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The Famous ”BIG FOUR” Fashion Weeks That Will Give You Serious Fashion Goals


Gone are the day when clothing is just a part and parcel of life, or say necessity. Now, clothes are a trendsetter, makes fashion statement and can cost you a hefty amount and drain your pocket too. But it is all worth it when you come across brands and styles markers by Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton. For the budding designer in you or just to update your wardrobe with a fashion statement, all you have to check out the fashion shows conducted throughout the world.

When talking about designer clothings, fashion week is feasts for eye to the people who are fashion lovers. On top of it when it comes to the “BIG FOUR” fashion week, you just need to grab your heart, for its definitely going to take away your breath. The “BIG FOUR” fashion weeks are Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.

Grab your seat while we go through the Fabulous Wardrobes, Grand Runways, Famous Designers and the gorgeous and handsome models walking the ramp!

Paris Fashion Week

Location: Paris, France

Paris Fashion Week is the dream event for the Fashion lover’s and designers equally. The event is held biannually in Paris and France. Mostly the fashion week is noted as Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter collections. Apart from high-end trends and glamourous quotient, the fashion event has some major responsibility towards eco-fashion as well. The 2020 fashion event would be the main target of climate and eco-trendy clothes. Major brands like Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Chanel, Alexander McQueen will be exhibiting their new and trendy innovation at one of the famous fashion events on earth.


Interesting facts to be noted:

Paris Fashion Week prohibits models who are under 18 years of age. Luxury brands like LVMH and Kering, have made the fact clear that and hence it is a complete “No model under 18 years” that will be recruited. Also keeping the strict French law into consideration, Fashion Week will completely disallow models with “size zero” to attend.

London Fashion Week

Location: London, United States

One of the glamorous fashion shows that takes place twice a year in February and September is London Fashion Week. The fashion show embarks more than 250 designers to influencers and media across the globe on the particular event making it one of the most admired fashion weeks on the earth. It is the hub of innovation and opens door to hundreds of amateur fashion designers trying to leave a mark on the glamour business. It also exhibits accessories, footwear, jewelry that mix and match the entire trends for both Men and Women clothing.


Interesting facts to be noted:

The maiden London Fashion Week was held inside a white tent which was organized by Annette Worsley – Tylor. It was in the year 1984! Also, this fashion week witnessed the career launch of big fashion names Alexander McQueen and Roland Mouret.

New York Fashion Week

Location: Manhattan, New York

Around February and September, the magnificent New York Fashion show is been held. World-famous designer yet again displays here, their new innovations that would be soon a trendsetter in the fashion industry as well as fashion lovers across the world. The fashion week with a devoted VIP pass, open doors to many futuristic events and glamour’s catwalks that you dare to fathom. You would be accessed to guaranteed seats and various drinks and other varieties that would fall complementary to the issued pass. The fashion show is attended by buyers, press and the general public that makes the event more vibrant and colorful.

New York Fashion Week, Via: fashionista.com

Interesting facts to be noted:

New York fashion show was first inaugurated in 1943, but it took almost 50 years to take New York Fashion seriously by the fashion industry and buyers alike. At first, it was only the press that was allowed to attend the event, no public was ever allowed!

Milan Fashion Week

Location: Milan, Italy

The grand fashion week is held twice a year, by March and mid-October, stands in the third row of the consecutive schedule of “Big Four” Fashion weeks. It was first held in the year 1958. The event is mainly organized by the “National Chamber of Italian Fashion”. Milan fashion show conducts more than 40 shows during the week, and tourist and fashion lovers across the world pour in to be a part of this spectacular event. Famous designers and well-known names like Maria Antonelli, Roberto Cappucci, Alberto Fagiani are involved in the event to make it the grandeur it is known.


Interesting facts to be noted:

Milan, Italy is known for its fashion statement. Thus the event is famous for its runway shows, particularly focusses on the trendsetter for Men’s clothing from grad brands like Gucci to Prada.

However, many other fashion weeks are famous and grand when it comes to organizing and the VVIPs attending them, such as Arab Fashion Week and Berlin Fashion Week. But, the Big Four stands out and attracts people all over the globe to be a part of it.

You need not be a fashionista to attend these fashion weeks, but you will turn out be one after attending, that’s for sure!!!

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