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Kedarkantha: Trekking in River Valley of Uttarkashi, a must-not-miss experience


Kedarkantha is a gem place for trekkers, kept hidden from the outside world. The beauty and experience will surely get you out of your comfort house and get you on the road for this beautiful adventure. Arranged in the lap of the River Valley, Kedarkanth is a shocking spot offering a simple, great trek. It is an exquisite edge top open during the time with plenty of compensating experiences. 

Lying in the Uttarkashi area of Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha beauty is covered with snow during winters showing a stunning sight. The trek to this pinnacle likewise offers you a chance to see the delightful greenness of Govind National Park. Kedarkantha is situated at an elevation of 3850 m, from where you can observe scenic beauties of Ranglana, Banderpooch, Dark, and Swargarohini. The spot is ideal for those looking for light experience joined by grand magnificence.


Camping At Kedarkantha

In spite of the fact that camp houses are accessible at Seema, trekkers like to camp in between the route in the middle of the snow as it gives them easy access for the trip.

Water Availability

Water accessibility at the camp house is adequate. You will likewise have an alternative of clean water from River Supin which lies on the route. It is advised to stock up water as it is not easily available in between the trekking points.

Food Availability

Food at Kedarkantha

There is only one Dhaba (eating place like a restaurant) during the whole trek. So it is advisable to carry the basic food that can give you nourishment and balance the protein level in your body. 

Tips and tricks

  1. Ensure you convey comfortable garments regardless of the way that what season you are going in.
  2. Convey your own trekking apparatus and hardware and be constantly arranged.
  3. Convey a therapeutic guide pack and your standard drugs for the way. 
  4. A decent pair of trekking shoes is an absolute necessity. 
  5. Convey raingear regardless of in the event that you are going during storm season.
  6. Ensure you acquire every one of the licenses well ahead of time required for trekking in the locale. 
  7. Ensure you convey save batteries and film move for the camera as there will be no power supply. 
  8. An all-around educated and prepared guide is significant and do make a point to search out every single insignificant thing great ahead of time to abstain from misconception.


The spot is secured with a thick layer of snow between December a week ago and mid-April. Nonetheless, ensure you start your trek at the higher heights when the snow is hard enough for trekking. 

Reaching Kedarkantha Trek

By Rail: One can reach Dehradun by a medium-term train from Delhi, which runs consistently. The best choice is the extraordinary A/C train. You will reach Dehradun by 5.40 am. From that point onwards take a taxi or transport to cover a separation of 185 km till Sankri which will take around 5 hours. 

By Road: The all-out good ways from Delhi to Sankri is right around 440 Km, which can be canvassed in roughly 9 hours. You can either straightforwardly drive to Sankri or take a transport to Dehradun and drive further till Sankri by nearby vehicle.

About Kedarkantha Trek

Approx trekking distance (Both sides): 36 km

Base Camp: Sankri

Difficulty: Easy Gradient

The highest point of trek: 12,500 ft

Minimum Duration of Trip: 7 days

Nearest Airport: Dehradun

Nearest Railhead: 190 km

Region: Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand

Scheduling The Kedarkantha Trek

Day 1: Base camp (Dehradun) to Sankri 

Distance: 220 km, Duration: 10-11 hours 

Leave Dehradun and reach Sankri, a little provincial town. You will discover the convenience there is the type of GMVN visitor house up the street. The town contains a few shops and dhaba. A large portion of the trekkers reaches Sankri before dinnertime, without a moment to spare to get a look at the sunset in the midst of the Great Himalayan mountain ranges. The feature of the night, notwithstanding, is the shining pinnacles of Swargarohini standing tall past the edges of Sankri. 

Day 2: Exploring Sankri and Trek to Juda Talab 

Distance: 4 km, Duration: 4-5 hours 

After breakfast, start your trek towards Juda Ka Tala. Take the street towards the Sankri Village known as Sor. Cross the town, and you will see a wide bend. Take the trail towards the stream that climbs towards Kedarkantha. The way will take you to the pine forest and following a stroll of 10 minutes you will reach the edge. Presently, you are about a fourth of your way till Juda Ka Talab. From here on, the trip continues expanding steadily and you will hear the streaming stream. Stroll for an additional fifteen minutes, and you will see a last and one of the greatest wooden extensions. You will likewise observe the flood of water, which is your last water point till Juda Ka Talab for example for another 2.5 hours, so better stock up the water here. Proceed with your trek onto the left as opposed to going over the hill. From this moment you will start to feel the mystery of the Kedarkantha. At an elevation of around 8,100 ft, you are most of the way to the Juda Ka Talab. As you come nearer, the sight you will observe of staggering Juda Ka Talab is a treat to your eyes. The campground is arranged close-by limited by trees and mountain inclines, perfect for getting your tents. 

Day 3: Juda Talab place to Kedar Kanth Base 

Distance: 4 km, Duration: 4 hours 

The way from Juda Ka Talab towards your next goal is obviously unmistakable and really straight forward. The trek rises towards an edge at the edge of the lake. The height begins expanding as you take a sharp left from the edge, driving into a thick pine backwoods. Ensure you don’t take the way feeling free to down, it is for shepherds prompting Sankri. Adhere to the trail, and soon you will achieve an edge in thirty minutes, picking up a height of 800 ft above Juda Ka Talab. At last, the edge takes the type of a plain enhanced with oaks. Prop up along the track, and in another 30 minutes you will figure out how to a knoll with three log cottages, first of a few shepherd cabins on the trail. Before long, you will reach the Kedarkantha campground. The picturesque beauty around you now is unrivaled with wonderful pinnacles of Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag and Ranglana remaining with an incredible appeal. Set up the portable shelter here and appreciate the miracles of nature obvious in the inky sky during the evening. 

Day 4: Kedar Kanth Meadows to Kedar Kanth Peak;

Distance: 6 km, Duration: 6-7 hours 

Start Day Four right on time with lovely dawn from the Kedarkantha glades; itõs unquestionably worth escaping your camping beds. You can obviously observe the Kedarkantha top from the site, and you will discover a few trails driving up the pinnacle. In any case, an ideal route gets up there will be to assume the northern edge of the Kedarkantha summit sanctuary, which is not many feet shy of the summit. The sanctuary is committed to Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvathi. Five minutes into the move from the hallowed place will take you to the summit, during an hour and a half from the Kedarkantha base campground. The summit is enhanced with stones organized in a square with a Trishul pointing towards the sky. You will likewise discover the remaining parts of dried coconut and dried incense sticks symbolizing the confidence of local people for the summit. Aside from being devotedly worshipped, the summit additionally offers a 360 degree perspective on the other amazing snow-clad scopes of Uttarakhand. Ensure you request that your guide demonstrates to you the Gangotri and Yamunotri ranges. Returning to the camp includes an alternate course that the one utilized while coming up, through the southern edge of Kedarkantha. Reach Kedarkantha base camp, where you can take rest for some time and after that, get moving to Hargaon. There are two trails taken to achieve the campground. Be that as it may, regardless of which one you decide on, the two trails are specked with marvelous beautiful excellence embellished with oaks, pines and solidified streams. As you keep walking along the track, the trail gets deftly excellent with spiritualist pine timberlands; as of now, you are going to achieve the Hargaon clearing in nearly hour and a half. 

Day 5: Hargaon Camp to Sankri 

Distance: 6 km, Duration: 4 hours 

The Hargaon Campsite is one more spot to pitch your tents yet with outrageous magnificence around. The spot has a lot of kindling you can use to light an open-air fire. Presently itõs time to return to Sankri; the trail being obviously set apart by stones and very much cleared the way. The way will take you through a few pine blocks of wood and streams where you can refill your water bottles. Har Ki Dun valley, beautiful apple plantation joined by potato and cauliflower homesteads and rancher cottages decorates your way towards your last goal. All in all, the experience will be completely thrilling. It will take you around three hours to rise a thousand feet above Sankri through the different high elevation developments. When you achieve the Sankri, request the bearing of GMVN visitor house which deceives the left of the sharp bypass from the principle trail. 

Day 6: Drive from Sankri to Dehradun 

It’s time to drive back to Dehradun and afterward at last reach to Sankri.

To conclude, if you are a trekker, then this is a must-go place for you. The amount of adventure that this place holds is nothing compared to ordinary. So do visit this place once and do give me your valuable feedback for the post.

Thank you 🙂

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