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Explore Gabon City – Paradise of Africa


Gabon City is also known as the Gabonese Republic of Africa. Commercially, Gabon City is famous for its oil-making industries and manganese production. It is incredible among its central African neighbors which makes it amazing as Eden on Earth. Gabon City is one of the tourist-friendly destinations of Africa. Its genuine adventure is simply holding on to win your heart and make you plan for this beautiful city of Africa to visit.

Here are the top 8 tourist destinations to visit in Gabon City, Africa. Let’s have a look.

1. Libreville

The city Libreville was established during the nineteenth century by liberated slaves and the name “Libreville” signifies Freetown in French. Now the city is gradually developing which is the biggest city of Gabon in Africa. Libreville is situated on the northern seashore of the Gabon River estuary and adjacent to the Gulf of Guinea northwest of Gabon City.

Libreville, Gabon
Libreville, Gabon City / Image credit:

Libreville has so many places to explore like business sectors companies, National Museum, the Presidential Palace, Musée des Arts et Traditions du Gabon and Saint Michael Cathedral. Here you can see clean roads, cleared streets, fantastic hotels for food, great French wine, casinos and gated communities. If you want to relax at the beachside, there is a little spot of seashore like Ekwata Island for sunbathing and swimming activities.

2. Point Denis

Point Denis beach has marvelous white sand and which is well known for leatherback turtles. It is the most popular shoreline resort in Gabon, situated between the Gabon Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is delicately inclining into the sea and with dense vegetation and beautiful palm trees behind the scenes, the seashore gives an ideal location to be relaxed,  walk here and perfect for family vacations.

Pointe Denis
Pointe Denis / Image credit:

The attractive sandy seashore with trees and clear waters are some of the factors for tourists to visit this place for spending vacations here. The water activities like swimming, boating, and spotting huge whales are adding charm for any beach lover who can enjoy coming to this place.

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3. Mayumba National Park

Mayumba National Park is located in southwestern Gabon on the coast close to the boundary of Congo and  Mayumba town. The Mayumba coastline is portrayed as uncovered sandy seashores and broad freshwater, flowing or saline tidal ponds. These tidal ponds act like a tremendously profitable framework supporting an abundance of greenery, significant mangroves, overwhelmed timberlands and lagoons.

Mayumba, Gabon
Mayumba, Gabon / Image credit:

The natural surroundings are encompassed with mangroves which are the home of seaside fish and bird species. Other animals like elephants and gazelles in the backwoods can be seen here. The gatherings of dolphins especially humpback dolphins will attract you to keep watching them enjoying at the seashore.

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4. Lastoursville

The word Lastoursville was named by mining engineer, a team member of Savorgnan de Brazza, Rigail de Lastours, who established the post of Madiville, who worked inverse Fétiche Island. After two years, he died, and his grave appears on the waterway at the peak of the city, which since that day has been called Lastoursville. Currently, Lastoursville runs along the Ogooué River, streets along the riverside have become the gathering place for foresters.

Lastoursville Caves
Lastoursville Caves / Image credit:

If you look at the history of Lastourville, there are around 35 caves present in thick essential rainforest. The evidence shows that these caves were framed exactly 50 million years prior, and human activity has been appeared to go back nearly 7000 years when the caves were used for auspicious ceremonies. This place holds a unique and historical identity, so it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Status also.

5. Franceville

Franceville is a little beautiful town situated in southeastern Gabon and on the eastern banks of the  Ogooué River. Franceville was established by French wayfarer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza in the year 1880 which was the part of the Middle Congo Colony till 1946. The city comprises stunning Batéké Plateaux National Park along with some casual spots and astonishing landscapes.

Franceville, Gabon
Franceville, Gabon / Image credit:

Franceville has a great significance in gold mining activities in Gabon City. If you are a coffee lover, so this place will give you the ultimate pleasure of tasting the best beverage in the world as Franceville produces the best coffee in the world that is exported to different countries also.

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6. Makoku and Kingou Falls

Gabon has the beautiful falls just like  Niagara falls which is situated at Kongou. Kongou falls is perhaps the most astounding in Africa. It takes only three to five hours of journey from the town of Loa to reach Kingou falls. You can spend the nights in the forest, enjoy bonfires and local African foods.

Kongou Falls
Kongou Falls / Image credit:

You can visit easily through the nice strolls in the forest. These forests have the animals like elephants, gorillas, dim parrots, chimpanzees and red waterway hoards that live here. These falls are fabulous to explore through kayaking and boating also.

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7. Cristal Mountain

Cristal Mountains are the chain of low mountains that runs equally along the Atlantic shore of west-central Africa. These mountains cover the nations of Equatorial Guinea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,  Gabon and Angola. National Park Crystal Mountains is an amazing spot for tourists to visit and experience the wilderness of Gabon City. The trail is full of plants like Wapaka, Aleppo, Ozigo, Okoume, longuié red, etc. Have great importance for any botanical researcher to discover more at Cristal Mountains. There is a recreation center which is the home of species like monkeys and elephants.

Crystal Mountain
Crystal Mountain / Image credit:

This recreation center is known globally for its organic lavishness and we welcome you to find this exceptional spot. These mountains are also the home to a remarkable variety of uncommon and vivid butterflies. For any butterfly seeker, this place is more than a paradise of Africa. When clouds are at hike many types of butterflies show up, some of them are extremely uncommon like cymothoe or graphium angrier and   euphaedra brevis.

8. Loango

Loango is  a genuine gem of Africa’s west coast known as “Africa’s Last Eden.” It is situated between the Nkomi and Ndogo Lagoons, here Loango National Park is home to a staggering variety of territories and abandoned seashores from dense tropical jungles to the serpentine curves and contorts of mangrove woods, Loango offers numerous sights for any real essence lover.

Loango Lodge, Gabon City
Loango Lodge, Gabon City / Image credit:

Gabon holds the significant thickness of natural life on the planet and this  Loango National Park is flaunting its plentiful gather to the world. Loango is home to animals like hippos, panthers,  western swamp gorillas, sitatunga, crocodiles,  chimpanzees, duikers, a wide range of monkey species, wide range of birds and the world’s biggest grouping of humpback whales and dolphins in South Africa.

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At last, I conclude this article by saying, Gabon City is not only famous for its oil production and mining activities but also this place comprises natural scenic beauty in the form of mountains, parks, caves, waterfalls, flora and fauna. Gabon city has a unique heartbeat packed with wild, amazing business sectors and breathtaking coastlines. Whether you plan a business trip or vacation, Gabon city holds everything according to your trip mood. Hopefully, you liked the article where nature at its dazzling shimmer of its own in Gabon City.

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