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7 Best Beaches in Singapore


Singapore is famous for Beaches and parties that everybody loves in Southeast Asia. The country has 63 islands, and one of the major ones is Pulau Ujong and several others. In recent times the country has gone through massive development from the last half of the century. In Singapore, many beaches finished in that development. New harbors were made by wiping out the beaches. But in Singapore, you can find plenty of islands that can help you in enjoying the vacations.

The country represents you with fantastic nightlife, water sports, beach sports, amazing landscapes, music festivals and of course beaches. The beaches around here are natural, and some of them are human-made. Beaches in Singapore divide into two major parts. One is the beaches of Sentosa island, and another is the east coast beaches. But Sentosa is very popular amongst tourists and one of the best places to visit. Nowadays tourist visits Sentosa because they may find most of the attractive beaches on this island. So let’s see some of the best beaches in Singapore:

1. Siloso Beach – Best Beaches in Singapore

One of the most active beaches in entire Singapore is Siloso Beach. Here you will find all sorts of activities happening all day long, for example dancing and partying, etc. This is a beach on the South-Western coast of Sentosa island and famous for spending weekend and family vacations also.

Siloso Beach - Best Beaches in Singapore
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It is the only beach where you will never find a dull or silent environment, it is said to be a public beach and always packed with an infinite number of people. The beach is widely famous for water sports activity, horse riding, playing volleyball, etc. If you are a person who likes thrilling adventure, then you should visit this place because you will have access to bungee jumping, giant swing, sky bridge, zip-lining, water-jetpacking, and many more.

2. Tanjong Beach – Best Beaches in Singapore

Tanjong Beach is a human-made beach and famous as one of the best beaches in Singapore. If you want to know why this beach is one of the best beach in Singapore? The answer is because the beach is especially for relaxing and chilling in the daylight environment. And simultaneously colourfull and vibrant at night.

Tanjong Beach - Best Beaches in Singapore
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One of the major attractions of the island is that it has been designed and constructed in the form of a moon-shaped structure.  Tanjong Beach is the ultimate party destination, where the club itself organizes night party at the beach once in a month. Even the club also hosts several types of events and gatherings such as movies, yoga sessions, and meet-ups for the tourist. It has all the components that make this beach a perfect place.

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3. Changi Beach

Changi beach is located on the east coast, and it is one of the best in class, tropical beaches in Singapore. The area of The Changi beach is around 28-hectare that consists of a long narrow strip of sand. Here you can enjoy cycling, running, and other sports activities. In Changi Beach, you will also find events for all age groups, even the facility for hiking is also available for adults.

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Some activities are pre-defined, and everyone can perform. You should also go for Changi jetty and look at the arrival and take-off of 747 Boeing airplane. Here you can acquire a bicycle and enjoy the entire beach. As a tourist, you can visit the historic Changi village and can observe and see the life of people residing over there. Even you can visit the World War – 2 memorial.

4. Palawan Beach

The beach is located in the center of Sentosa and filled with lush greenery and a variety of palm trees, white shinny sand with a combination of blue water. The beach is designed and managed in a certain way, and it is connected with a small island through a suspension bridge, which looks beautiful.

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It is not necessary to use the bridge to go on the other side you can swim or walk through the water, it’s a kind of adventure. Some of the best activities that you can do are beach sports or water sports like jetpacking, boat riding, and jet boarding. There is a famous theme park, Palawan Pirate Ship. Even the facility of food is excellent, and you can find almost all types of cuisine.

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5. Punggol Beach – Best Beaches in Singapore

It is one of the most unexplored beaches in Singapore, but in terms of beauty, the beach is very fantastic and beautiful. In the Punggol beach, you will see large rocks spread all over the island that transforms the image of the island. This is not a human-made island, and it is entirely natural.

Punggol Beach - Best Beaches in Singapore
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If you are getting bore and frustrate with the city life and want to spend some time alone, then you must visit this beach. Punggol beach is famous for the peaceful environment; here, you will not find many local people or tourists. But it doesn’t mean that no activities nor exercises ever happens here, there are some water sports and rides that tend to occur at regular intervals. Although most of the time, the beach is quiet and pleasant.

6. Lazarus Island

This is one of the few islands in Singapore that is natural. Lazarus Island is one of the famous islands in Singapore. This island is different and has some unique vibes in it. The Lazarus island is very famous amongst the honeymoon couples because of its fantastic view and peaceful atmosphere.

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The island connects with the St. John’s island through a board walkway. The island feels very natural as it contains coral reefs, amazing flora, and fauna with the hilly landscape. People come here to explore the ocean they dive into and seek amazing fishes, tortoise, coral reefs, etc. Couples and tourist takes pretty photographs and explores the beach. If you want to visit here then, first reach St.John’s island. After that you can take a 10-minute walk to Lazarus island.

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7. Pulau Ubin – Best Beaches in Singapore

Among all beaches and islands in Singapore, this is one of the beaches that can generate the feeling of residing in heaven. This is a peaceful place, and it feels that here you leave all your past life and regrets. Originally Pulau Ubin has been called by Pulau Batu Jubin or Granite stone island because, in back days, the island was a great supplier of granites in around 1800.

Pulau Ubin - Best Beaches in Singapore
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But now the government has stopped all granite work due to which attraction of tourists increases drastically. Visitors schedule their time and visit the famous Chek Jawa wetland beaches, lush greenery, and local dishes. Island architecture is also an excellent tourist can also hire a bike and can explore the beach.

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