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See This Whopping 101 Feet Tall Lord Hanuman Idol


In the year 2015, a tourist place was added to the history of India. This was 101 feet tall Lord Hanuman statue. The colour of this statue is vermilion which looks unique and incredible on its own. The statue is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, a god in Hindu mythology and a divine follower of Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is a vanara which is referred to as a race who lives in the forest and has similarities with the race of monkey. If you are a person who is a great follower of Hindu religion and customs then you can easily relate to Lord Hanuman. He is been the most famous and followed god in Hindu religion.

This sky-touching idol of Lord Hanuman is named as Siddheshwar Hanuman Temple and is currently present in Simariya village which is connected to the highway. This Simariya village is present in Chhindwara city, which is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Travelling to this place is not a big issue. You will get every required public transportation to reach this place. Madhya Pradesh is a state which lies in the centre of India and this idol is the tallest statue of Lord Hanuman in this state. So you can just imagine the magnitude in terms of tourist attraction of this place.

About the Location

Before 2015 the Simariya village was not even properly indicated on the maps of Madhya Pradesh. But now after the completion of this gigantic statue, the place is now turned into one of the biggest tourist spots of central India. Tourist from all over the country and abroad visit this magnificent place to take blessings of Lord Hanuman. Madhya Pradesh ex-chief minister Kamal Nath decided to construct a massive Lord Hanuman Idol in this particular place. There is a specific reason behind the government for selecting this particular place and village.

Lord Hanuman Idol at Simariya village

In this matter location is the key, the government opted for this place because it is the only place which connects to the neighbouring states. The border of Madhya Pradesh is connected with the state Maharashtra. From Simariya the border is only 200 km. So anyone who is coming to state Madhya Pradesh may see this wonderful monument. If a tourist wants to travel from Chhindwara then the distance is just 18.3 km. Tourist can take NH 547 and can reach the destination within 30 minutes. Therefore, the travellers can also take blessings of Lord Hanuman and after that may enter into the border of the state. In this way, tourism is also enhanced.

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Describing the Gigantic Idol

Most of the tourist places are designed in a way that travellers may stay there for at least two odd days. But here the scenario is completely different. You will see a limited amount of attraction here. First of all, the entire temple is constructed on an approx area of 5 acres. The centre of attraction is the 101 feet tall Lod Hanuman Idol. On the left side of the idol is another 107 feet tall pole, on the pole, there is a flag on which “Shri Ram” is written in bold letters. It is because Lord Hanuman is said to be the biggest disciple of Lord Rama.

The statute with Shri Ram flag

To reach the idol you need to take some pair of steps. The complex of the statue is just 40 to 50 feet above the ground. Above it is the entire complex where the idol is present. Underneath the idol, there is a small temple housing couple of Hindu Gods, representing their own characteristics. Inside the temple, you can see idols of Hindu gods like Durga Devi, Laxmi Nayaran, Rama, Sita, Laxman, Lord Shiv with his family and Radha Krishna. The temple under the complex is designed so beautifully that your mind and soul will not allow you to leave the location easily. While enjoying the beauty of the entire campus you will also hear the sound of chanting that turns the entire atmosphere devotional.

Beautiful Elephant Architecture Welcomes Devotees

Once you enter the complex of this temple the first thing you will notice is obviously the Lord Hanuman Idol but the second most beautiful structure is the welcoming elephant. There are wide staircases from where devotees reach the statue, however, on the starting of the staircase, you will notice two elephants on both side of the staircase. These elephants are beautifully designed in such a manner that it could attract the attention of the tourist. The architecture and carving done on these elephants are just mesmerizing.

Beautiful Elephant Welcomes Devotees

The architecture is been done so beautifully that you will notice a beautiful lotus flower. The notion of this lotus flower is that it is used to welcome the tourist. Here the flower is held by the elephant through his tusk. Even the carving and embroidery on the elephant is done with a golden colour that looks entirely beautiful. Thus the size of the elephant is not as big as in comparison with the Lord Hanuman Idol but it also looks incredible too.

Sun’s First Ray Falls on the Statue

The design and placement of the statue are done very preciously. The statue is placed on the east-facing side, this way the first ray of sunlight will directly hit the statue. The beauty of the idol enhances in the morning. That’s why many devotees prefer to visit the place early morning. The colour of the statute also changes when the first ray of sun falls on the statute, the vermilion colour changes and it portrays a dark vermilion colour.

First rays of the Sun

So the tourists are able to see the statute in two different colours. Even the timing is also flexible and managed according to the frequency of tourists. Opening hours from Monday to Sunday are 07:00 AM – 12:00 NOON & 15:00 PM – 21:00 PM.

In the end

This whopping 101 feet tall Lord Hanuman Idol is a treat to watch for everyone. One should definitely visit this place as it is religious as well as a tourist place. The exact address to this spectacular place is Siddheshwar Hanuman Temple, Simariya 480224, Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh state, India.

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