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Check Out Some of The Most Famous Rock Festivals in India


In this new era, the youth is the most expressing power of the nation. They uphold the future and also the trends which are followed by the upcoming generations. They have bundled some of the western trends and brought it to India. One of those trends is Musical Festivals. The Rock Festivals is quite popular among the youths as it gives them the euphoria about the music and its beats. The youth travel from places to places to attend these rockfests.

These festivals and carnivals are one of the best things which attract tourists too. This makes these music festivals quite famous and popular among them. The stage and sound of the DJ really groove in your ears and surely will make the one reading this to get visit one of these sooner than later. There is a different kind of music festivals in India from Electric guitar to Fusion mix, rock bands to indie pop. The varieties of music you get in every other fest are quite different from each other. So let us start with some of the outstanding and mind-blowing music experiences about which you might have heard or going to hear.

1. Hornbill – Kohima, Nagaland

Hornbill Music Festival is one of the country’s most significant cultural festivals organized in Kohima, Nagaland. So many tourists have been attracted to this festival in the past, and get a considerable number of local audiences too. This fiesta continues for seven days and is held in December.

Hornbill rock festival

This fest is an opportunity for the upcoming rock bands to participate in the competition and to showcase their skills. This fest also gives the cultural drive through about Kohima city and the scenic beauty that surrounds it. Nagaland is famous for its handloom and handicrafts. So the tourist here has a lot of options to explore along with the natural beauty that lies in the greenish blanket.

2. Magnetic Fields – Rajasthan

The magnetic field is one of the newest Rock Fest that started in Rajasthan. This rock fest goes on for three days. This fest is a delight for Food, Music, Magic and Art Lovers. The venues for Magnetic fields really attract the person.

Magnetic Fields rock festival in Rajasthan

This festival takes you through the splendid culture and magnificent views of Rajasthan. This fest is organized in the Alsisar Mahal which gives a whole mesmerizing view to remember. This palace is situated in Shekhawati and the fest is held in December every year.

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3. Ziro – Arunachal Pradesh

The Ziro rock festival in Ziro Valley Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Musical Festival is organized in the Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. This fest has more than 30 artists challenging each other for the ultimate prize. The competition level and the amount of entertainment is of unmatched experience. This fiesta takes place in Ziro Valley which happens to be the World Heritage Site and is at 5500 feet in the misty mountains. The music along with the cool breeze on a mountain top is a sensational experience everyone craves for. If you are planning for this ultimate experience, then try to plan it for October.

4. Sunburn – Goa

As soon as we hear about the Sunburn Musical Fest, we imagine an electric guitar with beaches and drinks. Yes, this fest is world-famous and also ranked 9th among all other rock fests in the world.

Sunburn rock festival in Goa

This fest is a gigantic experience for a guitar lover and really it sets your mind on fire with some heavy rock music dose. The party, food, and shopping also draw a lot number of tourists here. Goa is known for its Sunburn worldwide, with some of the best in the music industry giving away their live performances here.

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5. Mahindra Blues – Mumbai

Mahindra Blues-rock Carnival Mumbai

If you are a blue genre lover, then party calls for you. The Mahindra Blue is a Musical Fiesta with only one major theme and that is Blues. The two-day fiesta really grooves the Blues lover and will give them the ultimate experiences for a lifetime. Asia’s most massive Blue Fest will amaze by a performance by Buddy Guy himself. This fest takes place in the month of February in Mumbai. This time great to taste the local food along with enjoying the music.

6. Storm – Bangalore

Storm musical fest is an event of Bangalore and it is a fusion of folks, indie pop, electronic DJ’ ing. This event usually takes place on the outskirts of town due to traffic problems.

Storm rock festival in Bangalore

This fiesta continues for three days and January end is the time for its arrival. During this fest, you can experience the camping adventure too in the open land that has a lot of spaces. Storm fiesta is quite different from other fests as it gives the adventure sports mix along with the live music.

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7. NH7 Weekender – Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore

NH7 Weekender rock festival

One of the best Indie rock fests, NH 7, is visible in various parts of the country. The cities like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Bangalore host this event for three days. This fest allows travellers and music lovers to explore various parts of different cities while attending this fest.

8. Electric Daisy Carnival – Delhi

Electric Daisy Carnival a rock festival in Noida, Delhi

Greater Noida, Delhi hosts The Electric Daisy Carnival. EDC has the world’s most dance and music talent with unmatched effects and sound experiences. This musical fest has a mix of all kinds of music in one place. So try to get this experience in your grooves.

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9. Go: Madras – Tamil Nadu

Go madras Rock Fest in Tamil Nadu

Kanchipuram hosts The Go: Madras Rock Fest in Tamil Nadu. This is an electronic music festival which takes place on the side of a beach in Raddison Blu Resort — organized in September. The view and the experience of this coastline musical event are quite amazing.

10. Road To Ultra – New Delhi

Road To Ultra has always been a show catcher event in the world. The anxiety they bring to the people by bringing their favorite artists and stage preparation is really spectacular. In New Delhi too you will find the same level of excitement.

Road To Ultra music festival / Image Credits:Ultramusicfestivals

Road To Ultra is a rock fest in which some of the big names in the music industry come to give their performances. Although in India the stages are never even spidering structure then too, the level of excitement remains the same.

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