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Experience African Magic of Liberia Like Never Before!


Liberia is the African country that is last on our list. This wonderful country is a spotlight for beautiful culture and tradition. It lays bordered with other places like Sierra Leone and Guinea that we have already covered. Much like another African country, Liberia is also blessed with nature and wildlife. So, there is no wonder that the place will provide you with much-awaited scenic beauty along with beaches and water coasts. Even though there would be less in terms of other activities or you may miss the urban tourism that may feast our eyes, African countries are worth a visit to know how raw and untamed a wilderness can be

The capital city of Liberia is Monrovia, which is the main tourist attraction as well as the major city that runs the country. After a long lasted Civil war, the tourism of Liberia was damaged to its extreme. And now they are gathering brick by brick to build up the tourism to what it deserves to be.

So, let’s look at the things that a tourist can look forwards to do in Liberia.

The National Museum of Liberia

The National Museum of Liberia
The National Museum of Liberia: Image Credit/

The National Museum of Liberia is located at the heart of the capital city Monrovia. It is now a giant library that attracts people from all parts of the world. The museum is also funded by UNESCO other than the government for running it smoothly. Other than the library the place has gathered some beautiful artifacts and handicrafts that inhibit the culture and tradition of the place. However, the most important and prior goal of the museum is to preserve the country’s long-lasting heritage!
The Museum opens sharply at 9 in the morning and closes at 5 in the evening.

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Cape Mesurado touches the essence of  Portuguese

Cape Mesurado
Cape Mesurado: Image Credit/

In the year 1560, a Portuguese sailor came to this African land he named it Cape Mesurado. It is situated on the coastal island of Liberia, alongside Monrovia and Saint Paul River. And in a long run, the place was peremptorily ruled by the African Americans and the city that we know today was established. For a tourist in you, there is a beautiful lighthouse that serves as an attraction and main landmark around the area which is located at the Mamba Point. Even though it may be a major attraction, it is inactive for time being.

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Sapo National Park for the blend of Nature and Beauty

Sapo National Park
Sapo National Park: Image Credit/

Liberia is a hub to wildlife and that is but obvious for an African country. And Sapo National Park is one place that attracts both tourists and nature lovers alike. It is a convenient place for both solo travelers and those who are looking for quality time with family and friends. Sapo National Park is said to be Liberia’s largest protected rainforest. Here, any kind of activities like logging, fishing, or boating that can disturb the solace of the forest is strictly prohibited. People come here to enjoy the serenity of nature and to breathe fresh air!

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Kpatawee Waterfall for the Nature Lovers

Liberia Waterfalls
Liberia Waterfalls: Image Credit/

The popularity and the charm of the Kpatawee Waterfall are not like any other. It is one of the well-known landmarks for tourist who comes to Liberia. This waterfall is situated in the Suakoko District in Bong County. As we know that tourism is a man of income to the local people there, it is very much known fact that the locals near Kpatawee Waterfall have much of the income from the tourism surrounding it.

Tourists have a gala time hiking in the vicinity of this waterfall. The people come here to get the best out of nature and also for the best outdoor activities. The hiking trail around the Kpatawee Waterfall is remarkably the best one.

Monrovia for Islands and Beaches

Liberian Beach
Liberian Beach: Image Credit/

Tough Monrovia is all about beaches and islands but that is not all about the place. The place has a museum that is very well known among the tourist and travelers. The National Museum of Liberia has restored the culture and past of the land in a precise manner. There are lots of precious artifacts preserved in this museum. Then comes the Matadi Central Mosque is also worth a visit to the local area of Monrovia. Yet another attraction here is the well-known waterside market where you can shop few local items. And now that we come to the beach, Bernard’s beach is the tourist attraction that people often visit. The sandy beach is a perfect mood changer when you walk through the sands in a breezy sunset time. The best part of visiting the place is to be close to nature.

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The Gola Rainforest National Park

Liberian National Park
Liberian National Park: Image Credit/

The Gola Rainforest National Park looks straight from a Hollywood thriller. Dense forest with a stream of water running through in between, the chirping sound of birds and other insects. All give you a perfect ambiance for the hunting trip. Well, that’s not right! You should visit the place to enjoy the nature and ambiance this rainforest provides. There are two places that tourists often visit here, the Tiwai Islands and the Lofa- Mano National Park. The Lofa–Mano national park has some rare bird species that will enchant your heart forever. It is worth a visit to this beautiful, unspoiled forest in Liberia.

The Chocolate City that has nothing to do with Chocolate!

Liberia-Chocolate city
Liberia-Chocolate city: Image Credit/

The Chocolate City is located in the north of Monrovia, in the New Georgia Township. The city has few good tourist attractions like museums, city gatherings and landscapes. The city is one among the few that has a majority of black majors. The city is popular among the locals with two major schools in the area.

Liberia is a beautiful country on the West African coast, with a blooming nature and lively people. And if you are planning a trip to Liberia, it will be worth the time spent. As there is something stored in for everyone. Parks, beaches, islands, museums, monuments, shops and restaurants. What more a wanderlust can ask for in the faraway African land? And till you ponder over the question…It’s a bye from me!
Bon Voyage!!

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