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Explore The Foods of Traditional European Cuisine


Europe is home to some incredible foods. Mostly people from different part of the world want to visit European countries like Spain, Italy, Denmark, Romania, Switzerland, etc. These countries are well known for their diversified culture, ancient history, art and most importantly for the cuisine.

Every European country has a different taste and flavour that will leave you surprised and craving for more. With so many options, it gets challenging to choose among the traditional food. In this blog, we have listed the Top15 traditional foods from across Europe which you must try.

1. Arancini ⇒ Italy

In southern Italy, Arancini is the most popular dish sold by vendors. Arancini are the stuffed rice balls which are coated with bread crumbs which gives a crunchy touch when deep fried. Mozzarella cheese filling in Arancini enhances its taste.

Arancini, Via: Youtube

Today, with the increasing popularity of this fast food in modern Italian food culture, Arancini is found mostly in Sicilian food outlets, particularly in Palermo and Messina.

2. Pierogi ⇒ Poland

Poland is best known for Vodka but one dish, Pierogi is also famous there. This dish is like dumplings, which comes in various flavours.

Pierogi, Via:

Pierogi is prepared from grated meat or potatoes then fried in butter with onions or baked in the oven. It is best served with sauerkraut. Even veggie lovers can also relish this excellent dish.

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3. Waffles ⇒ Belgium

Belgium is famous for the best dessert, the Belgian Waffles. They are crunchy from outside but soggy and warm from inside.

Belgium Waffles, Via:

These waffles are presented with strawberries, whipped cream and everyone’s favourite Nutella. Next time you are in Belgium, do try the Belgian Waffles out.

4. Pizza ⇒ Italy, European Cuisine

Italy needs no introduction as Italian Pizza widely famous  European Cuisine around the globe. Pizza is prepared initially in Italy. Though there are many other dishes that you should try in Italy, this should not be missed.

Italian Pizza, Via:

Many cities are trying and competing over making the best Pizza. However, you should try Pizza in Naples.

5. Hamburger Steak ⇒ Denmark

Hamburger steak is one of the traditional dishes prepared in Denmark. It is also pronounced as Hakkebof. For making the steaks, finely chopped beef is used and then mixed in the flour.

Hamburger Steak, Via:

Afterward, it is fried and served with potatoes and fried onion with gravy. The preparation of this dish varies from city to city in Denmark.

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6. Goulash ⇒ Hungary

Hungary has been offering goulash from centuries. People love this famous European Cuisinein Europe.

Hungary Special Goulash, Via:

Goulash consists of vegetables and meat that is seasoned with paprika and served with bread and a drink. It is a thick stew, can be taken as soup.

7. Palatschinken ⇒ Austria

Palatschinken is the Austrian version of pancakes. They can be enjoyed in numerous ways, either with butter or with maple syrup.

Austrian Palatschinken, Via: Pinterest

You can use sweet or savoury fillings, or chopped up and added to the soup.

8. Currywurst ⇒ Germany, European Cuisine

Currywurst is the best fast food you will find in Berlin, Germany. It consists of steamed and fried sausage. The pork sausage is cut in pieces and bested with ketchup and curry powder.

Currywurst, Via:

An ideal approach to enjoy currywurst is with fries and a cola. There is a museum dedicated to currywurst in Berlin.

9. Cannoli Siciliani ⇒ Italy, European Cuisine

One of the traditional European Cuisine apart from Pizza is Cannoli Siciliani. It is prepared with tube-shaped shells of fried pasta. Loaded up with sheep ricotta with chocolate, vanilla, pistachios.

Cannoli Siciliani, Via:

An essential element in Cannoli Siciliani is Marsala wine, which enhances the taste of this dish.

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10. Quiche ⇒ France, European Cuisine

Quiche is a traditional European Cuisine, very well known in France. Quiche word means “cake”.  Many variations of Quiche are available.

Classic Quiche, Via:

It can be easily made with vegetables, cheeses and meats. A great thing about this food is that it can be served alone or with soups, salads, or fruits.

11. Köttbullar ⇒ Sweden

Kottubullar is popularly known as Swedish meatballs. Kottubullar are traditionally prepared from pork, meat or combination of both and little amount of cream sauce.

Swedish Meatballs, Via:

The Swedish meatballs can be served with boiled potatoes and egg noodles as well.

12. Greece ⇒ Gyros, European Cuisine

The dish originated in Greece and more recent years has become famous across the world, including in the U.S.

Chicken Gyros, Via:

A Gyro or Gyros is a Greek dish prepared from meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The correct way to pronounce Gyro is ‘Yee-roh’.

13. Cabbage Rolls ⇒ Romania

Traditional Cabbage rolls are called sarmale in Romania. These rolls are prepared from finely chopped meat with rice and spices.

Romanian Cabbage Rolls, Via: Pinterest

Then rolled into fermented or baked cabbage leaves and boiled for hours in a special sauce that flavours and moderate the beef.

14. Paella ⇒ Spain

Paella, a generous rice-based dish, is an absolute ordered European Cuisine in Spain. It arrives in a variety of styles, including vegetable, meat, fish and is most intently connected with Valencia, a port city on the east bank of Spain.

Spain Special Paella, Via:

It is accepted to have gotten its name from the Latin word “patella,” signifying pan.

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15. Fondue ⇒ Switzerland

Fondue, a pot of creamy, melted cheese for dipping pieces of bread and meats. It was assigned as a national dish in Switzerland by the Swiss Cheese Union in the early ’30s to increase the consumption of cheese.

Swiss Cheese Fondue, Via:

Today, it’s a symbol of Swiss unity and a favourite dessert among the Switzerland citizens.

So these are our best European Cuisine all over European Countries. Other than these mentioned above which are your favourite dishes from Europe, plz mention all those in our comment box.

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