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Making Most of Your Vacation in Mozambique


Mozambique is known for its scenic, culturally diverse and extensive coastline, making it a beautiful place to go to and have a vacation. It’s the best place for a traveler to enjoy the tropical sun, get a tan and soak in the culture. Those looking for a fun escape can look out for the liveliest nightlife in the capital with sidewalk cafes, bars and discotheques. You will be fortunate to check out the largest forest reserves on the Chimoio Plateau to the south of the Lurio River. Special allocations give you an opportunity for game reservations and national hunting areas.


It is an Indian Ocean port city and the capital of Mozambique. Like most African countries under various colonial rulers, they have left some of their histories behind in architecture that blends in the cuisine and culture. The Portuguese who happened to come through the sea route has dramatically influenced the place. Suppose you happen to have a mood for a bit of shopping and desire to collect some souvenirs.

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Port City Capital Maputo/ Image Credit:

In that case, the colorful markets give you a taste of local craftsmanship in terms of handicrafts, different kinds of tribal and traditional jewelry made from various materials. The tie-dye fabrics are the specialty of the region make for a great buy. After all the shopping, you can sit down and relish the local signature seafood plate of peri-peri prawns with a chilled beer. There are several mainland beaches you could explore away from the bustling city.


The place, seemingly named after the local tribal chief Gamela Vilanculo Mukuke, is an amazing coastal town vivid with sunny beaches and several boats doting the horizon with holidayers enjoying kite surfing sessions. For those who love the sun and sand, the Palm-fringed beaches will liven your spirit. There are lots to do than lounge on the sunkissed sand. Diving and snorkeling are some of the water sports that many tourists love.

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Boating in Vilanculos/Image Credit:

It is an excellent opportunity to take to the water and explore the deep mysteries of the sea. The clear water gives you ample scope to check the creatures below in all their glory. It’s an adventure of a lifetime when you get to see colorful urchins and brightly hued fish that dart away—the occasional octopus making its way through the water. You can get caught in the moment with the marvels of the Bazaruto Marine Park.


This city also gets called Tera de Boa Gente, another coastal location for having fun and frolic in the waves of the frothy seas. It’s a great holiday sport with a lot of travelers seeking these beaches for spending their downtime. The Barra Peninsula is a great spot to settle a bit and check out the surroundings. The Manta reef is a well-known place to check out the manta ray sightings, which happens to be the highlight of the place.

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Thatched Chalets in Inhambane/Image Credit:

Well, if you care to check out the whale sharks, I must say it’s not for the faint-hearted, these waters house some of the larges ones. The smell of the sea and salty air add to the romance of spending nights on the beach. The moon rose high above the heads below the palm fronds, shadows dancing in the wind, and listening to the local music is worth the money you spend to get here.

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Bazaruto Archipelago

It is a group of five glittering islands that form a part of the Archipelago. Bazaruto is the biggest marine reserve. If you are a person who hates crowds and wanting to enjoy solitude, there is plenty of space on these beaches because of the vastness of the island. You may have the entire place to your selves. The quiet and serene waters give a golden opportunity for those who want to try out game fishing.

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Bazaruto Archipelago/Image Credit:

Those who want to go exploring deep into the sea for turtles, dugongs, reef sharks, moray eels, sailfish, and marlin are waiting for you. You could get on with your diving gear for snorkeling and diving and watch the sea come alive with all sorts of creatures, big and small. It’s a wonder when a rock you touch was hermit crab minding its business, and you find tiny fish getting in and out seashells as though playing hide seek.

Quirimbas Archipelago

Found on the Indian ocean forming a part of the Quirimbas National Park known for coral reefs, dolphins, whales, dugongs and other species of the sea. These islands look like scattered gems set on the brilliant blue of the sea. These islands are like private escapes for those who can get by chartering helicopter rides to reach these islands.

Underwater Diving in Quirimbas Archipelago/Image Credit:

It’s a great place for people who want to holiday in the privy, especially those honeymooners seeking alone time accommodation of private chalets that boast all amenities. You can check special dive sites that have instructors who help you go on a beautiful journey underwater. The Ibo island, which is part of the Archipelago, can be explored for colonial-era ruins, including forts built during the Portuguese rule.

Gorongosa National Park

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The Wildlife of Gorongosa National Park:

The park is a home of lions, hippos, and elephants from the Savannahs. However, the Gorongosa region is long known for its fever tree forests and palm thickets. The grassy flood plains near the wide rivers house the country’s last rain forest. The park has gotten adulation after undergoing an extensive rehabilitation program. It is one of the biggest five safaris found in the world. You definitely get to meet different game animals, diverse set of wildlife in terms of birds allowing you to see the real untamed Africa in all its grandeur.


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Surfing on The Waves/ Image Credit:

A beautiful port town created around a natural bay has quite a few run-down Portuguese architectures, which still are good to see among the baobab trees. The bay has a beautiful reef bed and shores, a good place to relax for the day. But suppose you are in the mood for shopping around. In that case, the markets are a great place to let out your steam because you will get marveled at the fare on display with handicrafts to the local costumes are something that every traveler would like to try on or take home because of the wonderful way they are made and worn by the locals.

Nissa reserve

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Elephant Herd in Nissa Reserve/Image Credit:

The Nissa reserve is one of the largest conversation areas in Africa. The reserve has been quite remote hence not accessible to tourism. However, recently it has got noticed, and a huge curiosity among wildlife enthusiasts to check the wilderness of this reserve. The sightings may take days because of the large area. Patience is the key to observe and get good images of the game. Apart from the animals, if you are an avid bird watcher, this place will give you all the thrills. You will be lucky to get experienced guided walks and game drives to this secluded expanse of the African wilderness.

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For those who want live encounters with the wild, Mozambique is a place that spooks you with the sheer number of snakes right from the venomous to brightly colored mambas all are there. You could check out the crocs and hippos on the slow-moving waterways. If all this is too much for one day, you could stay put on the beachfront resorts and enjoy your vacation taking in the tropical sun.

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