoted to the god and ask for the wish with complete faith. Once your wish is completed then you need to visit the temple again and draw the correct form of Swastik. After drawing the correct Swatik your ritual will be completed. This is the oldest tradition followed by the followers.

Lord Ganesh Idol Inside The Temple

The temple from inside is very shiny and glossy. The iron material is used inside the temple which gives it strength and glossy look. As soon as you enter the temple the first thing that will attract your eye and mind is the idol of Lord Ganesh.

Lord Ganesh Idol Inside Temple / Image Credit: @imperfect_bhopalan/

Here the idol present inside the temple is very beautiful and attached to the soil. The idol is ancient and the height of the idol is similar to any other idol of Lord Ganesh. Every morning the pandit of the temple comes inside the temple, clean the entire premise and then start the worship of Lord Ganesh by chanting different mantras.

Devotees worshipping of gods

The entire temple is not big in comparison to other temples present in the state. Whereas the height of the temple is standard and the design is also similar to any other temple. The only thing which is different from any other temple is the ritual of worship. To complete your worship you need to pray in front of Lord Ganesh’s idol and follow all the procedures of worship told by the pandit of the temple. As the temple is a core centre of worship so every month on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, there is a huge feast for all. In this feast, the food is prepared and served to all the devotees. In this manner, every devotee gets the blessing of Lord Ganesh.

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This Shree Chintaman Siddha Ganesh Temple is just 38 km away from Bhopal (the capital city of Madhya Pradesh). One can easily reach the temple through there own vehicle. For devotees, it is the centre of worship where they feel that there is a deep connection between them and god. It is a feeling which can’t be expressed, you need to experience it by yourself. So get your friends and family ready and visit today this magical wish-fulfilling temple.

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