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Explore Dhanaulti, A Tiny Hill Station In The Himalayan Valley


Dhanaulti is a hidden gem from the very beautiful state of Uttarakhand, India. Unlike other famous hill stations like Shimla, Kulu Manali, Dhanaulti is a small hill station far from the hustle-bustle of the hyping tourists.

We choose hill stations rarely as a vacation destination and try to opt for some happening states and countries. But yo visit a hilltop is not only relaxing but a feasible option for any weekend getaway.

Dhanaulti is located in the middle of a thick forest filled with Oaks and Deoders around the Himalayan ranges making it a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit. People who come here often describe the place to be one of the most peaceful places on earth.

Are you wondering what else can we assure a tourist apart from sightseeing? well, check out today’s post on India Imagine to know more about Dhanaulti.

Things to try while you are in Dhanaulti

Dhanaulti is a hill station with vast landscapes. Hence there will be more outdoor activities compared to indoor or inhouse activities.

Trekking, camping and other adventures

Trekking trails are in abundance in the valleys of Dhanaulti. Trekkers from all over come here to trek without having to worry about the whooping crowd. Camping spots in Dhanaulti os another spot on for the travel enthusiast. You can stay at the tiny tents in the camps and watch stars in the clear sky sitting around the bonfire.

Dhanaulti Trekking Adventure
Dhanaulti Trekking Adventure / Image credit: commons.wikimedia,org

Camp Thangdhar, Kanatal Adventure Camp and Dhanaulti Park are some fantastic spots to camp with your friends and families by side. The camping activities include river crossing, zigzag bars, badminton in the evening time and rock climbing. And for those who are looking for a relaxed mode, bird-watching in the camp is the one.
Tourists often have an extreme adventure in their mind and trekking on top of Top Niba or going on a mountain bike ride and experience the longest zip line tour to make their dream come true.

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Sightseeing and places at Dhanaulti

Entire Dhanaulti is a hub of sightseeing, but what you can’t miss is the Apple Orchard Resort. It is a glasshouse restaurant and Orchards that ensures tourists to sit there and have a good time. They also collect the best of organic products in form of fruits and vegetables to take back home. The breathtaking views are another factor that pulls people to come there and sit relax.


Chanderi / Image credit:

The next place on my list is the Chanderi Town which is a small settlement in the Himalayas. The place has some exquisite architectural reminiscent from the Rajput or the Mughal Sultanate era.

Tehri Dam:

The Tehri Dam is another attraction that is a must-visit. The dam may be for electricity purpose or irrigation purposes but to tourist’s eyes, it is a marvelously built dam with a fabulous picturesque.

Tehri Dam / Image Via :

The next spot or landmark of Dhanaulti is the Deogarh fort. The place is a bit for ancient roots with decorated murals in the vast palace.


Worship and spirituality

Surkanda devi temple
Surkanda devi temple / Image credit:

Surkanda Devi temple and Dashavatar temple are two religious places most visited by tourists and locals alike. Both temples have their own story to tell and their beauty to ensure. The first one is dedicated to the Goddess Parvati and the later was built during the reign of the Gupta dynasty completely dedicated to Lord Vishnu. You can go directly to the temple through the village in any available mode of transport or go trekking all over to reach the beautiful temples.

It is comparatively easy to reach Dhanaulti, tourists can reach the destination via road, railway and flight. People nearby places plan a weekend getaway while others do come here to enjoy a week-long vacation to relax and enjoy serendipity. It’s your turn to visit the place and get mesmerized!

Bon Voyage!

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