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Dhuandar Falls – The Most Adventerous Waterfall of Jabalpur


The Dhuandar waterfall is located in the town called Bhedaghat. In the central part of India, you will not see any waterfall which is such amazing. But Dhuandar falls is one of the most beautiful, adventurous and powerful waterfalls in central India. The town Bhedaghat lies in the Jabalpur district which is in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This town is approximately 20 km away from the Jabalpur city. Any tourist who plans to visit Jabalpur city does visit Bhedaghat, as Bhedaghat is famous for some very attractive tourist spot like the Marble Rocks, Chaunsath Yogini Temple, Bandar Kudni, Narmada River, Dhuandar Ropeway, etc.

Well, the name Dhuandar is originated from its gigantic form. The waterfall here is so mesmerizing and powerful that anyone will instantly fall in love with this place. The name Dhuandar literally means the smoke and the flow of water. The waterfalls flow here with such a pace that when it falls from the cliff it creates a smoky effect in the atmosphere which the Hindi language means “dhuan”. And the word “Dhar” means the gigantic flow of water. This waterfall is also listed on the list of the biggest waterfall in the country. It falls from a height of 98 feet.

Overview of The Dhuandar Falls

This waterfall is a well-known waterfall for its amazing scenic beauty. The river Narmada flows gently for some distance, by looking it no one will realise that it can take such a rough avatar. After floating at some distance the river Narmada starts to flow a high rate near the fall. As soon as the river reaches the portion where it falls, it takes a mighty avatar and transforms into a huge gigantic waterfall. Tourist who visit this place just feels like an incredible place to hang out with their friends and family. Basically, it is a place where tourist come with full preparation to spend their entire day as a picnic.

The viewPoint of Dhuandar Falls

The best time to visit this waterfall is between October to April. In this season the amount of water in the river is more in comparison to other seasons. This is because of the rainy season, in this season because of rainwater the level of water in the river rises which results in a great visual scene. When the amount of water rises and falls from the cliff the droplets of water reaches towards the standing spot or the viewpoint. The tourist stands there and enjoys the beauty of the waterfall. Small droplets of waters fall on the visitors in a horizontal way and it feels like the rainy season has started. However, the fog it makes when the water drops from the cliff is incredible.

Rocks at Dhuandar Falls

The beauty of this place doesn’t end here, from here the water flows towards the downside where you can see the Marble Rocks. There are a number of large Marble Rocks from where the river flows. The size of these rocks varies as there are many huge rocks, some rocks are of 30 feet and some are of 100 feet. To see all these beautiful spots the best time is early morning and evening when the sunlight falls for the first time and the colour of the rocks looks dark and magnificent. The same scenario repeats in the evening when the light goes down and the shadow of the white rocks falls on the water and looks colourless.

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Things To Do And Various Attractions

There are many ways to see and experience the artistry of nature. One just needs to have those eyes from which you can enjoy and appreciate the elegance of nature. Similarly, there are many elegant things to experience at Bhedaghat. Well, here is the list of attractions which you can consider visiting:

The Marble Rocks

If you are planning to visit the Dhuandar Falls then your tour is incomplete without visiting the Marble rocks. Don’t worry, the Marble Rocks are not too far away, it’s just a few kilometres away. But this place definitely worth your time, you just need to park your vehicle and see the board for boat riding. The boat ride is the most famous activity here at Marble Rocks. There is an entire field of Marble Rocks which are covered with Narmada River water that flows directly from Dhuandar waterfall.

Boat ride at the Marble Rocks

If you never visited these Marble Rocks and you are a first-timer then you would surely like this place. The first thing you need to do is to hire a boat and go for a ride of that valley. The entire arrangement is done by the government, as soon as you start your ride on the boat, you will start to see the elegance and delicacy of this place. The valley of huge Marble Rocks will surely attract your mind and soul. The other attraction is the commentary done boat person, they will portray some commentary in a funny way and provide you with some vital information regarding the Marble Stones rocks.

Shopping Marble Arts

The other activity you can do is the shopping of marble arts or sculptures from the local market. As soon as your boating is finished you can shop some marble arts. There are many shops on the way through which you can purchase your favourite marble art piece. On every shop, you will find some different form of the piece.

Tourist shopping the marble arts

Even the biggest catch is that you can customize the art according to your demand. Many designs are not fully made, hence, which allows you to customize it according to your demand. Tourist can attach their group photo or can engrave their name on those marble stones. Your name engraved on pure marble stone is entirely artistic.

Mist Covering The Waterfall & Enjoying The Ropeway

The intensity of the river Narmada is quite high as soon as it comes near the fall. The amount of force it generates is quite high, due to which the fog or mist starts to appear. This phenomenon is natural in every waterfall where the water hits the surface at high intensity. But here at Dhuandar waterfall, the force of river water is massive because of it the atmosphere looks covered in mist. The perfect time to see this mist is between October and April.

Heavy fog due to the waterfall

The government had now installed the ropeway for every citizen. This ropeway starts from a point and covers the entire area of the waterfall. This way you can enjoy the full scope of the waterfall and it gives you the feeling of birds-eye view.

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In the end

Now it’s pretty sure that after reading the description of this wonderful Dhuandar waterfall you may be planning to visit this place soon. Do plan this adventurous trip as it gives you the opportunity to interact with it and see the allure of the mother nature.

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