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10 Popular Places To Visit In Bangladesh


Nature rich country Bangladesh is one of the most mysterious and beautiful lands in the Asian Continent. Bangladesh is listed in the least visited tourist destinations in Asia. But this country has many attractions and laid back atmosphere which is well suited for tourism. Development wise, Bangladesh is a very fast developing country and they take their tourism quite seriously, but still, they have not challenged the nature for its developing tasks. Bangladesh is a hidden jewel in Asia, with so many unexplored destinations to be visited.

People in Bangladesh are friendly and welcoming by nature. The country is filled with many cultural wonders like Tea covered plains of Srimangal, Mystic Golden Sands view at Cox’s Bazar which also happens to be the third-largest beach in the World. Visiting Bangladesh is incomplete without visiting the Dhaka where you will find the modern trails of development, nearby areas are still following the ancient trends but still, it offers a wide variety of Tribal exposure. The Sundarbans National Park is a beauty in itself as being the only National Park that is shared between two neighboring countries India and Bangladesh. So let’s dig in to find out more about Bangladesh and its beauty.

Read below to find the 10 best places to visit in Bangladesh:

1. Cox’s Bazar

Spilling out into the Bay of Bengal is Cox’s Bazar, a region filled in salty fishing rowboats and jet skies. This little town in the far south-east of Bangladesh is known for its dazzling shoreline which stretches for a stunning 120 kilometers from north to south on the edge of the calm Indian Ocean.

Comfortable Cox Bazar in Bangladesh / Image credits: Mermaid Ecoresort

This is the third-longest shoreline on earth and you will discover nearby fishermen making reeling for the day’s catch and also you can find the rock pools which makes it a good spot for surfing with every crashing waves.

2. Dhaka

It might appear to be a world away from the wild territory of Sundarbans mangroves yet the city of Dhaka offers you a wilderness of an alternate kind. Situated along the Buriganga River, Dhaka used to be the home of the British Raj during the pioneer time frame just as Mughal sovereigns and any semblance of Shah Jahan.

Ahsan Manzil a masterpiece in Dhaka, Bangladesh / Image credits: Thetouristplace

These days in excess of 17 million individuals call this city home and you can anticipate sanctuaries, temples, mosques, and brilliant and fragrant bazaars. Make sure to likewise look at the curry and golap restaurants of Old Dhaka while you are here.

3. The Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is situated at the point where the strong waterways of the Brahmaputra and the holy Ganges collide with one another at the edge of the Bay of Bengal. As you would expect, the territory is shrouded with wildlife and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tiger is quite famous here in Sundarbans, Bangladesh / Image credits: Reuters

Here you will discover Bengal tigers stalking the mangroves just as rhesus macaques swinging in the canopies. Other attractions here include chitals hiding in the dotted huts which are made especially for them and also hiding beneath waxy palm trees.

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4. Bandarban

Encircled by the Muranja, Wayla, and Chimbook mountains that are about 1,000 meters above ocean level is the staggering town of Bandaran. The area is covered in greenery. Bandaran is quite famous for tobacco production farms. The hilltops provided you some exquisite views.

The Golden Statue of Buddha Dhatu Zadi in Bandarban, Bangladesh / Image credits: Wikipedia

The golden statue of Buddha Dhatu Jadi is one of the prime attractions here. The Shan tribes from Myanmar holds the arts and crafts market here. Other activities that could be done here is a Bamboo Boat ride along River Sangu and Nilgiri Hill. Jadipai waterfall is a must-see while visiting Bandarban.

5. Srimangal

Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh and the area has many shades of green layer farming to be seen. This region is popular for its high waterfall which helps the tea to develop and you will also discover a wide variety of different plantation here as you explorer the highland areas that makeup Srimangal.

Beautiful view of Tea fields of Srimangal, Bangladesh / Image credits: Moubacktourpromoters

On an outing here try to visit a neighborhood tea preparing plant that will give you a free tour to a tasting house where you can enjoy tea with natural fragrant while enjoying the greenery field. Hiking is quite famous here and one of the most loved adventure. Some hikes are tougher than others so try to choose a simple one.

6. Kuakata

Kuakata Beach extends out into the Indian Ocean from the southern side of the waterway islands of Bangladesh. One of the picturesque reasons to come here is to watch the beautiful sunset over the ocean with the gleaming Sundarbans in the distance. The shoreline is bordered with tropical palm trees and you will likewise see small rivers that slice through the land to the Bay of Bengal.

The beautiful sunset at Kuakata beach, Bangladesh / Image credits: The tourist place

This particular part of Bangladesh is less visited by vacationers so if you are searching for the street less voyaged, then this place is the best selection. Some of the individuals you will see here are the neighborhood fisherman and you can test flavorful curried crab and lobster.

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7. Chittagong

Chittagong has a population of 2.5 million which is nothing when you compare it to other cities like Dhaka. That said, this energized port town is still worth a visit, particularly if you are traveling to the beautiful Hill collection of Bangladesh.

Sajek Valley a beautiful place in Chittagong, Bangladesh / Image credits: Thetouristplace

These gorgeous hill trails that include picturesque Foy’s Lake that stays along scenic valleys and Chittagong is widely considered to be the starting point if you are planning a trekking adventure. Inside the city, you will find Chittagong’s Ship Breaking Yard where you can see huge-sized tankers being ripped apart, and other spots of interest also include the shrine of Sufi Amanat Khan, one of the most famous and followed saints in Bangladesh.

8. Rangamati

Set among the majestic Chittagong Hilly area, is the beautiful mountain town of Rangamati which is a peaceful yet picturesque experience for travelers as compared to other cities of Bangladesh. The town sits on the banks of Kaptai Lake which is known for its blue and green waters just as the forests that encompass it.

The beautiful inland in Rangamati, Bangladesh / Image credits: Theasianage

Beautifully painted small boats sway on the outside of the lake and you could also get to see the Asian elephant walking across the banks. The main attraction here is the adventure sports like hiking and trekking as well as watching wildlife from a distance. Other top spots to visit here are the Parjatan Hanging Bridge and the great royal residences of the old Chakma Raj.

9. Saint Martin

The little enclave of Saint Martin resembles no other place in Bangladesh as this is the only coral island here. The area is surrounded in moving sands and lapping sea waves, all settled near coconut groves.

Saint Martin island in Bangladesh / Image credits: Bdtrips

In numerous ways, it looks more like the Caribbean than South Asia, and you will discover mouthwatering fish here including red hot curries. Scuba jumping is a famous sport here, so on the off chance if you need to look at a portion of the nation’s astonishing amphibian life then this is the spot to do it.

10. Paharpur

Somapura Mahavihara side view located in Paharpur, Bangladesh / Image credits: skyscrapercity

Paharpur is a smallish town that is most noted for the Naogaon District where you will see UNESCO World Heritage Site remains called Somapura Mahavihara. This spot is said to be one of the most interesting Buddhist archeological destinations in South Asia and appears as a huge redbrick quadrangle that is separated from rear entryways and chambers that are considered to be the meditation rooms in ancient days. Make sure to look at the elaborate stonework which goes back to the eighth century.

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