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10 Amazing Places To Enjoy Nightlife In Singapore


Apart from being clean, green and economically stable, Singapore is also famous for its nightlife style. Singapore is a global financial center and it has a multicultural population. This city is a hub for drinks, lights and never being sober. When Sun hits the west, the lights of the club will blind your eyes, the clubhouse will fill your ears DJ and you have to be ready with your party shoe on to dance it off. This city never sleeps and I’m pretty sure it will not let you sleep either.

Here I am going to help you in losing yourself in the city of grace and vibrant colors while enjoying the nightlife in Singapore

1. Clark Quay, Nightlife In Singapore

The magnificent quay alongside the Singapore River is the main attraction for nightlife. This place has everything one party animal is going to need from mind-blowing cocktail drinks to exotic DJ. This place was used to be a commercial centre for Singapore. Today this place is crawling with raw street art and adventurous sports. This place even has Opera House where most of the VIPs check out.

Clark Quay, Nightlife In Singapore
Get Juiced Clubs at Clarke Quay, Via:

Things to enjoy here:

  • Clubbing: With DJs from different genres like electronic, jazz, rock, indie, even Bollywood, I don’t think you can ask for anymore than that to dance it all night. You can grab your girlfriends or boyfriends and hit the dance floor there.
  • Food: They have spectacular riverboat dinning to add a romantic touch to your evening in most possible ways.
  • Adventure Sports: Various adventurous sports can also fill your evening if you have this in your mind. They have G-Max Reverse Bungy and GX- 5 extreme Swing have always won adventurous hearts in Clarke Quay.

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2. Marina Bay

This humongous 5-Star hotel will offer you everything you could ask for from your nights in Singapore. The best thing they have us infinity pool overlooking the world’s largest rooftop. The floating pavilions will enchant you. This luxurious 55-storey hotel tower has a casino block. The laser show opens at night will not let you take your eyes off of the waterfall tracing down.

People enjoying the light show at Marina Bay Sands, Via:
People enjoying the light show at Marina Bay Sands, Via:

Things to enjoy here:

  • Shopping: This place has its own huge shopping mall down the hotel. If you are shopaholic enough this place has a lot to offer you.
  • Light Show: The perfect laser light is the most beautiful thing to sweep you off your feet. People gather all around to see the spectacular lights dancing all around the tower.
  • Pubbing: The rooftop bar will call you from anywhere around the world for its delicious cocktail drinks with amazing views.

3. Pub Crawl, Nightlife In Singapore

This is organized every week that will help in spotting different places where you can have one to many drinks and make countless friends.

Things to enjoy:

  • Making Friends: This activity helps you meeting new people and becoming friends with them. Locals and your fellow travelers will enjoy your company with hidden spot hunting.
Pub Crawl, Nightlife In Singapore
Make friends at Pub Crawl, Via:
  • Pubbing: With the help of this activity you can hit many bars and have drinks with your friends. And you can also discover many cuisines to explore your taste bud.

4. Zouk Club

Zouk Club in Kula Lumpur is a night club where you can find a lot of fun things to do in your own term. In this club, there are 11 dance rooms under one rooftop. You can enjoy the vibrant music and dance floor with people dressed casually.

Night Party At Zouk Club Singapore, Via:
Night Party At Zouk Club Singapore, Via:

Things to enjoy:

  • Pubbing: They have a very magnificent bar and beer garden for a countless drink.
    Clubbing: The dance floor is always crawling with people who dance like there is no tomorrow.
  • Food: Lip smacking food and good conversation with your friends will make your every moment very lively.

5. Crane Dance

Just imagine two cranes dancing, no? Okay, let’s try again. Think two magnificent cranes will laser lights dancing and putting up a show by transforming themselves into different figures. Yes, that’s what I am talking about.

Enjoy crane dance at Sentosa, Via:
Enjoy crane dance at Sentosa, Via:

This 10 min show will leave you mesmerized in the night play. They actually show a love story of crane followed by fireworks and music.

Things to enjoy:

  • Light Show: Love the light show put up by cranes will make you fall in love with everything.

6. Altitude Bar

This bar is known by 1-Altitude and will offer you to enjoy 360 degree view from skyline of Singapore. No matter what time it is the city beyond you will look very pretty from up there. With delicious drinks, palatable food and the spectacular view from there will leave you in awe.

Things to enjoy:

  • Watching Sunset: Watching the sun going down with your favourite drink in your hand, I don’t think you can miss such pleasure in your life.
  • Pubbing: They serve tasty cocktails and drinks to give your visit an awesome nightlife style.
Nightlife at 1-Altitude Bar, Via:
Nightlife at 1-Altitude Bar, Via:
  • Clubbing: They have ladies performing to tempt you to dance again.
  • Food: Toothsome food with 360 degree view of the city will be the most romantic date for you and your partner.

7. Tanjong Beach Club

If you want something peaceful, quiet and serene this is the best hideaway for you. They serve Mediterranean dishes that will take your taste bud to another level. You can enjoy drinking, dining, playing and many more activities here.

Enjoy swimming with your friends at Tanjong Beach Club, Via:
Enjoy swimming with your friends at Tanjong Beach Club, Via:

Things to enjoy:

  • Swimming: The beach offers you a vast ocean to swim and let go of your stressful vibes and let in party vibes.
  • Dinning: Although the beach has an open roof but there are partially shaded areas to let you dine comfortably. You can enjoy the drool worthy food with your friends and beach view.
  • Games: Here in sun you can soak your body and okay beach games with your friends. These activities makes the beach more lively and happening.

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8. Pangea Club

This night club in Singapore is famously known as the highest earning club in Singapore. This a luxe lounge in Marina Bay Sands. Here people specially come to party till dawn. This place has more than 20000 light bulbs adding glow to room. The theme of the club is strictly based on jungle Safari. Sofas are designed by animal skin.

Pangea Club, Via:
Pangea Club, Via:

Things to enjoy:

  • Pubbing: This rich man’s club has many drinks to offer to its customers. They have a strictly 3min serving policy.
  • Clubbing: They do not have a dance club but it does not keep the audience away from one of the most tempting desires that is dancing. You can dance at your table only. Don’t worry it’s not weird because almost everyone will be doing it so.

9. Chinatown

You love street food, shopping and roaming around? Voila, we got a perfect thing for you to do in Singapore. Chinatown has to offer you traditional cuisine with traditional views. It is a narrow maze road taking your feet to beautiful ways. This area has a lot of heritage in-store to display for its viewers. Temples, museum and many more things are scattered throughout Chinatown.

Street market- Chinatown, Via:
Street market- Chinatown, Via:

Things to enjoy:

  • Buddha Tooth Relic: The beautiful 4-storey Buddha temple with red and white walls is among very popular tourist attractions here.
  • Red Dot Design Museum: The Museum is filled with gadgets and displaying them in a different light. This will make you look at things from a different perspective.
  • Street Market: Made in China good can be found here at abundance. Street food wanders are also scattered here all over the market will win your senses. At night the market is filled with beautiful lights and will mesmerize you at your best.

10. Holland Village, Nightlife In Singapore

This beautiful place is exactly what you had in your mind while coming to Singapore. Filled with a lot of eateries and shops, this place is going to win your shopaholic and foodie heart all over again. Not only for tourists, this place is a paradise for locals also, the supermarket has cold storage for fresh groceries.

Holland Village, Nightlife In Singapore
Famous Wala Wala Cafe Bar at Holland Village, Via:

Things to enjoy:

  • Dinning: There are lot of café and coffee shops here to serve you lip smacking Chinese food. You can stroll through the streets and find out what your senses desire much.
  • Shopping: From shopping groceries to antiques, this market has everything in the display to sell. People stroll around and pick what they find unique.

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