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Top 5 Places To Visit In Meghalaya For A Weekend Getaway


Meghalaya located in northeast India is also known by the name “Abode of the Clouds”. It gets its name due to the records of rainfall it receives for the most part of the year. This makes it a preferred monsoon travel destination for people who love the rain. The state has an abundance of natural attractions, together with these must-see Meghalaya tourer places. the bulk of the population is created of social group individuals — Khasis (the largest group), Garos, and Pnars — who preponderantly earn their living from cultivation.

Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya

Possibly Meghalaya’s most notable attraction is deep within the dense tropical forest and shrouded in cloud and rain for a lot of the year, are some astonishing artificial natural wonders called living root bridges. Ingenious members of the Khasi tribe have trained them to grow from the roots of ancient rubber trees, native to the northeast region. There are 2 places that you simply will see the bridges: close to Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong.

Mawlynnong Cleanest Village in Meghalaya

Scenic Mawlynnong was named the “Cleanest Village in Asia” by an Asian travel magazine. Also known “God’s Own Garden”, the village is an impressive example of a community-based touristy in Meghalaya. The locals have made an interesting Sky read platform from bamboo atop the best tree within the forest, nearly eighty feet up. It offers a bird’s eye read of the village and bird’s eye view across to Bangladesh (the border is simply many kilometres away). Mawlynnong could be a 3-hour drive south of Shillong within the East Khasi Hills. It’s attainable to remain there in a very basic village house or treehouse on support, conjointly created for tourists by the locals.


Dawki is south of Shillong, a picturesque city that carries the label of being the rock-festivals capital of India. The Shillong to Dawki distance takes around three hours and therefore the route for many a part of the journey is that the one that also goes to Cherrapunjee(Sohra), a part that accustomed receive the very best precipitation within the world. the proper a part of the fork close to Umtyngar ends up in Dawki whereas the left and higher road continue to Cherrapunjee.

Laitlum Canyon

You’ll desire you’ve got reached the tip of the globe at Laitlum canyon, solely regarding an hour south of Shillong. If you’ll be able to tear yourself far from gazing across the open expanse of the gorge, it’s potential to hike down a steep way to the village of Rasong. The 350 around inhabitants of this remote village in Meghalaya have faith in a country cable machine to move food and different essential product up and down the natural depression.


Many mysterious monoliths are found unfold across Meghalaya‘s Khasi and Jaintia Hills, made by the regions’ tribes as an emblem of remembrance. However, the biggest assortment is found within the neighbourhood of Nartiang village within the Jaintia Hills, two hours east of Shillong. This village wont to be the summer capital of the Jaintia rulers and maybe a lesser-known tourer destination excellent for escaping the crowds. The number of the various monoliths there is up to ten meters tall!

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