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10 Exciting Travel Destinations of Brazil


Glimpses of Rio Carnival

Brazil is a thrilling world travel destination and famous for being home to one of the world’s best football teams, for the biggest show on earth-the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and the Remarkable Iguazu Falls. Brazil is South America’s largest country and such a beheld paradise. Diversified ecosystems, with rare wild plant and animal species, kayaking through rainforests, horse riding, watching whales by the seashore, snorkeling in coastal reefs, samba dancing, best Dj nights, white sand beaches, history, culture, and big, full-power cities.

Let’s explore with us the ten best places to visit in Brazil.

1. Rio de Janeiro Brazil

There is no destination on earth more reanimate and exciting than Rio de Janeiro. It is situated in southeastern Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city of South America because of its well-known mountains, landmarks, shorelines, and Carnival celebration. Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s biggest seaports covered by natural temptations that include Sugarloaf and Corcovado.

The Christ of Redeemer. Via:

The city’s historic landmark is the Colossal Christ & the Redeemer statue sitting on Corcovado mountain. Festivals here are among the biggest on the planet, with energetic parades, outfits, moving, music, firecrackers, and road parties. You can also witness the biggest show on earth- The Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the biggest carnival with 2 million people per day on roads of Rio city.

2. Salvador de Bahia Brazil

A historic old town, delightful shorelines, vivacious culture and one of the world’s most celebrated Carnival festivities all style Salvador into probably the best spot to visit in Brazil. Perhaps the oldest city in the Americas, Salvador is Brazil’s third-biggest megacity and capital of Bahia.

Surfing at El Salvador, Via:

Situated on the coast of Bay of All Saints, Salvador offers phenomenal shorelines that are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and surfing. The absolute most mainstream includes Porto de Barra, Flamengo, and Stella Maris.

3. Iguazu Falls Brazil

One of the world’s most dazzling natural wonder, Iguazu Falls is a progression of superb waterfalls. Situated on the Iguazu River, extending across the border of Brazil and Argentina. The falls all by themselves is a stunning scene.

Iguazu Fall, Via:

However, their magnificence is even more enhanced by the surrounding of lush forest loaded with exotic wildlife. The gateways to the falls on the Brazilian side is Foz do Iguazu, a significant and sensibly safe city by Brazilian standard.

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4. Paraty

Renowned as Heaven of tropical timberlands, Paraty is a famous travel destination of Brazil. Situated in the Rio De Janerio state along the Green Coast of Brazil. Paraty is a lovely city with many historic centers, pebbled streets and vibrant colourfull houses. Despite these facts, the Colonial Architect of Portuguese and marvelous natural wonders make Paraty popular among tourists. Additionally, you can also chill out with your family members on the beachfront in Barra do Corumbe. Also, visit Saco do Mamangua which is the most remarkable natural wonders of Paraty.

5. Fortaleza

Decent beaches, dynamic shopping, and enthusiastic culture all make Fortaleza one of Brazil’s prevalent spots to visit. The most well-known beach is Praia do Futuro. However, different top choices are Iracema, Mucuripe, and Meireles. Exclusively famous for swimming, sunbathing and surfing.

Fortaleza Beach Park Resort, Via:

Additionally, they offer lodgings and cafes. Although Fortaleza is popular for its beaches that are interrupted by palm trees, red cliffs, dunes and lagoons. As there are more than 25 beaches nearby resulting in numerous attractions as well as adventure activities. Such as driving through the dunes, kite and windsurfing, surfing, boat trips, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, beach volleyball and much more.

6. Olinda, Brazil

One of Brazil’s best-saved colonial cities, Olinda is situated on Atlantic Coast in the northeastern territory of Pernambuco. Positioned on a peak surrounded by trees. Olinda’s remarkable downtown is a fortune trove of holy church, beautiful old houses, eateries, galleries, and various craftsman studios. On the other hand, Olinda has cheerful Carnival festivity that varies to some degree from Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. To enjoy the celebration of Olinda, visit at daytime and participate in the music, moves and customs of African culture.

7. Brasilia

Situated in the Federal District of Brazilin highlands, Brasilia is popular for its modern architecture. Listed in the UNESCO world heritage site, the modern infrastructure of Brasilia designed in the shape of an airplane. In this design, each section of the city serves as different districts such as government, commercial, residential and cultural. Consequently, the creative design of new city and buildings attract many architectural experts as well as tourists.

Brasilia’s modern-day infrastructure, Via:

However, most considered is the Three Powers Square, which houses the Presidential Palace, the Congress and the Supreme Court. Other noteworthy buildings include the Brasilia Cathedral with its glass roof that resembles hands reaching up to heaven.

8. Sao Paulo Brazil

Situated in southern Brazil, Sao Paulo is the most vibrant and colorful city in Brazil. The world’s most populous city, Sao Paulo is popular for cultural festivals, delicious food, ethnic gatherings and for its iconic building Neo-Gothic Cathedral. Apart from this, tourist visits Sao Paulo for witnessing the amazing skylines such as Art Deco Farol Santander is the visited building. Also, San Paulo is the biggest state with the Japanese population, outside Japan. This is the reason behind the most delicious Japanese cuisine at Sao Paulo.

9. Manaus

Located in northwestern Brazil, Manaus is the capital of the Amazonas state. Renowned as every traveler’s goal as it is the passage for the Amazon rainforest. The main highlights of this city are the Amazonas Opera House and the Rio Negro Palace. Similarly, another noteworthy attraction of Manaus is the Meeting of the Waters, a natural wonder where the two waterways of the Rio Negro and Solimoes River which has pale sandy colored water run next to each other for many miles without getting mixed.

Enjoy the scenic view of Meeting of the waters at Manaus, Via: The Pale Trail

Aside from this, travelers can take a selfie with Victoria Amazonica, which is the largest waterlily in the world. Found in abundance in Amazon River that begins in Manaus.

10. Recife

Venice of Brazil is the nickname for Recife because of its waterways and bridges. Arranged in the tropical forest with numerous islands and waterways. Recife is a prominent vacationer goal due to its famous old town, beaches, and dynamic culture. Recife was a Dutch settlement during the17th century, and no place is this more apparent than the architecturally significant area where numerous frontier structures remain.

Boa Viagem shark-infested beach, Recife

The beaches here are viewed as the absolute best in Brazil. Fixed with lodgings, cafes, bars. Boa Viagem is the most prevalent beach with its flawless white sands, clear water, and coral reef.

Concluding here, but about Brazil, I can only say it is the most delightful place to travel. The country has been thrilling the travelers over the years. Remember that travel before you run out of time.

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