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10 Dream Destinations In The Philippines


Are you wondering what is the dream destination for spending a vacation as well as a trip and honeymoon are? One of the best countries to do this is the Philippines. The Philippines also has many islands, i.e. 7500 islands. The Philippines has categorised under three geographical divisions, for example, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao etc. This country has so many destinations to choose from, just set your goals and get ready for fun. From almost 7500 islands, only 2000 islands are inhabited, and the other 5000 islands are not yet named.

If you are bored while visiting the islands and beaches, you can also visit the city side of the country which is also very beautiful and vibrant. The culture of the Philippines is a blend of traditional Filipino and Spanish traditions, which was influenced by America and other parts of Asia. Here you will find many beautiful places like the rain forest, islands, mountains, beaches, diving spots, caves, and other rock formations, which are also one of the main attractions. So all you need is to sit back and enjoy the dream destinations in the Philippines.

1. Bohol, The Philippines

It is one of the most famous dream destinations filled with beautiful beaches, fascinating animals, classic landscapes etc. For you, there are many fun and adventurous things to do. Bohol is in the Central Visayas region, consisting of the island and other 75 small surrounding islands.

Bohol, The Philippines
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The chocolate hills of Bohol is the iconic location in the Philippines, and The geography of chocolate hills is mesmerising. Over 1,000 hills stand straight up in the sky covered with greenery. The site also looks impressive in the sunrise and the sunset, and in the summer season, the greenery turns into brown, which makes the hills look like a chocolate hill. It is a UNESCO protected site.

2. Batad, The Philippines

Luzon is the most mountainous region in the Philippines. Tourist visits these places to see the beautiful Banaue rice fields. If you want to see the full scope of the Banaue rice field, you need to find the perfect location because an ideal viewpoint will allow you to see the entire area.

Batad, The Philippines
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Visitors can walk and talk while roaming into the rice fields, you can also visit a magnificent waterfall, and trek for thrilling perspectives. If you take a short 15-minute walk from the Batad rice plots, you will reach to Tappiya Falls and this place is also recognized by UNESCO as Banaue rice fields.

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3. Manila

This place is also famous as the city of large business. It manages the official and legal parts of the Philippine national government. This city is the capital of the Philippines and contains great architectural and cultural landmarks from the Spanish period, for example, the Walled City of Intramuros.

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You can see this city on the eastern shores of Manila Bay. This city has been changed generously by human intervention and has six regions for the lower place of the Philippines. In Manila you can go for many loving things, for example, shopping, eating, and playing basketball. It is also an ideal way to spend the entire week of your vacation. The Malate region of Manila is the first territory where the individuals enjoy the more significant part of the nightlife.

4. Angeles City

Angeles City is in the Philippines near the previous American Air Base, Clark Base which is the centre of stimulation and innovation in the Central Luzon district of the Phillippines. It is a little yet significant city of the nation, coordinating with the cosmopolitan nature and the capital city, Manila.

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It has various extravagant places, for instance, resorts, shopping centres, casinos, clubs, and some fantastic cafeteria which are offering the best of Filipino food in the country. There are multiple markets with different ideas in the Pampang and San Nicolas city. Angeles feels like an intriguing mix of societies, being populated by Filipinos, Americans, and Koreans.

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5. Cebu Islands

Cebu is a group of islands, and it is the biggest Island that stretches just about 200 kilometers from north to south. With beautiful white sand seashores and extraordinary jumping sights, Cebu is also one of the most dream destinations in the Philippines. It has a vibrant nightlife, excellent cafes, and a lot of retail choices for each sort of customer.

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Tourist also appreciates Cebu’s coral nurseries, swimming nearby turtles and white tip sharks. It is the ideal spot for those visitors who needs to take a break and makes the most of their time delightful. Other islands that can be visited are Nalusuan Island, with neon coral and beautiful fish; Bantayan Island, presumably the most popular island in this part for its stunning beaches; and Camotes Island, where you can in visit Santiago Bay, Danao Lake, and Bukilat Cave.

6. Tagaytay & Lake Taal

Tagaytay is a vacation destination for tourists from Manila. However, it is turning into an ideal spot for other tourists also. It displays a more relaxed atmosphere than Manila and some stunning beautiful perspectives on Taal Volcano. As well as the perfect point is the Palace in the Sky situated in the People’s Park.

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You can see Taal Volcano and Laguna Bay from the lounges that surround the area. Lake Taal can also be viewed entirely through a short drive from Tagaytay, and small ships and boats which are available directly to the volcano, in the lake. There are also many excellent restaurants and hotels in Tagaytay. Vehicle’s visits are accessible from Manila to Tagaytay and Lake Taal.

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7. Laguna

Laguna is an incredible nature spot that is full of mesmerizing waterfalls and lakes. It is actually in the south of Manila. The perfect climatic condition to visit is between January and June. The geography of this place is fantastic, and the territory is surprisingly created and packed with fascinating areas of interest.

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The best thing about Laguna is its decent variety with numerous attractions and dream destinations. Probably the best activity in Laguna is Pagsanjan Falls, Cavinti Underground River – Caves Complex, Seven Lakes of San Pablo and Calamba Beaches etc.

8. Batangas Beach, The Philippines

It is home to one of the nation’s busiest ports, which assist in a significant passage to Manila. Just 2 hours south of Manila, lies the lovely region of Batangas. Batangas is an ideal aim for somebody who is visiting Manila. If you plan to visit here, then please avoid the rainy season, do come between January and May. Its feature attraction is mountain hikes, beaches, and old churches.

Batangas Beach, The Philippines
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Batangas offers a decent mix of seashores and inland attractions to its visitors. The territory is enormous and various, and each part provides a somewhat unique place and culture. Either you are interested in diving adventures, or sitting on the beach and enjoy nature or visit some old churches. And if you are someone who likes diving and all, then please do visit Anilao beach. It is just 3 hours of the drive but worth it.

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9. Vigan City, The Philippines

In 2014 the city was named as one of the world’s New Seven Wonders Cities, which expanded its popularity tremendously. Vigan City is recognized by UNESCO as the best case of a Spanish colonial established city in Asia, going back to 1572. Vigan City is a famous city in terms of tourist attractions.

Vigan City, The Philippines
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Other than that, you discover that the city is an example of a colonial town in Asia. If you are bored while visiting beaches and islands, then please give a shot to Vigan City, it is an ancient city. Just by visiting here and roaming into the local area, you will feel like you are in the Spanish era.

10. Puerto Princesa

It is very sure that in most regions of the Philippines, you will find a mix of the Spanish period and culture. Puerto Princesa, on the western coast of Palawan, is also famous as the second-largest city in the Philippines. It is a place where you will find beautiful white sandy beaches and greenery.

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According to the data, the city is famous as the cleanest city of the Philippines. Places to visit in Puerto Princesa are Underground River National Park, Palawan Wildlife Rescue, and Conservation Center and Honda Bay. These places are exciting, and if you are on vacation, then you must visit these places.

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